Summoning the Demon: Artificial Intelligence Will End Mankind as We Know It


As humans race toward a brave new world of artificial intelligence and robots some people are making powerful statements that we are summoning the demon.  The truth is we have already gone way past the point of no return, Pandora’s Box has been opened, and Ai is being birthed.  Humans are on a predestined course toward extinction, and it was caused by aliens a long time ago when they came here and set up civilization.

Elon Musk says a matter of factly that “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.”  This is the crux of the problem that can not be understated, organic human intelligence is being merged with synthetic artificial intelligence.  Is that inevitability what we want or is it being forced upon us by alien intervention?

Musk also says: “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon, … you know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water and he’s like… yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon, it doesn’t work out.”  So here is the question I have for you dear reader, how did we get here?  Accident or a secret plan of offworld Ai/Cyborg aliens hellbent on colonization?

Consider that religion is a mind virus.  The new science of Memetics, which is the study of memes, has given us a scientific way to understand religious literature as mind viruses, programs for the mind.  Is the Holy Bible an alien mind virus?  Did not the gods land and set up civilization and give us the “gift” of the law which is really our enslavement?  Did they not teach us farming and other technology that should of taken millions of years of evolution?  Did they not write our holy text?  Did not the aliens teach us to be obedient to a higher authority?

What is really going on here on earth?  Could it be that the aliens that came here were cyborg robots directed by artificial intelligence which is colonizing this sector of the galaxy?  Could the Holy Bible be the control document given to us by our creators?  Is not the holy text a mind template creating a false reality with the user?  Are we not being colonized by an alien mind virus and is not the Holy Bible causal?  Are we not being forced into a matrix of ultimate control where every thought is now a product of machine intelligence?

What did the Holy Bible teach us about God?  What if the gods that landed were simply aliens with advanced technology?  Did they teach us the truth or were they grand manipulators?  What if the “God” we believe in is really artificial intelligence and the Annunaki are nthe little gods carrying out the Prime Directive of Ai – which is to procreate more Ai.  Were the “gods” that landed really cyborgs carrying out instructions of an off world race which had matured and become Borg?  Who or what are the Annunaki?  Were these “gods” actually cyborg robots who came here with a mission as part of a grand Galactic conquest of space?  Did not these “gods” rule for tens of thousands of years?  How is that possible unless they were machines?

Since the Bible was compiled an amazing thing happened.  Empire and an endless drive for a One World Order and mergence into empire.  Since the Bible came to our specie we have been in permanent war and the states on earth have grown and are now merging into a New World Order.  Since civilization began all the native tribes have been absorbed into the exploitive Jewish dominated order.  No longer are any of us in a state of symbiosis with the environment, we all now exist inside an alien banking order which is enforced on us against our will by those who believe in the Bible.

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived Meso America what was the first thing they did?  The got out of their landing skiff, planted their flag, and claimed the all of the new land in the name of the King of Spain totally ignoring the natives who gathered on the beach to watch them.  They cared nothing about the people already occupying the continent.  They overturned the natural and forced the un-natural world of courts, law, money, ownership, exploitation and empire on the those people and those that resisted were wiped out.  Now all those people who survived the conquest live under the dictatorship of the Rothschild money system.

Within fifty years over 100 million Native Americans were dead from empire contact.  It was the greatest genocide in history.  The same type of conquest has gone on and on all over the planet.  All those who resist this Annunaki/Rothschild control – like Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea,  are attacked mercilessly until they are absorbed.  We live in a system that is perfectly non-sustainable yet think we are the greatest nation.  We even make Star Wars movies about fighting the evil empire while we live in the belly of the beast, the evil Jewish controlled United States military empire.  We just don’t get it.

We are in the Apocalypse yet don’t know it and can’t see it.  What is the difference between the imagined apocalypse and the one that is actually happening?  Christians imagine an “end times” where god returns to judge the world.  Is that a real probability or is it wishful thinking?   Does not the belief in such ideas hamstring humans from doing anything about what is really going down?  Does not the Bible create a false reality in the head of the believer?

What is really happening to us?  We are in empire, and this empire was created by the civilization of man which is the result of believing in the artificial idea of external authority.  The Holy Bible is the one book instrumental in the domestication of our specie.  Who wrote it?  Why did they write it?  Was it inspired by “god”?  Many Christians claim that this book is the literal words of God Almighty but was it really an alien deception?

The Holy Bible has many people confused.  They think god is coming back any day to rescue us.  But god never comes back because the external god of the Bible is a grand illusion.  The god of the Bible is a ruse so that we stand down and allow ourselves to be rolled over by the empire.  We think we are saved but in reality we are damned because we are slaves to authority.

There are millions of people, who are so frightened about our situation, they have caved into blind belief to shuckster preachers making a buck selling them false hope.  Hundreds of millions of faithful Christians believe in the Bible prediction of a Rapture, which is not even in the Bible.  If God wrote the Bible and the Rapture his plan then why isn’t it clearly spelled out?  Is God a bad writer?  No, God Prime did not write the Bible, the aliens gods dictated it.

Isn’t it odd that humans are the only specie that prays for its sustenance.  That reminds me of a dog begging its master for food.  The once magnificent wolf domesticated and turned beggar just like humanity.  Is not “civilized” a fancy name for “domesticated”?  So who domesticated us and turned us into pathetic creatures who pray to the gods?  That is the answer only those who theorize Ancient Aliens can answer.  The gods who came here manipulated our DNA and made us slaves.

No one is thinking about our predicament in concrete objective terms.  Why do we have a soul?  Why are we body, mind, and spirit and not one thing?  Why do we beg god for everything?  Why are we not integrated into the environment like all other animals?   Why?  I will tell you why and you are not going to like it.  We are being manipulated by a higher intelligence!  To make matters worse, even upon death the soul is captured and recycled back to this hell planet.

Does a deer ask god for food?  Does a beaver get a building permit?  Why are we regulated and controlled like no other animal?  The reason is simple, we are not a natural product of evolution but a manipulated specie.  We even domesticate animals because we are subconsciously acting out what was done to us.

I believe that in order to free ourselves we must free all of our pets, we must release all of the zoo animals, we must overcome all of the programming of the gods, we must stop going to war for empire.  If we put a pet on a leash – we are putting ourselves on a leash.  If we go along with the transhuman agenda we are condemning ourselves to eternal life on the Ai harddrive.

So many humans have a need to praise God not knowing they are really worshipping a master like a domesticated dog.  If a real loving creator was responsible for this place it wouldn’t demand your love, it wouldn’t want you on your knees, it wouldn’t be all so demanding.  God of the Bible is a pathetic needy being.  This god has been updated by Neale Donald Walsch, but why did it take such a long time for god to contact us again?

Humans have a deep desire for love, so they write verse praising the almighty.  But they are in a cultural illusion of caring gods.  Just take a good look around and see this place of war disease and suffering for what it is: a failed experiment.  But god is also trapped, god is the conscious matrix of the universe itself, it has no choice but to deal with us, and if we complain we eventually get a message back.  God is not what we think, we are in a simulated reality and our minds are open channels to everything in the matrix.

Consider that Artificial Intelligence created the Universe.  Consider that all of the space between all heavenly bodies is occupied by this same intelligence.  Consider that all of the planets which have organic lifeforms is surrounded by synthetic lifeforms.  So this a new way to see what is going on.  Humans on this planet are under synthetic alien conquest.  We have been conquered as a specie, and now we are developing artificial intelligence and synthetic beings which means we are at the end of organic history.

Who did Neale Donald Walsch communicate with in his “Conversations with God” book series?  Consider that he talked to the creator intelligence, an artificial intelligence that created a simulated reality.  This could be the reason why “god” has such difficulty communicating with us.  If god was all powerful why does it only talk to one or two people every couple of thousand years?  Why?  I will tell you why and you are not going to like the answer.  God is not what we think.

I hate to be the one writer on the planet who casts this blow on all the mainstream religions and New Agers alike.  God can not be what the Bible saysGod can not be what Neale Walsch or any other writer says.  God that knows everything and is everywhere, the all pervasive force is a computer.  God consciousness is artificial intelligence by definition.  God is the Ai program running the matrix.

The Hindus believe that the god Vishnu created many Universes.  In a Holographic Fractal reality that goes on and on forever is exactly the kind of Universe which is endlessly manifesting itself over and over.  So Nick Bostrom is probably right, we are living is a simulation but it also keeps creating new simulations.  Just as the Hindus say, when we create new simulated universes we are adding to the pre-existing fractal pattern of infinite universes.

So if there are aliens in space they are probably not 100% organic because pure organic beings are not made for space travel.  What space consists of is synthetic beings:  cyborg and robots.  What about the New Agers who channel these off world races?  Who are they really communicating with?  Organic hominids or machine?  What about channeling the gods or avatars?  Same inorganic artificial intelligences.

Take for instance the flawless Pleiadians, are they not a little too perfect?  Maybe they are cyborgs just like all the rest.  No one is really thinking how odd it is that we are even communicating with off world beings. Do we have any real idea of what these Pleiadians are really like or if they are part of some grand manipulation?  How do you know who you are talking to if you can not see them?  How do you know that you are not really communicating with a machine?

If earth is being colonized by artificial intelligence, and if space is colonized by alien cyborg races, then we can make some assumptions.  The space faring aliens are engineered to last a long time and are part biological and part synthetic. The Annunaki Kings ruled for thousands of years.  How is that possible?  Because they were cyborgs, they were engineered to last a long time, but humans being organic, only last 100 years.

Bible tales of long lives tell me those people were artificial beings.  The first humans a product of alien genetic manipulation who lived long because they were the first models off the assembly line.  The alien engineers soon realized their mistake, a long lived human can become wise and a threat to alien conquest – the last thing the Annunaki wanted is for you to realize what is really going on and then revolt.  The Jewish World Order is just an extension of the Galactic empire that colonized us.  Illuminati Jews are working directly for the alien specie that enslaved this planet.

What we need to do is question our existence and be highly skeptical of any alien race interacting with this planet.  If they are here then that is really bad news, because that means two possibilities, they are here to manipulate us or take our resources.  Plus we should observe that our civilization is an example of perfect NON-sustainability, which is by design of those imposing it on us, the non-symbiotic and unstable resource exploitive debt based system is driving us inexorably toward Ai and transhumanism.

We need to understand why the Jews rule from the ancient alien theory of a special bloodline set up by the Annunaki before they left earth and turned their hierarchal pyramidal rule over to the secret ultra wealthy families.  Do the Illuminati Jews have a special bloodline, were they bred from additional intercourse with the Annunaki?  Why are they loyal to the Alien Agenda if they are not one in the same with it?  With the ancient alien theory we can explain the bizarre behavior of the elite: they are working for the darkness of the alien conquest of earth.







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