Anunnaki Neanderthal Hybrids Hypothesis


This essay is a rough draft of an Neanderthal out of Sumer theory based on Zacharia Sitchin’s writings.  For the purposes of this essay we will assume that Sitchin’s timeline of Anunnaki arrival and manipulation of the human genome starts 445,000 years ago.  I will show that the data fits the theory that Neanderthal is actually out of ancient alien occupied Sumerian, that no fossils of Neanderthal exist prior to their arrival exist, that Neanderthal is one of the first Anunnaki Homo Erectus hybrids, and that the tale of Abraham’s exodus out of Ur is actually much older than thought and represents the story of the Neanderthals leaving Sumer when the gods created better hybrids.

Furthermore, I am going to show that after the Anunnaki left earth a war has been ongoing between various hybrid factions.  Both Neanderthal and Homo Sapien have 23 Chromosomes, so I will assume that the first fossil with this definitive marker can not be older than the Anunnaki arrival of 445,000 years and if Sitchin is correct on his timeline, the first hybrid homo is only 200,000 years old.  Don’t be dissuaded by geneticist talk that human/neanderthal split 2 million years ago – that is based on a calculation not fossil evidence.

List of Neanderthal fossils

If we take the story line of the Anunnaki literal, that they made us in their image, over a long period of time, we might account for the appearance of the Neanderthal in the fossil record.  Neanderthals are in the correct geographical and temporal alignment to make this postulate.  Was Neanderthal out of Sumer and not out of Africa?  Was Neanderthal the Mark 1 model slave that escaped or pushed out by newer engineered slaves, the Cro-Magnon or Homo Sapiens Mark 2,3,4,5… models?

The DNA of Neanderthal is close to modern humans, according to Wikipedia, we share 99.7% same DNA.  We have 3 billion base pairs, so that 0.3% difference is 900 million base pairs and represents large changes in morphology.  For comparison, chimpanzees and humans are 98.8% exact same DNA, but that 1.2% nucleotide base difference makes one a knuckle dragger versus walking upright with a 3.5x bigger brain, 400 cc vs 1400 cc (cubic centimeters).

3,000,0000,000 base pairs total x 0.3 difference = 900,000,000 base pairs difference

Neanderthals, or more rarely Neandertals,[a] (UK: /niˈændərˌtɑːl/, also US: /n-, –ˈɑːn-, –ˌtɔːl, –ˌθɔːl/;[6][7] named for the Neandertal region in Germany) were a species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo that went extinct about 40,000 years ago.[8][9][10][11][12][13] Neanderthals and modern humans share 99.7% of their DNA[14] and are hence closely related.[15][16] (By comparison, both modern humans and Neanderthals share 98.8% of their DNA with their closest non-human living relatives, the chimpanzees.)[14] Neanderthals left bones and stone tools in Eurasia, from Western Europe to Central and Northern Asia. Fossil evidence suggests Neanderthals evolved in Europe, separate from modern humans in Africa for more than 400,000 years. They are considered either a distinct species, Homo neanderthalensis,[17][18][19] or more rarely[20] as a subspecies of Homo sapiens (H. s. neanderthalensis).[21][22]

Only a small change in DNA increases brain size, if the Anunnaki invaders could get to earth they probably also commanded advanced genetic technology and thus could easily re-create the hominids in their image with DNA manipulation.  Imagine an advanced civilization traveling the galaxy with holographic 4d printers and data files to recreate any specie at will.  Could life on earth not just be a product of evolution but also an ET zoo?  Is earth a zoological lab for aliens?





Now consider that the Holy Bible version of events is greatly simplified and watered down version of what happened in ancient Anunnaki occupied Sumer.   Is the tale of Abraham leaving the city Ur really a tale of Neanderthals leaving Sumer?  The hypothetical path out of Sumer is northwest because that is where the roads are, and during the start of an interglacial it would be logical that migrations would occur out of the Sumerian city-states.

Genesis 1:26

New American Standard Bible
Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

As clear as a bell ringing we read the Neanderthal perspective in the Jew Bible that the gods were having sex with earth women.  These women were not the more primitive Neanderthal women but the newly created hybrid extremely beautiful Homo Sapien models.  What does the Bible say?

Genesis 6:4

New American Standard Bible
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

The Bible tells a confusing tale of the Nephilim, the sky gods, who were on earth and who were breeding with earth women, and at that time these earth women were Neanderthal females.  So did Abraham lead his tribe away from the Anunnaki abusers?  On his journey did God contact and help him?  Yes say the believers, God, or another alien competitor lead the Neanderthals away from bondage.

Seeing that they were no longer favored by the gods the Neanderthal did leave the Sumerian cities and headed northwest up the Fertile Crescent and spread out along the partially dry Mediterranean.  With this hypothesis we can explain the Neanderthal range, they migrated along the dry shorelines to the Rock of Gibraltar which became one of their primary and longest lasting colonies that finally disappeared 24,000 years ago.



Imagine that during the peak of Ice Age Europe migration was in the Mediterranean basin, then during the shorter interglacials the Neanderthal populations could expand northward as the ice retreated.  Also consider that Neanderthals that had migrated farther north went extinct first from Ice Age conditions, only those Neanderthals near the coastlines survived the longest.

click on chart for huge image

We can speculate why the Neanderthals DNA is so close to our DNA.  The gods created us by breeding with Neanderthal women.  That is what the Sumerian text says.  We can also postulate the Anunnaki were busy with their breeding experiments for new slave models.  The Sumerian text describes in detail how these “gods” were busy making new sex slave models for themselves.  (If you think this is strange just look at how we are busy with improving sex dolls which will be soon sex robots).



We find Neanderthals in Israel.  Did Abraham represent the first batch of homo hybrids, the Neanderthal Mark 1 models? Did Abraham lead his tribe out of Anunnaki bondage when newer homos were created and the gods found them favorable?  The new rivals were denigrated with harsh language, the Jewish term Shiska describes the more beautiful Aryan models as whores or harlots.

Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע shikse) is an often disparaging[1] term

The etymology of the word shiksa is partly derived from the Hebrew term שקץ shekets, meaning “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing”, depending on the translator.[3]

Several dictionaries define “shiksa” as a disparaging and offensive term applied to a non-Jewish girl or woman

Anunnaki Hybrid DNA

“According to Sitchin, while the Anunnaki production of gold was increased by mining in South Africa, so was the physical effort to extract it.

After continuous day and night gold mining for a period of 150,000 years (450,000-300,000BC), the South African Anunnaki mine workers revolted. The mutiny was resolved through the intercession of the brother/sister gods of the Anunnaki named Enki and Ninharsag by genetically engineering an African ape-woman to create a replacement laborer.

After considerable trial and error, according to the Sumerian story, a suitable hybrid worker was developed. Capable of gene manipulation technology, the Anunnaki implanted the ape-woman’s egg into surrogate Anunnaki maidens. This early hybrid could not sexually reproduce, but at a later time, some of these hybrids (referred to as black heads in Sumerian tablets) were moved from Africa to a place the Sumerians called E.DIN in Mesopotamia and further engineered to be able to sexually reproduce.

Some considerable time later, some of the Anunnaki (including royalty) began to mate with human females.”

This Sumerian tale of the gods breeding with their human slaves is echoed in the Jewish Bible:

Genesis 6:2

New American Standard Bible
that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

Obviously the Neanderthals felt left out.  They could see that newer and newer models coming off the Anunnaki assembly line and eventually they reasoned that they better get out-of-town before they were scrapped, sent to the junk pile.  The Anunnaki no longer lusted after the Jewish Neanderthal woman because they had improved their sex slaves.

This is still true today, the Neanderthal males like porn star Ron Jeremy lusts after the Goy woman who are more beautiful.  Do you feel attracted to Amy Whinehouse or Barbara Streisand?   The truth is right in front of our eyes and the forms haven’t changed that much since the Anunnaki left earth and abandoned their creations.  It is obvious that the Neanderthals are still with us, and they are direct competitors.

What many are asking if the Neanderthal remnants are in fact waging war on the beautiful peoples of earth.  Supremacist Jews want to wipe out the white race and they are now claiming they are not white.  Why do they war on us?  Why are they obsessed with their ancestry and make it state policy in Jewish only Israel?  Because they know they are not us, they are at war with us, and they remembered what happened back in ancient Sumeria.  They will never forget or relent and thus we must understand what is really going on.

White Genocide : A Biological Reality

“The biggest issue we face right now in our movement is the fact that Jews have managed to entirely remove our connectivity towards Nature – our feeling as being part of it, coming out of it, as being not only a tribe – but a specific animal species that is supposed to defend itself, surround itself with its own kind and clan, and strive to ensure its continued existence upon this planet. Even though the Jews claim that all non-Jewish people are animals in a derogatory way, they still try real hard to turn these “animals” entirely out of touch with their own Nature. The Jews regard themselves something above this “animal” species – they regard themselves Divine and Godlike, destined to rule others.”

At the center of this racial issue of Jewish divinity is sex.  Sex obsessed Jewish males covet the more delicate Anunnaki engineered females.  There is no better way to illustrate this than with a modern rock band populated by horny Jewish males who are mad for white girls:

Christine Sixteen  by rock band Kiss
“She’s got me dizzy, she sees me through to the end
She’s got me in her hands and there’s no use in pretending
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen
She drives me crazy, I want to give her all I’ve got
And she’s hot every day and night, there is no doubt about it
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen
I don’t usually say things like this to girls your age
But when I saw you coming out of the school that day
That day I knew, I knew (Christine sixteen)
I’ve got to have you, I’ve got to have you
She’s’ been around, but she’s young and clean
I’ve got to have her, can’t live without her, whoa no
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen






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