Prediction: Homo Naledi will have 48 Chromosomes


Most people seem to be stuck in their own particular mindset.  Their minds are set or solid, rigid in some pre-existing ideaology that they were taught.  When it comes to human origin debate, we see two main mindsets that dominate the debate, one is the Creationists and the other the Evolutionists.  Neither gives the other quarter, neither will give in like they are locked in a life and death struggle with each other.

This is tiresome, and this mindset is extending into the Ancient Alien argument.  Those proposing the new Anunnaki theory of origin, a third path, are also playing this game.  Lloyd Pye and Sasha Lessin (PhD, Anunnaki researcher that studied under Sitchin) repeat the meme that since the Anunnaki created us by genetic engineering, all life on earth is from them, and thus evolution, the transition of species is wrong.

The Creationists believe in Intelligent Design by an omniscient God or Creator.  Evolutionists believe in a blind watchmaker, random mutations and Darwinian Natural Selection.  When it comes to human evolution, that can’t bridge the gap in their thinking that Evolution of humans was interrupted by Anunnaki geneticists – and proof of their meddling is in our genome and in the fossil record.  Why is it so hard to believe in both natural evolution and alien intervention?

Most people do not have the internal fortitude to face up how we got here.  The real story of human evolution is alien genetic experimentation.  It is shocking and tragic what was done to us, we were created as slaves, some of us were discarded along the way for more pleasing favorites, these Anunnaki bastards raped our genome, raped our women, crossbred many different types of humans, they admit to their raping lust, they admit to trying to wipe us our by starvation, disease, and a huge flood.

The idea that humans were created as slaves, worker slaves for a space faring race is so disturbing that no main stream scientists will even consider that possibility.  But the evidence is staring us in the face all along – the secret societies that rule us, the megalith artifacts, the sudden rise in cultural, science, mathematics, and the sudden appearance of Neanderthal in the fossil record.

The fact that we are economic slaves right now, under a predatory financial capitalism managed by Jewish supremacists doesn’t seem to register with either the mainstream scientists or the Bible thumping Creationists.  Most people can not come to grips with their own slavery right now and the idea that we were created as slaves is so egregious they surrender their minds into the myth of salvation or bury their minds in science.

But the smoking gun of interventionism is visible to us, it is the human chromosome 2, which is very similar to Chimp 2A and 2B, but fused together.  This is highly unlikely by Natural Selection, a mutation of this severity would not be a successful breeder, nor is likely that the entire homo line would now all be 46.  So what gives?  Alien intervention just like the Sumerian text says.

So how does this relate to Homo Naledi?  Everything.  This recent find is also a recent ancestor, which has now been dated to 250,000 years which exactly matches the claims of Sitchin of when the Anunnaki created us from an ancestral hominen from South Africa 200,000 years ago.  Naledi would have been our ancestor the Anunnaki found when they were here.  They used that specie to make us, and that means Homo Naledi probably had 48 Chromosomes.

The argument of 46 Chromosomes by Anunnaki intervention is startling to say the least.  Not only did they interfere in our natural evolution, they changed us in fundamental ways so they could cross breed with us.  In other words, we were not just worker slaves, but also sex slaves.  We no longer look like Naledi.  Why?  The Anunnaki cuneiform tells us why.  They wanted us to look like them, they wanted us to be pleasing to their eye, they wanted us for sex so they created us in their image.  They cross bred with us so much that we are essentially them.




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