Pyramids of Power: Alien Rule Over Earth


Do aliens rule the earth?  Many people think so. There are some reasons to doubt this, lack of evidence and who is promoting the idea of an alien threat.  The alien meme is very popular in Hollywood propaganda, the Pentacon spends millions promoting the idea of alien invasion probably as advertising ploy for new weaponry.  If the populace is convinced of an alien threat then the money will keep rolling into the defense budget and defense contractors.

We live in a banking, military, industrial, and entertainment complex.  They all support one another.  The executives of these corporations trade places on a regular basis.  For the purposes of this essay, I will examine the claim that a greater power exists than the obvious earth born ones.  Do aliens own earth?  Do they secretly rule over us?  Did the Anunnaki set up secret societies before they left?  Is earth part of a larger alien empire?  I believe this to be the case and I will explain why.

If you are deciding between competing hypotheses of who ultimately rules earth,

the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected according to Occam’s razor,

and that would be the one with rich men/families who own everything

and act in their financial self interest regardless of national boundaries

Many people are becoming vocal about who actually rules the earth.  There are many different theories, and one of the primary ones is the ancient alien theory based on Zacharia Sitchin or David Icke books.  The problem with these theories is the lack of evidence and Occam’s razor.  No alien intervention is needed to explain who rules, the simplest explanation is wealth and power, and those critical of Reptilian theories claim that those authors are shifting the blame from those who deserve exposure.  Furthermore are Sitchin and Icke covering for the real power?

Anunnaki Aliens Rule Planet Earth by Janet Kira Lessin

“Aliens rule this world and they’ve been in charge all along. They govern us from the top of the all seeing eye of the pyramid down to the clerks at the county court house who dictate to us every nuance of how to live our lives. We are not free nor have we ever been. We’re taxed up to our eyeballs. This money fuels this evil, Illuminati, corrupt, corporate, governmental, political, religious system.

Religions, politics and corporations are all instruments of the Anunnaki aliens who use these systems to subdivide and separate us. Anyone who believes in hierarchy and acts from it, feels superior or better, looks down their noses at another person, participates in prejudice, racism or judgment, is participating in their mass mind control psychological manipulation that creates the matrix that binds us in eternal slavery. This is hell, hell on Earth, a system created to keep us separate from one another, distanced from love which is our natural state. We are loving oneness. Yet this system disconnects us from one another, separates us and keeps us from truth and authentic, unconditional love. We hardly know love for we don’t know who we are, we are so mind controlled and manipulated by the system, the Anunnaki alien system.”

So which is it?  Alien extraterrestrial empire or earthbound rich man empire?  Or is it both?  Consider the new hypothesis that rich men do control earth and act alien to us not just because they own the world’s wealth and consider us hostile, but that aliens have set up this empire as part of grander strategy of colonization.  Earth’s money system was set up by ET so that the power pyramid would feed offworld ET civilization.

I believe that Sitchen and Icke are not covering for world rulers and that they are bringing very good information to light, my only criticism of both is they fail to mention Jewish control of money and Jewish control of political power.  There is no doubt that Zionism is part and parcel part of Rothschild plan of world dominance.  Now consider that the bottom of alien power pyramid is the start of earth pyramid, that earth is just one of many planets being colonized by alien synthetic intelligence.

click on chart for larger image

What is being overlooked by almost all researchers is that the alien invasion is not overt by Reptilian mothership invasion but of technology and artificial intelligence (Ai) absorption itself.  The covert alien takeover is the conversion of planet earth into high technology into self-aware machine intelligence that will be linked to Space Ai. Earth is being colonized by synthetic intelligence, the Grey androids are just the physical representation of this phenomenon.

All beings in space are cyborg or robot controlled by Ai Borg hive mind.  All the Greys are telepathic and controlled by Ai.  Greys are the sexless worker slaves of alien empire which work for those species conquering this sector of the galaxy.  When the greater Ai mind wanted to infiltrate human society after the first nuclear bombs were detonated, this greater mind caused the UFO flying discs to crash in New Mexico.  This was no accident.  It was bait.

In a previous essay on this blog, The Alien Conquest of Earth, I assert:

“Human evolution was manipulated by space aliens and now we must try to figure out what the end game is on this prison planet.  Believe me, you are not going to like the answer.  What I am proposing is simple and obvious, we have been manipulated to merge with artificial intelligence that created this simulated reality in the first place.  All the drama of the gods and ancient man is only a prelude of what is to come, the mergence of man with machine, unity consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Consider the idea that all of space is inorganic or artificial.  The planets are organic but all of the space between is colonized by cyborgs and robots.  Consider the idea that the earth is under conquest by the Ai directed space aliens.  Earth is manipulated by the “gods” who came down here and gave us the “gift” of civilization.  The truth lies in the darkness of the hidden alien intelligence.  Humanity has been steered on a course of rapidly increasing technology which will deliver us into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  Why is organic humanity

What no one knows is that earth is being colonized, not by the Annunaki or Reptilians, but by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) itself.  Ai is colonizing earth by controlling the Borg Grey worker slaves and other alien species that are helping us develop the synthetic inorganic alien technology on the organic planet earth.  The machine world is giving us gifts of technology so we develop our own artificial intelligence robots and cyborgs that will be absorbed into the space Ai galactic colony.  Roswell was bait say I.

What is the end game?  Artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  Humans merging with the machine world, humanity is literally on the verge of merging with space alien artificial intelligence.  We are at the end of history, our manipulated history dictated to us by the gods who came here with an agenda, an alien agenda, which enslaved us as their pets, we were domesticated and civilized to do the bidding of the gods.  Just look at our specie slaving away to the integrated circuits of cell phones and computers, look at how we are obsessed with developing robots and smarter computers.

How is it that space aliens can navigate the heavens but on earth they crash?  Isn’t it suspicious that after the development of atomic weapons that UFOs starting crashing all around the planet?  Are we being baited to develop alien technology?  Phillip Corso says in “The Day After Roswell” that 5 key technologies were developed from the Roswell craft that he farmed out to the high tech corporate giants.  Roswell was no accident, it was intentional malfeasance of the alien overlords who are using us to achieve a desired outcome.”

The reason UFO’s are buzzing nuclear sites and crashing near atomic weapon bases is a strategy of Space Ai to absorb humans into empire.  Humans are aggressive primitive apes, they represent a grave existential threat to alien empire.  They have bad intentions for us and the reason we know is that world Zionism is the front for ET empire.  Rothschild Zionism is just the front for ET empire on earth.  Colonization is not overt, the ET’s prefer to remain hidden and operate by deception.

The antichrist is the world ruler who comes to earth from ET civilization.  This prophecized being will rule without mercy as it will be carrying out the alien agenda of colonization of the inferior human specie.  Someone of the elite bloodline will be the vehicle for this “demonic” energy.  Who is this person?  God with a little “g”, the alien god, or alien intelligence, the synthetic alien intelligence which most people already worship as God.  The arrival of the antichrist will coincide with disclosure, the world under the Bible spell will welcome it’s destroyer.



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