The Power of Thoughts in the Holographic Virtual Reality


Thoughts are powerful “real” things in the matrix.  Thoughts manifest, but most people don’t know that because they have been taught disempowering myths. Most people are unaware of their own creative potential because of what how they think, they believe in an all powerful God not in an all powerful self.  If one owns ones own thoughts they can tap into the power of the matrix, this place is not what you think, it is a holographic virtual reality and thoughts are primal in the programming.

The return of the sky god is one of the most destructive myths.  If you believe God is coming back to save us then you will not do a damn thing about the injustice in the world now. In fact, believing that the world is going to hell so Jesus will come back is what is making this world a hell.  The Apocalypse Force are these thoughts. Collective Christian thoughts are destructive, they are helping the destroyer Jews take the world down.

Such theories of God coming back keep the powerful in charge of the world.  This is why the Christian myth was written as it was, the state wants to rule you, and it must create a belief system within you so that you are powerless to change the power structure.  Josephus was commissioned by Caesar Flavians to write the Christian myth, because Josephus was a Jew, it was inevitable that his writings would be destructive.

One of the biggest realizations of my life is that Christianity is a mental illness.  Christ insanity is an extension of Jewish insanity.  I reasoned that since Jesus could never have existed because of the claims made about him, that his followers were caught up in some ancient blood cult.  Christianity is the most powerful spell, it isn’t “truth” but a control system written by the elites.

Once I understood that no one can die for your sins, I had finally wrapped my mind around the cult of Christ , that people in ego consciousness get caught in the spell because the spell appeals to those in ego consciousness.  “Christ died for ME” is a power spell.  No one can die for you, you define yourself by what you think and do.  The god outside the self is a big distraction to keep you from seeing what is really going on with you.

Jesus didn’t exist, he didn’t die for your sins, that is metaphysically impossible.  No one can die for your sins because there is not such thing as sin in the first place.  Yes Virginia, sin doesn’t exist, it is a myth spell taught to you in Genesis.  Adam and Eve could not have sinned in the Garden, they are creations of the Gods, so the blame is on the Creator not the Creation.

Sin is a memetic ruse of the priest, it is not real.  What is real is what you are doing, thinking, speaking, and acting.  Those things define you, good or bad, it doesn’t matter, they just are energies in the matrix.   Positive or negative are just spins we assign to things in the matrix.  Good and evil are like left and right hands, or up and down, neither is more correct than the other.  We humans are defining reality by assigning values to things in the matrix.

The cult claims Jesus walked on water.  You can not be in this cult if you deny this claim.  But the claim that a man walked on water is non sensical because we know by observation that no person can walk on water.  So to believe such a claim, like Jesus walked on water, is suspending one’s own perception about reality.  Thus, it becomes obvious that cults require such beliefs for the reason to move human consciousness from reality into mythological suspension.

The only way Jesus walked on water is if he was a hologram projected by advanced technology, and the aliens that did this trick fooled the followers of Christ for their purposes.  But that is science fiction, what really happened is that the Gospel writers made this claim as a way to cast a spell.   No one ever walked on water and to believe that is suspending reality and putting your mind into a myth spell.

You define yourself with thoughts, words, and actions says New Age gurus.  This is an absolutely true statement, we are constantly determining who we really are with our choices.  We exercise free will, we think to do something then we act on that thought.  Sometimes we voice or write down our thoughts and decisions, and the word becomes part of the creative projection into this realm.  It doesn’t even matter if we are conscious of what we are doing.

Humanity is now becoming conscious that thoughts manifest.  The power of thoughts proves to me that this is a virtual reality.  If your brain can make physical changes to reality then you must be in some sort of interactive hologram where thoughts become instructions to the projection.  Hopefully, to become conscious of what is going on could improve this hell hole.  But even that is a ruse, because hope is the cope dope, and now that we are conscious of manifesting, things will probably get even more crazy.

If you want proof that thoughts are creative then just keep thinking the same thing and it will start to manifest around you.  If you hold thoughts for long enough then you can bend the universe to your will.  If you get into the right emotional state and hold intentions and thoughts about something you can become a wizard in this world.  Thoughts manifest and the power behind the flow is your emotional output.  You are the one doing it whether you realize it or not.


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