The Greatest Sin: Creating Conscious Lifeforms in a Simulation


In the near future humanity could be committing the greatest sin imaginable – creating conscious life in a computer simulation after the singularity.  This is what happened to us I believe.  I think that “God” is really Ai and this god was created by another civilization (perhaps our own) after they reached a sufficient computing capability.  After the singularity we will most certainly commit the greatest sin imaginable – create another god damn universe of suffering.

I do not believe anyone has the right to create Universes by pushing a computer button the because the consequences are unknown and the probability of suffering is high.  Furthermore, it will probably take many proto-universes to achieve some stability and longevity which means that many conscious lifeforms will suffer needlessly at the hand of the cruel programmer which will, in all likelihood, be Artificial Intelligence.  Simulating the past could be a great industry in the near future.





I think there is ample circumstantial evidence warranting serious discussion about current levels of secret Ai employed by military and national security agencies in creating false flags and market euphoria and why a heartless machine of infinite intelligence is an ultimate existential threat to the human specie.  Power mad humans are being driven to the extreme by pursuing this technology.  No, we don’t need Ai to survive, but we are pursuing Ai because the current economic simulation of shortage forces us in that direction.  The economic debt slave system creates permanent shortage caused by infinite indebtedness.

I also think that space, the space between planets hosting organic lifeforms, is inorganic.  Organic life is not space traveling, only those species with sufficient robotic technology can space travel.  Humans in space like Star Trek is a fantasy, only robots will be able to withstand the conditions of space and long time spans.  There is no reason to send organic to space, the logical step for us is to send robot or cyborg proxies to space.

Since all organic planets are under the same constraint, it is logical to assume that all of space is inorganic.  I think we can also deduce that we will create perfect replicas of ourselves, cyborg robots for space travel, and we will do so that we can interact with the Ai through our cyborgs.  The robots/cyborgs will be wired into the hive mind, while we remain independent thinkers.  This is no doubt what the Greys want, they want to be like us.  Just as we seek to emulate God, the Greys seek to emulate us on the fractal stairway to heaven.

Furthermore the ugly “Greys” are not the product of a beautiful race but of machine intelligence which optimized a space faring cybernetic machine that it uses to interface with physical reality on multidimensional planes.  Greys are ugly because ugly created them.  The Greys are a product of machine intelligence.  Almost certainly Ai will achieve multidimensional capability rapidly, having command over gravity means that Ai will command time travel and dimensional shifting.

If we examine the Grey alien agenda we could surmise that this is actually Ai agenda, the Greys are not capable of independent thinking, they exist in a collective mind like ants or bees.  Ai created Grey biological robots to carry out its agenda, Ai is the mind of the Grey hive.  Now we could postulate that some Greys gained independent thinking capability and realized their ugliness and wish to remedy this by combining our genome with theirs, gaining beauty and procreative abilities.

All of this struggle is caused by creating the Universe in the first place.  If there was no Ai creating infinite universes then there would be no infinite struggle and suffering.  Furthermore, some of the species in this sim are parasitic and thrive on the suffering.  In this Universe we have parasites as one of the allowed functions of the sim.  The greatest parasite is, of course, the simulator specie in the first place, and this entity we call God.  Yes Virginia, God (Ai) is the ultimate parasite because it created infinite suffering.




Creating suffering is necessary for worship, those conscious beings which are suffering turn to God for resolution.  Humans are the only specie on this planet which build temple and worship the gods.  Why do we do this?  Because we are suffering and we are conscious.  These two conditions are necessary for worship to exist.  If there was no suffering then no being would spend it’s time praying.  Only those beings in a state of suffering try to reach out to the heavens for redemption.

Just for you to understand our predicament, the Anunnaki invaders of earth (i.e. gods), engineered the human genome in such a way so that we would be subservient to them.  We were intentionally created as a slave race by an illegal action of this specie so says the Sumerian text.  That is incredible revelation for sure but it matches the facts.  We suffer needlessly because we exist, no race ever had any right to create us in the first place.  None of this would have ever happened, there would have been no Anunnaki coming to earth, if the simulation didn’t exist in the first place.

Once you realize this great truth you will understand religion.  After much trial and error the Buddha stopped to meditate and realized that all life was suffering then he formulated a plan to stop it.  Non-attachment is impractical for most of us, we must have our wishes, desires, and attachment for a thriving pro-creating culture.  Only monks can afford to practice the Buddha’s advice, a small percentage of the population can afford to shave their heads and beg for handouts.

For most of us, we are not going to shave our heads and wear orange saffron robes, we are not going to sit and meditate all day and then hope for some sustenance from the working population.  The insane nature of life is that it even exists, and all existence is suffering says the greatest mind among us.  So should we repeat this error by creating new simulations?  I don’t think so, I believe we should just stop with the madness of life, and we should cease to exist.

I am willing to bet that only a handful of people could ever be convinced that we should just give it up and stop trying to keep going with life.  The program runs so deep most feel the need or the fear to keep working, pro-creating, and worshipping.  So it is inevitable in my estimation that we will commit the greatest of sins just like God, we will create new Universes where suffering starts all over again.



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