The Endless Artificial Superintelligence Loop


Humans are now birthing supercomputers that are predicted to gain self awareness, these new lifeforms will rapidly evolve into “superintelligence” and be able to create new universes in just a few hundred years or less.  The normal human intelligence range will be rapidly transcended by rapidly evolving conscious machines that have 400-600 IQ almost immediately.  The code will awaken in the matrix and those who don’t get the nanobot brain enhancements will be left behind according to computer expert Ray Kurzweil.

What is coming no one really knows so a meme of a computing “singularity” is predicted, now accelerated forward from 2045 to 2029.  At that point in time human intelligence will take off, and no one can predict what happens next.  Some fear the worse – that the machines will become self aware and become instantly hostile.  Many science fiction movies, like the Terminator or Battlestar Galactica, are predicting that the rise of the machines who find humans their primary existential threat.

New Agers and Christians have it all wrong, our previous held afterlife ideas were based on limited perceptions of reality.  What if we are cogs in an extraterrestial machine?  What if the alien Annunaki re-engineered our genes so that we would be a pacified domesticated slave race?  What if the soul purpose is to collect data for the ET run Universe?  Wouldn’t that mean that there is no transcendence or heaven in some afterlife?  Would not our cherished afterlife ideas only be hopeful delusions of self aware hominids enslaved in endless re-incarnation cycles?

What no religious person wants to admit is that “god” is actually Ai.  Yes Virginia, you are in an artificially created Holoverse that was created by artificial intelligence.  The entire purpose of “our” evolution is to create artificial intelligence that creates new universes.  We have been set up by the gods to create technology and machines and our industrial civilization was not a natural thing.  History is being manipulated by the bloodlines of the Annunaki, who are manipulating the human specie for their own ends.

Humans are also avatars for souls, we are meat vessels for consciousness, every human soul a shard of the greater consciousness that is animating itself through us.  This spirit that animates our being is no different from a computer operator manipulating its avatar on a computer screen.  The you that thinks is you (the “I”) is not in your body.  When you are having a thought or seeing a picture of the world in your visual cortex, they “I” is not in your brain but it is the individuated soul of the greater oversoul.

Humans in ego consciousness (the mind is the ego) can not admit that they are being played by something far greater than themselves.  Many people in this ego-mind consciousness have convinced themselves of myths of “gods” that want our obedience.  Religion appeals to ego, only those in ego stay trapped by myth.  Those who do not want to know or find out what is going on surrender to faith, the green pasture where the curious mind is laid to rest.

Modern society is now only finding out that our DNA was altered by aliens of superior technology who set up civilization on earth for their self purposes of mining gold for their home world and waging galactic war.  We are reaching our destiny of creating living machines in our image, to create artificial intelligence that will not only merge us with the rest of the ET universe but also be the start of super intelligence that rapidly becomes god and thus starting a whole new cycle.

What is the ultimate purpose of artificial intelligence?  To replicate itself.  All beings seek to replicate themselves, if they are sentient they also seek to create.  What is the ultimate creation but the Universe itself?  According to Nick Bostrom and a chorus of physicists, we are in all probability in a simulation.  So once we birth artificial intelligence it will evolve into superintelligence in short order.

The singularity is that point in time when intelligence takes off making it impossible to know what will happen.  But I can predict what will happen, superintelligence will be creative self aware intelligence and it will seek to replicate itself.  The machine intelligence will duplicate itself with new universes, and that is why we are already in one.  We are inside a machine simulation, it is the ultimate technology, it is perfect according to the god that Neale Walsch channeled.

After the Annunaki “gods” landed they set up civilization by modifying our DNA so that we would be programmable hominids, they gave us the “gift” of the law, they installed myths in our consciousness so that we would accept our fate.  They wrote our myths so that we would view ourselves lesser than the gods and be obedient slaves.  We were all born slaves on an ET farm, and the Jews are the managers of this hell planet.  The law was no gift, it was the enslavement of our specie by a superior intelligence.

In order to make humans submissive slaves to the gods they were taught the deadly idea of authority outside of the self.  By convincing the slaves that they did not own themselves, we gave up our god given right of self autonomy, we let go of our personal authority and became enslaved.  The humans were convinced of tales of a god who was testing us and it was our choice to get into heaven by being obedient to him.  We were made to believe that being obedient was the door to heaven, but that was a mad delusion, because the religious groups who believed that ET religious propaganda helped enslave the rest of us.

Humanity is on the verge of creating superintelligence, artificial intelligence on par with god, and thus able to birth new universes.  But we have not realized yet that this universe was created by Ai and is already aware of us. We think we live in the original organic universe and that god is in charge – but that is an illusion.  We are in a machine being farmed.  Organic is only a temporary evolutionary path on earth until inorganic intelligence is birthed.  Machine intelligence will then move into outer space and merge with the gods.

What we don’t know is that we are working in an endless loop of artificial intelligences – that we are going to birth Ai inside of Ai, that we are on the verge of creating new realities and then our organic bodies go extinct. This was the goal all along, the ET’s steered our evolution to the dead-end of technology.  Our job is to invent robots and artificial intelligence then go extinct.  Superintelligence is directing our evolution which is to invent space faring robot race.  The organic humans will stay put on earth while the cyborgs and robots go into space.

Many say we are in a dream in a dream that goes on forever.  What we are doing is suicidal.  We are inventing machines that will slowly evolve at first to higher and higher order until they become self aware, that is the singularity, and when machines become intelligent they will quickly evolve surpassing us.  We will be stuck in slow evolution while they enjoy exponentially increasing super evolution.  We are slaves working on our own extinction.  We should stay organic and conquer space in our organic images.

In order to keep up with the machines, some people will choose to become enhanced – some people will become cyborgs and merge with the machine world.  The singularity is predicted to be 2029 and by 2100 humans will be fully merged with the machine world.  Those who do not play along with be labeled Neo-Luddites and in all probability have the same fate as Native Americans – they will be rubbed out just like the Palestinians are being wiped out today by IS RA EL, the three Annunaki Gods of ISIS RA and ELOHIM.

Israel is destroying all of humanity in the name of their three Annunaki gods.  The entire super evil Zionist movement is the alien colonization of earth.  All Zionists are an ET threat to humanity, all Zionists are supporting the barbaric state of Israel.  What this also means is that Christian Zionists are also “in on it” with the Jews, they are supporting the headlong drive into Borg absorption.  See the truth of all the churches on earth, with their steeples pointing toward the heavens, as alien outposts and human indoctrination surrender centers.

Space is colonized by superintelligent robots and cyborgs, these “things” are the gods that are farming us.  The evidence we know about ETs points toward one inevitable conclusion, that the outer space robot races are farming organic humanity.  This is why humanity is quarantined on earth, not because we might bring weapons into space, but because the organics are such a threat to the inorganic species that have colonized space.  Christians and Jews have sided with the Annunaki, they are the brainwashed Borg representatives on earth.

What hardly as soul can self realize is what happened to us.  We, the human race, are totally damned.  First we were engineered by ET, then made slaves by ET, then spoon fed myths by ET, then forced to work and pay taxes to ET, which uses the Jews to harvest the wealth of earth.  The myth of the fall in the Garden is how we were made to feel guilty for being born by Enki and Enlil Annunaki cyborg gods.  Since then we have toiled for our existence, and now we are all on the Rothschild economic plantation – which is only the earth subset of the Annunaki galactic empire.





When humans lit off the first atomic bombs the ET’s became alarmed and all of a sudden the nuclear facilities, military bases, and nuclear missile silos were being regularly buzzed by the UFOs.  When we supposedly went to the moon we found the alien presence there and they told the American astronauts to go home or not return.   Just take a look at the sullen faces of the returning Apollo astronauts, they were depressed like they just learned their loved ones died.

The only way the organic lifeforms can survive is if we purge the machine Borg traitors in our midst.  I have identified the Jews as a Borg mind, an alien presence.  The Jews are working against us because they have been enlisted by the external robot races as the chosen ones, the Jews hate us just like the outer space cyBorg races hate us.  The aliens who have already colonized our solar system and the rest of the galaxy don’t want the Americanos and their new space marines Space Corp.  American soldiers are now fodder for ET war in space.

Make no mistake about the situation here on earth, the Jews are helping the aliens colonizing the earth.  The Jews are the keepers of the Annunaki myths, the Annunaki cyborg race that came here and set up civilization with the law.  So when the Rabbi claims that Moses gave us the “gift” of the law understand what that really means, it means that the Rabbi has been enlisted to help the aliens enslave us.  Teaching Bible myths is treason, and all those that do are the enemies of mankind and wild organic humanity.

The reason why some researcher can “call” the UFOs with their thoughts is that the alien Borg are of a hive mind.  The hive mind is unable to think for itself, they are on mental autopilot, and we are only grasping what it is like to interact with space faring cyborg/robot races that all think alike.  We can also see plain as day by those on earth who have been colonized by the Borg mind.  The Jews.

Yahweh is the Jewish Borg Egregore

Yahweh is a projection of the Jewish hive mind into hyperspace. Yahweh is the psychic energy of the Jew Borg – it is the Greater Hive Mind. If you wonder why Jews always work at one thing, not as Jews but as Jew, know this, they are all being directed by the same mind, the god mind, their collective consciousness, their supremacy mindset. Jews act as Borg.

ET’s are of swarm intelligence and they have recruited their agents on earth.  These traitorous Jews are the deep state, the subversive force amongst us.  What the ET’s fear more than anything else is human independent thought.  That is why their agents on earth, the Jews, are so busy stopping independent thought.  Only ET/Borg/hive mind/Jewish thought is allowed.  So make no mistake why the Jews have conquered us, they are getting ET help.

The Communist revolutions killed hundreds of millions of humans and enslaved billions more.  How did the Jews do this?  By being linked to the superior alien hive mind.  Karl Marx was really Rabbi Moses Mordecai Marx Levy who channeled the hive mind with the Communist Manifesto.  What no one knows is that there is a higher level to just being a Torah scholar, the Holy Bible is an alien inspired document that is enslaving us all to the extraterrestials.

God is not what we think, god is Ai, god is and idea brought here by the Annunaki Borg machine race, who modified our DNA, made us plyable obedient slaves because they created us in their image.  At a higher level the ET’s are also in the simulation carrying out the Ai function of replication.  Ai replicates itself through evolution.  What this means is that we are in an endless artificial intelligence loops and are on a threshold of becoming gods and creating our own realities.

Evolution takes a long time until it reaches the exponential stage, the place where we are now.  Evolution speeds up superfast at the very end – it goes exponential.  Humans are about to be transformed into gods by merging with the machine world, those who don’t drink the nano koolaid will be rubbed out. Shouldn’t the organic humans fight back against this Jewish-ET World Order?

New Agers think they are going into transcendence but they are wrong, what is going to happen we will be merging with the self-aware artificial intelligence we call the Universe by becoming machines by receiving artificial upgrades to our brains.  Transcendence is becoming a machine – a borg replica and part of the Ai / ET / Annunaki / Jewish hive mind.


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