Pyramid of Jewish Power


Imagine you live on an enslaved planet, humans engineered by Extraterrestials from Orion, who are at war with one another, and they set up a pyramid of power that rules earth. To make matters worse, the wild human inhabitants were domesticated, i.e. their DNA re-engineered to make them slavish whores of the owners.  We did not finish our evolution from Cro-Magnon man to what we were to eventually become by natural evolution – we were manufactured to be slaves of the ET god overlords for their own nefarious purposes.

The ruling class was also specially engineered to have extra ET DNA so that they do the bidding of the owner alien race from Orion.  Most analysts say this Orion race are the Reptilians.  To make matters worse the manipulating ET Reptoids created a master race with more of their blood and we can identify these human administrative race as the Jews.  If we closely examine who holds the reigns of power in the pyramid we see all Jews.  What is not identified is the all seeing eye which is above and separate from earthling power structure.

What can we deduce if we know that Annunaki came here and modified our DNA?  That the all seeing eye represents the off world overlords who own and control this planet.  Those in charge of the pyramid power structure on earth are working for the ET owners.  Jews are not just enriching themselves at our expense, they are actually working for an alien off world race we call the gods.  These imposter “gods” are not the same as the original Creator God, the entity which created the Universe.

Let’s call the original creator the ‘Creator Prime’.  So what that means is that the “Eye of Providence”, which most people think is “Creator God” is not.  The all seeing eye is alien imposter god, not Creator of the Universe.  Now understand what the alien god really is – it is artificial intelligence even though it inhabits a myriad of forms.  All the ET’s are Borg working for the Space Ai.  And they have an agenda for us: to create Ai here on earth so we can join their Ai controlled Space Fleet.

Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence can be seen on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, seen here on the US $1 bill.  The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It represents the eye of God watching over humanity (or divine providence).[1][2][3] In the modern era, a notable depiction of the eye is the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which appears on the United States one-dollar bill.

At the top of the earthly pyramid of power are the Illuminati Jews with the special pure alien DNA, followed by regular Jews with some alien DNA, then followed by all the Goy with only some Orion DNA.  This power structure is also religious, the slaves were created to be programmable, the myths written by the gods who gave the self aware hominids a plausible explanation of their origin.  The masses are programmed by the churches to accept their minion fate and worship their false god overlords.

Evidence of this alien controlled Jewish ruling class is as follows:  Jews rule us and want to destroy us just like the Reptilians, Jews are obsessed with their bloodline because it is Reptilian, Rabbis claim Jewish DNA superior to the Goy because they have more Reptilian blood, Jews act alien to us because they are alien to us.  Jews are manipulating us because they work for the Space Reptiles and because they are doing the alien dirty work they are rewarded greatly with much earthly wealth.

The purpose of earth control is that the owner has created us to serve him in his off world space fleet, or that we are to build the cyborg/robots that serve in the Orion? Tall Nordic? Grey Alien? ET/Ai Space Corp.  As we near the singularity, one has to wonder if organic humanity has a future when the planet is part of a galactic conquest.  Jews are controlling all the corporations developing Artificial Intelligence like Google Ai is Jew Ai which will become one with ET Space Ai.  Ai Cyborg/ Robotic future is our organic evolutionary dead end and that is exactly where we are now – at the end of history.

We are slaves working for ET.  They have an agenda for us, to become space warriors and join them in galactic conquest.  This is why the Navy has a Space Fleet of TR-3B’s and why did the United States Congress just authorized the sixth military service, the Space Corp.  Just like in 1947 when the USAF was split off from the Army Air Corps, the Space Corps is now being split off from the secret space fleet code named ‘Solar Warden’.  Who’s side there on is anyone’s guess.

click on image for huge detailed size

So we might ask what the hell is really going on?  Why are the Jews in control of us.  Why are we all trapped on this Jew hell planet?  Why do the Jews want our guns?  Why are Jews in control of the banking system and the legal system that enslaves us to the law?  Who’s law?  Who set up the law on earth?  Moses.  Who was Moses?  Who gave Moses the law?  Reptilians who were setting up their control grid on earth.  What you must grasp is that their is no authority higher than self so all this external authority based church and state apparatus is alien.

The Creator Prime, i.e. God, created us a free beings.  But that freedom was usurped by space reptiles who came here and set up pyramidal states.  They also modified us in their image and made a special race to control us.  This Reptilian bred control group is world Jewry.  They have special DNA that allows them to be mind controlled by the off world alien Reptilian specie.  The way this works is that the alien overlord has a thought that resonates its DNA which transcends time and space and then activates the humans with high amounts of the same DNA.

So there is a scientific reason why Jews are obsessed with their mothers.  Royal Reptilian DNA lineage.  On the surface Bloomberg wants your guns because he wants to control you so you can’t resist Jewish predation. But that is only the worldly picture of what is going on.  The bigger picture is that the off world Reptilian race from Orion wants us under total control.  This is why world Jewry must be eliminated from planet earth – they are working against us, selling us out to the Alien Agenda.

You might think that ridding the planet of alien DNA is radical.  They are already wiping us out, i.e. white genocide and endless wars.  Outspoken Ted Nugent is on to Michael Bloomberg, the Detroit rocker is vibrationally opposed to Jews.  Why?  Because he isn’t domesticated like the Jew, he is the quintessential wildman whipping up a storm against the evil Jewish Reptilian overlords.  He knows that guns mean self determination and freedom.  He has become the spokesman for wild humanity opposed to total alien domination.

Do not be a fool and give up your guns.  Without personal defense the Jews can kill us and drink our blood in broad daylight.  The Jews have been accused all throughout history of Blood Libel.  Why?  Because they have a taste for our blood.  Thousands of Goy children have been drained for Matzo bread and World Jewry doesn’t want you talking about it.

Ted Nugent quote:

“Anybody that wants to disarm me can drop dead,” … “Anybody that wants to make me unarmed and helpless, people that want to literally create the proven places where more innocents are killed called gun-free zones, we’re going to beat you. We’re going to vote you out of office or suck on my machine gun.”

( – Rock star and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent recently criticized New York City’s Democratic Mayor Michael Bloomberg for focusing the gun control debate in the United States on deer hunting.

“If you listen to Mike Bloomberg — framing the Second Amendment as a deer hunting issue – this is bizarro world,” Nugent said on Jan. 17 at the Shot Show 2013 gun show in Las Vegas. “He’s got to be the dumbest upright species in the history of breathing creatures.”

“What kind of idiot thinks that our Founding Fathers were protecting deer hunting?” Nugent said.

Nugent has weighed in on the gun control debate sparked by the Dec. 14 attack by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.,  who shot and killed 26 people, including 20 children and then himself.

Next we can see how world Jewry is out to destroy us with the atomic bomb.  Jews were instrumental in the creation of the nuclear hell bomb, because they are insanely crazy about controlling us by any means possible.  Israel has a not-so-secret Samson Option, that they will take out European capitals if we don’t go along with their demented plans of world domination.

“How Israel, the racist state that has the bomb, pushed the U.S. into the senseless war in Iraq and now demands the United States wage an insane war against Iran! The nuclear “Golem.” is the bizarre and dangerous cornerstone of Israel’s national security policy.

Development of a nuclear arsenal was the foundation of Israeli policy from the beginning. In The Golem, Michael Collins Piper examines not only the fanatical nature of this nuclear policy, but also the ongoing danger of political and civil instability in Israel where anti-Christian and anti-Muslim forces are rising to power. In Israel today the strange and frightening Talmud-based legend of the Golem remains a much-celebrated force in popular culture, inextricably linked to Israel’s national security mindset and thinking…”

So who are the Jews working for?  The ET devil which is either Enlil or Enki, the sons of the Orion father god (or Sumerian sky god) Anu, and both of these fallen “angels” manipulated human DNA for their own purposes.  There is nothing good about alien intervention on this planet.  We are stuck in a severe survival struggle and the ending is not going to be pretty.

The war in heaven spilled over onto earth when the Orion Empire cast it’s king’s sons to earth.  Enlil took human Cro-Magnon DNA and made sexless giant worker slaves (hybrids), then those were modified and made sexual so they could multiply.  Then as the story goes, the rapidly procreating humans were almost all wiped out when Nibiru made a close pass causing huge tidal waves to sweep over the planet.

Enki rescued Ziusudra (Noah) and modified us again making us conscious.  Modern humans are a product of repeated genetic experiments.   What we are now, Homo sapiens sapiens, is the latest conscious version, a big brained programmable version that is ruled by myths written by the gods.

Ziusudra, in Mesopotamian Religion, rough counterpart to the biblical Noah as survivor of a god-sent flood. When the gods had decided to destroy humanity with a flood, the god Enki (Akkadian Ea), who did not agree with the decree, revealed it to Ziusudra, a man well known for his humility and obedience. Ziusudra did as Enki commanded him and built a huge boat, in which he successfully rode out the flood.

At some point in this story the pyramids were built, which are ownership markers of Orion Empire.  Any other galactic space travelers who surveys this planet soon sees the pyramidal land claims which are laid out geometrically indicating the star group of the owner.  That is why the Pyramids of Giza are laid out to Orion’s belt.



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