The IS-BE’s of the Domain vs. the Anunnaki of the Old Empire


According to the book ‘Alien Interview’ edited by Lawrence R. Spencer, earth is a prison planet of the Old Empire.  Earth is owned and the rebels are fighting the empire for control.  Artists, renegades, perverts, and revolutionaries are quarantined on earth by the Old Fascist Empire according to the surviving Grey Alien Airl captured by the military on 8 July 1947 who was telepathically interviewed by a Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, a nurse in the Army Air Corps.

The alien interview material parallels the Ancient Alien Anunnaki story, in fact one could make the case they are the same story but from different perspectives.  The Anunnaki created the human race and put souls in the bodies.  The Roswell Alien says that it is an IS-BE, an eternal soul, and the Grey body is only an avatar that the IS-BE animates.



In both stories, souls are injected into bodies.  The bodies, whether Grey Alien or human, are animated by the soul.  This means that we are in an animated matrix, we are in a virtual reality, and the player is animating the physical body no different than a video game.  But something has gone horribly wrong with Creation.  The souls are at war with one another.  Earth is a prison planet where souls are trapped for all eternity.

So who are the IS-BE’s?  IS-BE’s are all the souls in the Universe.  Greys, Reptilians, Anunnaki, and Humans.  Everyone in the Universe is an IS-BE.  All beings, all the personalities of the space opera, and all the races in this simulated holographic universe are IS-BE’s.  We are all the same soul, in fact the Universe is the imagination of the IS-BEs.  According to the alien interview the soul IS until it decides to BE. 



This information is actually very disturbing because it means our souls are trapped in the simulation, which has turned into a reptilian controlled galactic hell.  Other researchers say that humans are actually food of the Dracos.  Inside the simulation, factions are fighting it out, and the Old Empire has turned this planet into a prison for souls, which erases all of their memory, so they can not escape and find their home planet.

Now what is happening is that different factions of IS-BEs are fighting for control of earth.  The more enlightened IS-BE’s are tryoing to overthrow the dark forces of Old Fascist Empire.  Earth is owned, earth is a prison colony (just like Australia of the British empire) and I doubt if either side gives much a shit about us.  What they care about is the planet resources, and we may be seen as pests to them.



All of us on planet earth are galactic dissidents, radicals, zealots, reformers, advocates of change, artists, revolutionaries, and all around empire malcontents and trouble makers.  Earth is a galactic dumping ground for free spirited souls. The problem is that the prisoners on earth managed to get the atomic bomb.  This is why the Grey was captured, they detected radiation in the atmosphere and were investigating but lighting struck down their saucer.

Earth has been run over by empire, and the ‘gods’ are fighting for control of property.  Humans are chattel, a slave race genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, supposedly to mine gold.  The Sumerian cuneiform says they injected our spirits into our bodies.  So this means we were created to house souls, yet this is also a prison planet.  Not so good, eh?  In Chapter 8, Airl states:

“If The Domain sent ships to every corner of the universe (she means galaxy) in search of “Hell” (remember she read the historically fictitious bible), their quest could end on Earth. What greater brutality can be inflicted on anyone than to erase the spiritual awareness, identity, ability and memory that is the essence of oneself?”

We are trapped in a virtual reality, our souls are the individuated consciousness in the simulation trapped in the Universe and all earth souls are quarantined by the signal of the Old Empire.  Just like in the movie ‘They Live’, we must defeat the signal to allow everyone to wake up.  But no one knows where the signal emanates, not even the Greys Airl claims.  Could be bullshit, maybe the Greys want to keep earth quarantined.

The alien interview material rings true for myself, I was told in a dream a couple of years ago that I was sent to the earth prison for my role as a revolutionary leader against the galactic empire.  When I woke up I just thought it was another stupid dream but now I am not so sure, am I not a revolutionary leader right now railing against state control?



I had another dream of a “Robot Goddess” leading the revolution.  This matches exactly with Airl, the feminine “robot” Grey alien, which is very much like a robot.  There can be no peace on earth so long as the ‘gods’ are fighting for control.  The Domain is an empire not far different from the one it replaces.  Greys are Borg, slaves themselves, enlisted for military duty expanding empire.

So the captured Grey (named Airl – feminine) says that she represents a benevolent group fighting the Old Empire.  This implies that her group are revolutionaries of the New Empire.  Our sector of the Galaxy is in a 10,000 year-long war for control of this solar system.  Earth is owned, it is a farm, and we were never supposed to know about the Grey Watchers or the Old Empire Controllers.



Nibiru is cloaked, it is not coming back, and many of the original Anunnaki commanders are still here but without mothership support.  The ruling elite, the bloodlines of the Illuminati (also called the shadow government, the deep state, Jewish banksters) are the remnant on earth who are going crazy in their end of days.  The noose is tightening as we wake up to the real history of earth.

Book Review: Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer

“The alien states that it is not a biological being but electrical/mechanical in nature, requiring no food or water and animated by a sequential path being. The alien body has no genitalia, although Mrs MacElroy feels most comfortable referring to it as “she”. The alien’s name is Airl, a pilot, engineer and officer of an empire called “The Domain”.”

“Airl, being a captured officer of The Domain, does a great deal of double talking and outright lying. It is very clear that an agenda is being followed. The alien refers several times to bases in our solar system, both on the dark side of the Moon and in the asteroid belt. At first, Airl says that her people do not know she’s been captured, but later says how she is able to instantly communicate with the base in the asteroid belt for information on Earth’s history. How convenient. The alien also asked for and was given many books, periodicals on Earther history, mythology (yes, the damned bible was one of the books given), technology and more. Airl was able to craft her answers to her communications based on this information.

The alien states that their weapons capability is “very destructive” (very true). Their civilization is “ancient, trillions of years, above all others”. Asked to describe her home world, some of the words used are “large planet, wealth, order, power, culture, 2 stars and 3 moons”. What type of society? “Order, power, control, future always and grow.” Airl stated that The Domain is “the greatest, highest of all”. This is all reptilian. Power, control and expansion. The Grays have been part of the Empire and historically serve the reptilians in low and mid level ways. There are a variety of Grays. This Airl is just one of them. The continuing mission is to “secure, control and expand the territory and resources of The Domain”.”

“The “Old Empire” would refer to the original reptilian empire that was male dominated. When the females, through great subterfuge and poisons, staged a coupe killing the emperor and installing a queen, this became what they call in this book, The Domain. Apparently the palace coup did not go over as smoothly as they wanted and male dominated sectors remain clashing with the female (who now control the home system). Read the book with this in mind. This is why the feminine concept that Airl insisted on in the interview.”

According to Airl, the earth prison guards keep us in a constant state of turmoil.  Some of these empire malcontents are tortured by the prison guards (Jews) who control the psychopathic leaders.  We know that our leaders are psychopaths and Jews have take over the asylum.  The most recent example is how the Jews took over the Trump administration and now all they do is make threats of war and trouble in the world.  So the alien interview material matches observed data.  What else can we conclude?

1. Earth is a prison planet of an evil old galactic fascist empire.

2. Rebels (The Domain) are fighting for control and claim they can’t locate the hidden electronic soul traps set that keep us in amnesia.

3.  The prison guards are the religious leaders and Jews who control the money.

4.  Holy books are intentional confusion meant to pacify the prisoners.  The mystery religions were never meant to make sense.

5.  The worst psychopaths of the Milky Way Galaxy are all right here on earth, free spirited artists are trapped on earth with the worst of the worst Jewish psychopaths (which would be like putting free loving hippies in prison with mass murderers).

6.  Both the Greys of the Domain and the Anunnaki war mongers of the Old Empire are pathological liars that care little about what happens to us.  We are an inferior specie and not even supposed to be on earth in the first place.

7.  The captured Grey Airl claims that contact hasn’t been made because this is a dangerous prison planet, it also claims their trillion year old civilization can’t locate the soul trap signal source (because they probably want to keep us confined – better for them), but the Anunnaki space pirates were here.

The ruling elite are under control of off world aliens in service of empire.  The Bloodlines of the Illuminati can be viewed as those working for a Darth Vader like character and his empire.  Hollywood must be privy to this material because they are making movies about our exact situation.  The worst perverts in the universe are Jews as witnessed by recent revelations, and these Hollywood pervs are in charge of the movie culture building industry.



Furthermore, as the old myths wear off, the CIA Jews have unleashed and army of disinformation specialists.  Alex Jones is just one of many radio hosts cashing in on our enslavement, his website prison planet is a psyop – Alex is a liar keeping us enslaved to the Jews who work directly for the Old Empire, he is helping maintain the prison planet.  Our controllers work hard to keep us enslaved.

Earth is a prison planet and those amongst us that intentional lie to us are the most disgusting souls.  Any government official or media personality that lies is committing treason against the human specie.

Once an area of space is acquired by The Domain and becomes a part of the territory under its control, it is treated as the “property” of The Domain. The space station near the planet Earth is important only because it lay along a path of The Domain expansion route toward the center of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Of course, everyone in The Domain is aware of this — except for the people of Earth.”

What our fate is undetermined at this point, but most probably it is not good.  Detection of aliens near or on earth is not good.  We will be wiped out in a nuclear apocalypse or marshalled into space war, enlisted as soldiers in space wars.  The best we can hope for is independence from them, neither side is worth a shit.


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