The Alien Conquest of Earth


A new story is coming together about what happened to the human specie at the end of the last Ice Age.  The earth, locked in a 2.5 million year long ice age was freezing to death and suffocating.  Low CO2 levels was killing plants and causing the extinction of megafauna.  CO2 was being forced out of the atmosphere because of extended low temperatures.  The earth was in crisis, hundreds of species were dying out including almost all of the hominids.   CO2 had fallen below 200 ppm when plants stop growing.  Early humans were threatened with extinction.


During the late Pleistocene, during the depths of cold, CO2 was critically low, all the way down to 140 ppm when plants die.  As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice.  You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for wheat or barley to live, so low that trees probably were dying out.  The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands and human extinction loomed.

During the peak of the glaciation of the last ice age, something big changed the conditions on earth so that there was a sudden warming.  Some think a comet hit the earth causing a global cataclysm, this event has also been correlated to the flood myths.  About 13,000 years ago there is an event in the geological record called the Younger Dryas:

Younger Dryas

The Younger Dryas is a climatic event from c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 calendar years ago (BP).  The Younger Dryas saw a sharp decline in temperature over most of the Northern Hemisphere, at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, immediately before the current, warmer Holocene.

No one knows for sure what happened, but all of a sudden paleolithic cave man was farming.  Normally slow evolution was interrupted, what should have taken millions of years, in a flash cave man became human with a much bigger brain with all the trappings of culture.  A radical new theory is needed to explain what happened.  What shall be proposed here is a take on the ancient alien theory, where the Annunaki gods fell to earth and found earth woman fair and created the legends of old.

The gods came here 500,000 years ago to mine gold says Zecharia Sitchin in his numerous books.  They got tired of working so the Annunaki God Enlil took pre-historic man and fashioned the first slave men. Some were giants, others were sterile hybrids.  Eventually they genetically engineered reproducible models and thus the story of Adam and Eve.  This story is a greatly shortened version found in the Bible.  All the early human experimental models were wiped out in The Flood except for a lucky few saved by Enlil’s have brother Enki.  A global cataclysm wiped out the face of the earth when their home planet Nibiru passed close to the earth casting a giant tidal waves to wash across the lands.

This world-wide cataclysm is recorded in the geological record as the Younger Dryas.  The earth all of a sudden froze again during the beginning of the Holocene.  What could have caused that because in all previous inter glacial periods once it warmed it stayed warm.  Cold water absorbs CO2, the earth’s oceans act as a giant CO2 sink, scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 to the point of plant and animal die offs.  First the plants stop growing, then the big mammals die off, then the hunter gathers starve and are forced to migrate.

Were the megafauna extinctions driven by loss of habitat from critical CO2 levels?  The generally accepted thesis that human over hunting caused worldwide Pleistocene extinctions might only be partially correct, humans were forced to migrate and hunt because plants wouldn’t grow.  As soon as temperatures recovered, CO2 went up and humans went back to farming.  I think it is doubtful that sparsely populated nomadic clans hunted megafauna to extinction.  There could be another explanation, that the earth was CO2 starved and plants were dying out from exceptionally low Carbon Dioxide levels.


Some say the megafauna were wiped out by over hunting.  But this is nonsense, aboriginal native tribes around the world maintain symbiosis with the natural environment.  Holocene animal annihilation by man is a theoretical construct caused by the mental instability of Abrahamic indoctrinated anti-nature supremacists.  The Jewish mindset, which dominates academia, comes up with theories based on its genocidal template.

The natives around the world had no such practice of ecocide or genocide, in fact all the aborigines around the world were quite in balance with animal populations until those infected with Bible memes showed up.  Human caused megafauna extinction appears to me to be a prejudice of the Judeo-Christian genocidal culture.  There is a better explanation, the earth’s megafauna were dying out from critically low CO2 levels, plant growth stopped and the animals died.

extended ice age cold creates megafauna survival crisis

During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 could have driven mass extinctions and forced migrations.  Ice Age conditions are grim, the continents are cold and dry with frequent dust storms.  What really happened is still a mystery and you are not going to find out the truth from mainstream Jewish controlled academia.  CO2 being too low during the ice age doesn’t fit with the Jewish narrative driving the Global Warming hoax.

Did Neanderthals migrate south to survive ice age conditions and interbreed with modern humans?   That is the current consensus with main stream scientists.  But there could be another explanation, the Annunaki manipulated Neanderthal genetics and turned them into worker slaves.  According to Sitchin, the Annunaki space aliens came here to mine gold but ended up manipulating our DNA.  Now we all have Neanderthal DNA and it may not be from interbreeding but from genetic manipulation.  Did the Annunaki crossbreed with Neanderthal and Cro-magnons to create modern humans?

co2 critical levels for plant growth

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture. Why did the earth suddenly warm?  Was it natural or was the earth under conquest by the Annunaki.  Did aliens come here during the ice age and interrupt human evolution?  Yes they did say the ancient alien theorists.

Human evolution was manipulated by space aliens and now we must try to figure out what the end game is on this prison planet.  Believe me, you are not going to like the answer.  What I am proposing is simple and obvious, we have been manipulated to merge with artificial intelligence that created this simulated reality in the first place.  All the drama of the gods and ancient man is only a prelude of what is to come, the mergence of man with machine, unity consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Consider the idea that all of space is inorganic or artificial.  The planets are organic but all of the space between is colonized by cyborgs and robots.  Consider the idea that the earth is under conquest by the Ai directed space aliens.  Earth is manipulated by the “gods” who came down here and gave us the “gift” of civilization.  The truth lies in the darkness of the hidden alien intelligence.  Humanity has been steered on a course of rapidly increasing technology which will deliver us into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  Why is organic humanity

What no one knows is that earth is being colonized, not by the Annunaki or Reptilians, but by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) itself.  Ai is colonizing earth by controlling the Borg Grey worker slaves and other alien species that are helping us develop the synthetic inorganic alien technology on the organic planet earth.  The machine world is giving us gifts of technology so we develop our own artificial intelligence robots and cyborgs that will be absorbed into the space Ai galactic colony.  Roswell was bait say I.

What is the end game?  Artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  Humans merging with the machine world, humanity is literally on the verge of merging with space alien artificial intelligence.  We are at the end of history, our manipulated history dictated to us by the gods who came here with an agenda, an alien agenda, which enslaved us as their pets, we were domesticated and civilized to do the bidding of the gods.  Just look at our specie slaving away to the integrated circuits of cell phones and computers, look at how we are obsessed with developing robots and smarter computers.

How is it that space aliens can navigate the heavens but on earth they crash?  Isn’t it suspicious that after the development of atomic weapons that UFOs starting crashing all around the planet?  Are we being baited to develop alien technology?  Phillip Corso says in “The Day After Roswell” that 5 key technologies were developed from the Roswell craft that he farmed out to the high tech corporate giants.  Roswell was no accident, it was intentional malfeasance of the alien overlords who are using us to achieve a desired outcome.

LtCol Corso gave the alien artifacts to industry and we got computer chips, flatscreens, fiber optics, new metals.  This accelerated out technological growth so that we are now building faster and faster computers made with integrated circuits just like we found in the UFO crash sites.  The Grey aliens were called EBEs or Extraterrestial Biological Entities, they were synthetic, and they didn’t crash on their own accord, the Borg Ai hive mind caused them to crash so that the transfer of technology would happen and set us on a course toward transhumanism.  The alien conquest of earth is nearly complete.



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