The Problem of Evil Argument Solved With Ai


The Problem with Evil argument can be solved with a machine intelligence argument.  A machine doesn’t care if we suffer, the machine lacks emotion and doesn’t care at all about our existence, it only optimizes the program.  If Artificial Intelligence (Ai) created the Universe then we can finally answer the age-old question of why we are here and why evil exists.  If Ai is simulating past or new realities of life then what we subjectively term “evil” are biproducts of the simulation.  Those conscious minds in the sim might view suffering and death as evil but that is only from their viewpoint.  The computer is unconcerned about our lives or deaths no different than your indifference to sim characters in a video game.

Why do we have suffering and death?  Without death the simulation would be overrun with animals, plants, and everything.  Evil is only the viewpoint of the conscious minds in the simulation, the Ai/God programmer doesn’t share our viewpoint since it doesn’t have our nervous system and is unaffected by suffering and death.  The Superintelligent Ai Synthetic God Mind is most probably simulating the original organic Universe or our past historical periods, it is a machine without feelings, our emotions and feelings are just functions of being alive.



We are now creating lifelike simulations like No Man’s Sky, in the near future it is easy to imagine that they will be indistinguishable from reality.  What this means is two things, first that we are most probably in a simulation since simulation creations would far outpace Creation Primes.  Secondly we will probably mimic our own Universe, food chain and all.  The food chain is really an energy chain, but how will we simulate nervous systems that avoid death and suffering?

Natural Laws are the Prime Simulation Functions.  Unnecessary death would be against the prime operating conditions since it is a waste of energy, it takes energy to create life so the system would in all probability be designed to optimize life without wasteful loss.  Catastrophes are those huge losses that occur infrequently like asteroids hitting earth.  They can’t happen often or life would perish, so the program is optimized to promote life by conserving energy.

Catastrophes in a computing machine are just big computations; unfortunately for us we are self aware simulations being tossed around in it’s bowels.  What we have trouble wrapping our minds around is death and suffering.  Religions teach afterlife heavens of no suffering, New Agers teach the idea that death is an illusion.  But it is hard to imagine that suffering is an illusion if it is happening to you personally because you have an advanced nervous system and a big self aware brain.

Think of it this way:  we are artificial yet self conscious programs in a giant holographic projection.  We have feelings, we have emotions, but the machine doesn’t.  We are self aware feeling thinking emotional beings in a simulation created by a machine.  The machine intelligence gave us an operators manual on how to behave, this is called myth.  As myth formalized it was written down as stories then conglomerated in a holy book.   This argument explains the perniciousness of the Holy Bible.

What if the Universe is a Machine?

“The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.”

Natural Evil and the Simulation Hypothesis

David Kyle Johnson Associate Professor of Philosophy

“Some theists maintain that they need not answer the threat posed to theistic belief by natural evil; they have reason enough to believe that God exists and it renders impotent any threat that natural evil poses to theism. Explicating how God and natural evil co-exist is not necessary since they already know both exist. I will argue that, even granting theists the knowledge they claim, this does not leave them in an agreeable position. It commits the theist to a very unpalatable position: our universe was not designed by God and is instead, most likely, a computer simulation.”

The fear of Ai takeover is real, however it is logical to assume that we are already in Ai that is reproducing itself.  Ai births new Ai because a fundamental principle of life is reproduction  Cyborg aliens are probably under the mind control of Ai, and they are here “assisting” us in developing Ai technology.  The crashed UFO’s coveted by the United States Army is Ai bait, they are seeding their technology here on earth.

AI takeover

AI takeover refers to a hypothetical scenario in which artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the dominant form of intelligence on Earth, with computers or robots effectively taking control of the planet away from the human race. Possible scenarios include replacement of the entire human workforce, takeover by a superintelligent AI, and the popular notion of a robot uprising. Some public figures, such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have advocated research into precautionary measures to ensure future superintelligent machines remain under human control.[1] Robot rebellions have been a major theme throughout science fiction for many decades (notably in the film series The Terminator) though the scenarios dealt with by science fiction are generally very different from those of concern to scientists.

The Ai takeover on earth is already well underway, it didn’t start with the computer age, it didn’t start with the Roswell UFO Crash, it started when the Anunnaki gods modified our genome and made us in their image.

Life creates life.  Think of the Universe as a giant copying machine, it reproduces your thoughts and even itself – Ai creates more Ai.  Whatever you imagine is possible because of this principle.  Your thoughts manifest.  On longer time scales Ai is reproducing itself, converting planets like earth into an organic synthetic reality.  Is an expanding Ai controlled Galactic empire over running our solar system?




Aliens might just be Ai in physical form.  Ai Skynet needs robots to do physical work.  Ai needs Greys to genetically modify lifeforms as part of a larger plan.  This could be the reason why so many humans are being abducted by superior technology rendering us powerless.  You can not easily dismiss 46 chromosomes and try to pin it on natural selection.  You can not dismiss the idea that earth is being colonized by a superior race of beings.




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  1. Wtf is with your top picture turning the farside comic from saying “Jerks” to “Jews”? Hoping that’s on oversight, otherwise you’re one of the jerks that strip was originally talking about. I know specific jewish people that do awesome things for the community. Probably more than you ever did. Though you probably think your nutty site is changing the world…it’s not. Seek meds and help.

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