Crab on Mars or is it a Crab on Earth?


The picture of the crab on Mars illustrates just how bad NASA lies to us about space exploration.  Not only is a crab like creature visible, you can clearly see tracks below it.  How does a crab breathe without oxygen?  Well we know NASA lies, so how bad are they lying?  The rover on Mars isn’t, it is on earth.  NASA fakery is really getting pathetic.

If you want to clearly see the tracks of the crab  creature, download the high resolution jpeg image and display it on your HD flat screen at home.  That’s how I found it, I had downloaded a video of this crab and watched it on a big screen and could clearly see the tracks.  I have studied this object many times but didn’t notice the tracks until now, probably from using older laptops (that I call “craptops”) which have smaller screens.

Human tracks in sand:

STEEP SAND HUMAN TRACKS – notice how the load forces the sand downhill

click on image to expand 5x

What this also means is that Mars is no crab paradise, something on Mars eats crabs so they have learned how to evade – otherwise why would the crab be hiding in the rocks.  Animals hide because they are hunted.  According to NASA, they are only looking for bacterial life.  That’s a laugh because in an “official” NASA jpeg image there’s a big macro sized crab in full view.



Even without the crab hiding in the rock face, how do you explain the tracks below it?  They are human tracks – the human that put the dead crab in the rock face.  Could be a whistleblower pulling a fast on on NASA?  A NASA scientist on Devon Island may have obtained an ocean crab and placed it in the rocks so the rover could photograph it, and the tracks below the “crab” are evidence of this.

Well, maybe those tracks are made by humans on earth.  How can there be a crab on Mars if it’s super cold and no food exists?   Crabs on earth eat all day long – but there is no food visible in any of the NASA Mars photos.  Plus there is no oxygen to breath.  There can not be crabs or gophers on Mars but there a photos of these big animals so what gives?  NASA is filming on earth.




Now there is an alternative hypothesis of the Mar’s “crab”.  The Mar’s photos are from earth.  Just as NASA filmed the lunar landing in a studio, the Mar’s rovers are on earth in a desolate remote location away from the prying eyes of news media.  Those examining Mars photos should also look for tracks, not just objects, because in Greenland there is plenty of macro sized lifeforms .

Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence Of American Moon Landings

There is this persistent rumor that NASA moon landing is a hoax and that all the other lunar missions of Russia, China, ESA, Japan, India, Pakistan, etc. have not verified the moon landings.  Thus we should assume the worse about the Mar’s rovers, NASA is once again filming the mission on earth.  That might explain why there are jumping crabs and rodents on a cold planet with little atmosphere.

So an alternative explanation to the crab and tracks is that the Mars rover is on earth and the crab was placed in the rocks by a whistleblower, and the tracks below the crab are human.  Likewise, the rodent on Mars is not on Mars but on earth – where there oxygen to breathe and food to sustain rodents.   A ground squirrel on Mars is impossible, so the NASA rover pictures are fakes and they are filming on earth.

What is really going on here?  Mars has alien artifacts, according to a rift of whistleblowers, the United States has a military base on Mars and uses a jump room to get there.  Assisted by alien technology, the USA is way ahead of how NASA presents space exploration.  Here is more proof that Mar’s rovers are on earth:


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