What if Zacharia Sitchin is Wrong?


What if the Anunnaki story as told by Zacharia Sitchin is wrong or fabricated?  It changes some minor things but not the big stuff like the existence of pyramids on earth, Antarctica, and Mars.  Even if Sitchin is dead wrong then how do you explain 46 Human Chromosomes when all of the primates (monkeys and apes) all have 48?   Even if the Anunnaki planet Nibiru is pure fabrication then how do we explain the moon?   Even the story of ancient Sumer is not true, how do we explain advanced Sumerian culture (like writing, law) that we still use today?

Scholars in the field of ancient artifact interpretation say Sitchin is guilty of the egregious sin of fabricating translation of ancient cuneiform text.  As a writer I have no doubt how easy it is to fabricate a story to sell books.  If you are willing to lie then writing fiction and calling it fact is a good way to make money.  The public loves a good story and the story of the Anunnaki is a great story that closely parallels the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.



The primary complaint against Sitchin is that no where in Sumerian text is mentioned the Anunnaki home planet Nibiru.  Neither can NASA find Nibiru in the solar system.  If it existed then it would be also noticed by orbital variations. No big planet like Nibiru could be coming into the inner solar system without major effects on the planets.  Nibiru may be fiction but alien presence not.  Sitchin’s theories may be cover for a bigger truth.

Nibiru is part of our collective consciousness, but it’s reality is doubted by the mainstream science. Regardless of the daily claims on Godlike Productions, Nibiru is most likely fiction.  ‘Nibiru is coming’ is a modern myth, part of our pop culture, but not accepted by mainstream science.



One reason it may be so popular is that much of our religious culture believes that Jesus will return someday.  The return of the gods is a popular myth in other cultures as well, the Hindus believe Krishna returns every so many thousands of years.

Kalki: The Next Avatar of God and the End of Kali-Yuga

“The age of Kali-yuga is said to start from the year 3102 BC, after the disappearance of Lord Krishna…Finally, after 432,000 years from the beginning of the age of Kali, Lord Kalki will appear as the twenty-second incarnation of God. This is very similar to what some people call the second coming of Christ.”

Some claim Sitchin is a Freemason and a fraud.  This has merit, he was raised in Jew York City, the home of Jewish Freemasons in Amerika.  Those same NYC Masons are in on 911 with Israel.  So if they are willing to pull a false flag like 911, then they certainly would have no problem fronting Sitchin to spread disinformation.  Why?  To hide a larger truth.  What truth is that?  Earth under alien control.

Nibiru may be a cover story hiding Grey Alien presence on earth.  Greys are said to be abduction human females for a hybridization program.  Humans may be Grey Alien Hybrids and not Anunnaki Hybrids as claimed.  Humans may be experiencing accelerated development because extraterrestrials are breeding us to be their space warriors.  Evidence of this is the endless stream of SciFi war movies being funded by the Pentacon.

Earth may be a war factory for Reptilians.  Warring political systems could be manipulations by space aliens for a purpose of steering earth toward world-wide war production.  Humans might be engineered aggressive hybrids being created for galactic war.  Greys are the sexless worker bees carrying out another Galactic Empire which has laid specially crafted plans for us.

Traitorous political authorities are carefully working behind the scenes with these evil aliens and steering us toward our final destination of space war.  Humans have no say in what is being done to us, we are like rats in a cage and can not even comprehend how we are being manipulated on intellectual, emotional, psychic, genetic, and spiritual levels.  Like Stephen Hawkings says, aliens are probably not friendly.

Questions about the moon closely parallel questions about pyramids on Earth and Mars.  How can the moon even be there since no computer simulation can explain how the Earth could possibly capture the moon?   More likely the Moon was piloted or towed into place.  Why do we reincarnate?  Why are we body, mind, and spirit and not one thing?  Why?  Because we are either in a simulation and/or being manipulated by a more intelligent lifeform.



NASA can not explain the moon or how it got there.  The fact that only one side of the moon faces earth is very suspicious – like who ever put it there is hiding something.  Is the moon an alien base, a death star of the Greys who are farming the human specie?  Is human reincarnation natural?  Do souls get caught leaving earth and get processed on the moon and sent back to earth prison?

Failure to explain the moon rotation or pyramids on earth is very troubling regardless of Sitchin.  The idea that humans built pyramids is ridiculous.  No indigenous person in leading a primitive survival existence would ever spend the time or energy to carve millions of pyramid blocks let alone have the mathematical or engineering skill to erect huge megaliths.

Why Did Ice In Antarctica Suddenly Appear 35 Million Years Ago? CO2, Says Study

“Ice in Antarctica suddenly appeared — suddenly in geologic terms being a little different than how we think of it — about 35 million years ago. For the previous 100 million years the continent had been essentially ice-free.
Pyramids in Antarctica is a slam dunk that they are very old, long before the Ice Age started 2.5 million years ago.  Cave man certainly did not build pyramids.  Then who did?  The “Gods”.  The gods who came here in spaceships and set up an extraterrestrial outpost on earth.  Alien intervention is a good theory that explains a whole lot.  Sitchin may be wrong, but aliens may have come here and may be still here right now.



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