Synchronicities in the Hologram


Many people are now recognizing synchronicities as real manifestations of their own thoughts.  But what if I tell you the reason you can experience a synchronicity in the first place is only because you are in a virtual hologram?  Think about it, how is it even possible that there are holograms if we were not already in a holographic reality?  Likewise, all points in a hologram are related to the whole, thus synchronicities are simply the noadle points manifest when thought energies cross.

Now that so many people are starting to coming to realize that this realm is probably a virtual reality, we might start hypothesizing exactly how this virtual world differs from the base reality and why we have synchronicities in the first place.  Imagine that a long time ago a civilization in base reality created the first virtual world, and that this process repeated until our reality was created, as an advanced magical place where thoughts manifest.

In the first reality, the base reality, which was NOT virtual or digital, there were different properties than our virtual world.  In order to visualize the differences imagine you are a scientist on the Starship Enterprise and measuring the difference between the “base reality” vs. the Holodeck.  The fundamental properties would be different at the quantum level.

In the holographic reality, which is the simulated reality, there are properties not experienced in the base reality.  One of these differences would be synchronicities.  In the holographic world, where all points are related, energies would come together and manifest and create meaningful events to sentient beings.


Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.


It is not accidental that your thoughts manifest if you are in a holographic reality in which your consciousness is interacting with the projection of the holographic virtual illusion.  In this hell simulation, your soul is trapped in a computer machine mind and forced to reincarnate again and again.  You have no choice to be here, “God” is the criminal mind that put us in a cage and thinking this insane machine code loves you or is sending you messages in synchronicities is wishful thinking.

New Agers claim that synchronicities are meaningful coincidences from God/Universe.  But they are not from “god” but after effects of being in a virtual reality.  The base reality didn’t have effects like we experience, it was a different place, it was the real reality and this is only a simulation of it.  There are glitches in the matrix if you are in a virtual, computer generated world.

The truth is unbelievable and frightening, we are trapped in a computer “mind” gathering data and thinking we are lucky to be alive and conscious.  This is not the case at all, we are damned for all eternity, trapped in a matrix, forced to incarnate, and our thoughts interact with the projection.  Just as holograms are possible if you are in a holographic reality, synchronicities are the biproduct of this virtual world and proof that this is not the base reality.


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