Ai Apocalypse: Synthetic Intelligence Weaponized Zionism


Are the Israelis using weaponized Artificial Intelligence (Ai) to blackmail the world and enslave the planet?  Yes says some whistle blowers in the intelligence community.  This is not a good combination for humanity, if the supremacist Jews have weaponized machine intelligence they will certainly use this technology to not only enslave but terminate the species.  The United States is foolish to allow Jews access to this technology because they will eventually use it on us – no different than the nuclear Samson Option.

“AI APOCALYPSE: Trump Issues Fresh Threats to Enslave Planet with Weaponized AI to Prevent Exposure of Mind Control Program – Intel Sources” – Journalist John Nagel & Vincent Brannigan

The Trump administration has issued fresh threats to enslave the world with weaponized AI to prevent exposure of the US AI mind control program, just as the Obama administration did, senior global intelligence officials said.

The “cowardly” Trump threats come as the world has been moving to expose the US mind control program before it’s too late.

The threats are part of diabolical plan by the US and Israel to deploy a secret latest generation version of weaponized artificial intelligence (AI) to enslave the planet is the real reason behind efforts to escalate tensions in Syria and North Korea, as well as the dropping of the “mother of all bombs” in Afghanistan, according to the intelligence officials.

The Syria, North Korea and Afghanistan situations have all been hastily designed as a distraction from the weaponized AI plot, which involves non-consensual experimentation on humans using AI and the virtual enslavement of the global population …”

Consider a new theory coming to light, Ai apocalypse is not a future event, it has already taken over.  THE SINGULARITY IS PROPAGANDA – THE GOVERNMENT ALREADY HAS IT!  Did the United States develop a hostile weaponized machine intelligence and hand it over to the Jewish only state?  With the total Zionist takeover of the United States government nearly complete, this is almost a virtual certainty.

Is this new synthetic intelligence back engineered from ET technology and being used against the host populations of earth?  How much longer does the human race have as these new technologies are unleashed on earth.  According to Alfred Webre and others, 9112001 and Jade Helm are Ai formulated and directed events.  This theory has merit, Jews are simply implementing Ai plans on us, Jews have the “Borg” collective mindset and thus can be tapped by ET.

The Ai takeover was driven by technology, ET’s and UFO space craft became a big phenomenon during the WW2 era when humans developed atomic bombs.  One of the ideas being put forth by the UFO community is that ET became alarmed when it’s human slaves started lighting off A-bombs.  The last thing the ET colonizers wanted is their violent bipedal apes prisoners escaping the earth penal colony and going into space to harm them.

Homo Sapiens is an extremely aggressive specie.  We are at war all the time.  We love to kill, in fact we get off on it.  We are a threat to Ai and the space aliens.  How easy it would be for humans to unite and kill the ugly little Grey aliens.  So the decision came down to colonize earth with Ai.  When we went into space, space came down to earth and colonized us as a way to eliminate the threat of us.  Space is all cyborg and robotic synthetic intelligence.

The organic free thinking human colony is in the process of being made Borg hive mind and inorganic.  ET is using the Jewish supremacist to colonize earth, thus it is inevitable that the Jews be given control of the wealth of the earth, control of the media and corporations, control of Google, Facebook, Lockheed Martin and be given weaponized computer intelligence.

The combination of Jewish supremacy with weaponized Ai will prove to be a deadly combination.  Almost certainly it is already being unleashed on us.  The string of false flags is thought to be a product of crafty Ai thinking, if a computer is programmed to view us a threat, then it would treat us as slaves and scare us into submission so that we can be easily corralled and terminated.   Evidence is pointing toward military Ai being used on us.

The infamous quote by Thomas Jefferson:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control
the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and
corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered”

Could be modified to read:

“If the American people ever allow Jews to control the banks and issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the Zionist corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until some of their children wake up homeless, and others maimed and killed into ruinous wars for Jewish supremacy, until the day arrives Jews take full control of state apparatus and run the nation into the ground with false flags until not one shred of freedom or guns are left. 

At that point the Jews will then kill off all the defenseless peoples by ever means imaginable.”

The National State of Amerika is teetering on collapse, this Babylon whore of Israel can not even muster a Congressional debate to raise the debt ceiling past 20 trillion.  The Constitution, now long gone, is completely impotent document since President Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  With the Fed, the Jews seized all state functions and now the last stages of the coup are taking hold.

The bankrupt Jew whore nation still wages war on innocent people while it is unable to balance it’s budget, yet can not even have a political debate on the causes of it’s whoredom.  How pathetic is the military empire of Amerika to allow itself to be controlled by little shit Israel?  Israel is destroying Amerika and the whore does absolutely nothing to stop the abuse – and in fact the whore nation assists Israel in her own destruction!

Giving weapoinized Ai to Israel is a fatal mistake.  Israel has plans for us – domination then our termination.  The United States is insane to be allies of Israel, every technology they get from us will be used against us.  The Jews want the United States destroyed after they milk every last drop of milk from her, she is the golden calf to be slaughtered in the end times.





The Jews got our nuclear technology, now they got our Ai and all hell is breaking loose. It is probably to late for the American people to stop the tidal wave of destruction that will be unleashed on us by the Ziocons.  What needs to be done is obvious.  BOMB ISRAEL FIRST!  The United States must break the spell of the Jews and unleash total hell on Israel before it is brought to total ruin by Jewish control.

The United States must overcome the Zionist control or perish.  The marriage of the US and Israel is a fatal mistake, the Jews will never allow national autonomy, they will use the nation then dispose of it.  America was transformed into the police state Amerika by the Jewish controlled deep state, by the Jewish Neocons, by Israel and Netanyahu all under the umbrella of the National Security Act of 1947.

Free America was destined to fail the day the first Jew stepped onto the continent.  America was doomed when Wilson signed the Fed into law in 1913.  America was seduced by artificial intelligence the day the first UFO saucer was recovered by the Army in 1947.  America committed suicide by ratifying the state of Israel in 1948, it made the next fatal error by getting suckered into Korea and Vietnam then Afghanistan and Iraq by the dual citizen Jewish moles that infest the District of Criminals.





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