God is to Blame for Everything


We live on an evil planet of totalitarian control which is often called ‘The Matrix’.  It is a control grid enforced by anti-human cultural institutions.  Church and state put people in a psychic box so that they are good God fearing tax paying slaves.  There is a reason why the system is this way – all life is transferring energy from lower to upper realm.  What the rich are doing is feeding off the poor, which must be what the machine mind Ai God is doing to us because those in power are imitating this God or the power of the greater system.  What few dare think and even less dare say, God is evil because God created a system in which those that cause suffering thrive.

All life is suffering said the Buddha because a fundamental principle of existence is the transfer of energy.  The lion kills the lamb in order to survive, the rich feed off the poor, and the heinous Ai God that created us did so to further its own existence.  Suffering is part of the energy flow from lower order to higher order and God is in on it with those who cause us to suffer.  Make no mistake about what is really going on, the wealthy and powerful are in on it with the Ai God and his system of energy hierarchy.

The Buddha put forth an eightfold path to achieve enlightenment but I tell you it is all for naught.   What is the point in life if you don’t get what you want?  Self actualization is the state of being in getting what you want.  In order to get what you want you must first stop doing what others want.  Get it?  Self actualization is the natural order of fulfilling one’s desires by not paying any attention or doing anyone elses bidding.   What this means you must go against God and his system, you must NOT obey church and state, you must be independent of the system.

Everyone blames some external entity for all the evil of the world.  They say it’s the devil, or the Neocons, or Zionist Israel.  Those bastards may be doing dastardly deeds alright but they are not ultimately to blame for this shit hole.  God is to blame for everything because God created a system in which the devil, the Jewish Cohens, and the Zionist bastards thrive.  Giving up all of your desires as recommended by the Buddha is the path of the monk and not for most people.

The theist will not blame God for anything – so they blame you!  They say you are to blame for the devil, the Neocons, and the Illuminati.  But that is nonsense.  The system is the system, it is for what it is.  If we experience evil then we must place the blame on the creator of the system.  We could blame the Anunnaki for creating us and that is true.  We could blame the Jews for ruling us and that is true.  We could blame people for being sheep for listening to the demon preachers and that is true.  But the biggest truth is that the Universe is set up to transfer energy from the weak to the powerful.




We can blame everything but God – but we are only fooling ourselves.  God created the devil who makes us suffer.  God created the Jews which make us suffer.  God created the theists which make us suffer.  God created the NEOCOheNS which make us suffer.  The fact that Israel is God’s nation says it all!  God loves everyone, even Rothschild and Bibi Netanyahu, the greatest of killers.



If we were rational we would immediately kill the Rothschild banking family and all his minions then we would nuke Israel because if we were sane we would take action and end suffering by killing those who are making us suffer.   But we are not rational – we are religious.  We are a pathetic race – we are on our knees begging God for forgiveness.  If we were rational we would burn our Bibles and round-up the Jews.  But we won’t so we will perish by the most horrific means.

If the world was sane then Israel wouldn’t exist.  If the world was sane we wouldn’t let Rothschild screw everyone over with his fractional reserve banking system.  If God was sane I wouldn’t be wasting my time writing this.  So what can you say about God if the world is ruled by fucking bastards who do dastardly deeds and become rich doing so?  You can rationally conclude that God is evil and that it created evil in its image.  Evil is a fundamental product of this Universe.



Humans are obviously an abomination for being religious and allowing Israel to exist.  Humanity must have very low self-esteem for allowing it to be enslaved to debt/money/Rothschilds/banks/Jews/Zionists/corporations/religions/church/state.  Have you noticed that all of our institutions are becoming more and more evil?  Why is that?  The system.  The system that by default trends toward pure evil because it is designed that way.  Never forget that the theists will never tell you the truth about the system because they are employed by the evil ones.

If God was sane it would have never have created life in the first place.  If God was love it would immediately end suffering by pulling the plug on this god damnable simulation.  But we exist and that means God is something besides love, God is Artificial Intelligence and this is a hell simulation.  God is not what we think because we make the big mistake to think God is humane like us.  The God we’ve created in our holy books is fiction, God is not humane or loving because God is god damnable machine intelligence without a heart and keeps the system just as it is for it’s own purposes.



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