Alien World Order: Are Jews Proxies for the Reptilian Overlords?


Jews have taken control of much of the world, their actions toward the rest of humanity is barbaric and seems alien to normal humans.  Is this New World Order of worldwide Jewish control actually an alien Reptilian takeover?  Is the Jewish World Order a smokescreen for an alien specie that is colonizing humanity?  Or is the reverse true?  Are the alien/reptilian theories cover stories for Jewish rule and promoted by New Age hucksters?

If we examine what the Ufologists are saying about the real origins of humanity we might conclude that Jews are the Reptilian overlord representatives on earth.  They say human history is not what we’ve been taught – that there is an ongoing galactic wide war by an older and more aggressive Reptilian species against the numerous human species that populate the galaxy.  According to an ever expanding number of theorists, humanoids and Reptilian races are in a long term galactic wide war and people of earth are in the crossfire.

Regardless of what is going on in the heavens, we can connect the dots and see that the Jews view us as property just like the Reptilians who own earth.  Jews are consolidating their control over the entire planet, so are Jews working for the Draco overlords or usurping their previously staked claim?  From an earthbound human perspective, Jews and Reptilians have the exact same goals, both want to own and dominate the entire spectrum and make the Goy slaves.

It seems to me that movies like “They Live” are accurate portrayals of our situation, that our controllers are alien to us, it seems that we are under media control of an alien specie.  Unlike the movie, when we unmask the media controllers and business owners we find Jews, not aliens.

The movie maker John Carpenter denies that his infamous movie has anything to do with Jews, but he works in Jewish owned Hollywood.

According to some high level former government employees, humanity came here from another star system, they were fleeing an Reptilian attack on their home solar system.  The early humans fled to earth and landed in Antarctica which became Atlantis according to David Wilcock and others.  They escaped total annihilation from a surprise attack of Reptilians who use asteroids to sneak into a star system then attack.

These early Atlantian humans were destroyed and forced underground when the Reptilians showed up, this civilization is now being uncovered at the South Pole, there is an entire pyramidal civilization under miles of ice.  According to geologists there has been ice in Antarctica for 23 million years.  This is a problem for the current paradigm, humans have only been evolving from apes for 6 million years. The Australopithecines, the first homo-chimp split, is 5.8 million years ago.

Genera Homo, Pan, and the Australopithecines 5.8 million years before present

According to Zacharia Sitchin, who deciphered Sumerian cuneiform, hundreds of thousands of years later another spacefaring bunch called the Annunaki showed and settled here and re-engineered the human genome for there own purposes – as slaves in the South African gold mines. The Reptilians set up their hybridized representatives, the Illuminati bloodlines, who consist of Royalty and Jews.

What is important that there has been an ongoing alien presence on earth that encompasses all of human history.  Modern humans were engineered to be programmable vessels that were uploaded with Bible myths so that they could be controlled.  Jews are the keepers of the myth, they are the controllers of humanity, and those who try to destroy the Jews are taken over because the myth mind control is a superior alien weapon.

The hierarchal orders set up on earth is a Reptilian strategy to divide and conquer.  According to this theory, religions are not of human origin, they are not indigenous myths but carefully crafted Reptilian propaganda.  In other words, humans are being controlled by myths written by a superior alien race that own’s us, they created us with programmable minds.

What this implies, yet not a researcher will dare say it, is that Jews are proxies for Reptilians.  David Icke won’t say it – even though he is the prominent dissemination of the Reptilian overlord theories.  Jews won’t allow anyone to say the obvious because they are the ones in control.  It is obvious that who you are not allowed to criticize is the power.  But the question remains, is there a greater power behind the Jews?

I say yes.  The power behind world Jewish control is alien, and this power is the Jewish holy book which has a mind lock on much of humanity.  If earth is under alien invasion it does not have to be overt.  Colonization can be an insidious affair over a long period.  That way, the planet bound hominids do not revolt while they are hybridized and manipulated for the purposes of the alien overlords.

Is there an off world species here on earth influencing our development?  Are the Jews in league with them?  I say yes.  The preponderance of evidence is the Jews have “unearthly” level of power and are mind controlling the Goyim slaves with their books and control of the money and media.

We all know that Jews are traitors to all societies they infest, but there is a larger question, are Jews traitors to the human specie?  I say yes.  It is obvious they are selling us out, they are attempting to destroy our very souls.  So the larger question is whether Jews are proxies for the alien invasion and enslavement of humanity?  I say yes.  Jews are not just a rival race, they are a rival specie incarnated into human bodies.

For instance, just so you know how bad these people really are, Jews did 911 and covered it up.  They blamed the Arabs for what they did, they made an Afghanistan resistance fighter the patsy like Oswald.  Then they manipulated the United States into total illegal and immoral wars in the Middle East, destroying whole civilizations and causing a giant refugee crisis not seen since WW2.

Only an alien specie would intentionally try to erase our history.  In the Middle East, the Jewish proxy army called ISIS is destroying ancient artifacts.  No human race wants ancient monuments destroyed, except for the Jews who are against our specie.  THE BEST WAY TO MANIPULATE US IS TO ERASE OUR TRUE HISTORY AND ORIGINS AND THEN SUBSTITUTE A FALSE JEWISH NARRATIVE.

Jews are destroying civilization as if they are an alien specie.  The refugee crisis is Jewish engineered and enabled, they are the ones doing it for two reasons.  First they want to depopulate the Middle East of all non-Jews and they want to destroy European nations.

So understand what the Jew has done to the world, they engineered the 911 false flag as a way to destroy Arabs and Europeans.  They did 911, and they are acting as if they are not even human because they are not human beings.  Not a single major media outlet will admit that 911 is an inside job nor will the make the Jewish/Israeli connection.  How can that be?  Because they already own it all just like in the movie “They Live”.

So who or what is destroying mankind?  Jews?  Aliens?  Reptilians?  Or all three?  Think about it, what if the Jews are the proxies for the Reptilians?  Who wants us enslaved?  Alien Reptilians and Jews who act as if they are aliens.  They have the same goal, they both hate our specie and want us enslaved.  The New World Order is the Jewish World Order which is the Alien World Order which is the Reptilian World Order.  They are all the same thing.



In the alternative media there is a plethora of alien conspiracy theories.  They seem to be covering for earthly Jewish rule, they distract the populace from the true Jewish controllers, who hide behind false narratives like the Holocaust and protect themselves from criticism with ever expanding “hate speech” laws.

No one in major media will touch 911 or the Holohoax?  Why?  Because Jews already control the world.  They are the manipulators, they do not have unity consciousness because they are not us.  They are predators who have incarnated in human form and work as the proxies for the Reptilian overlords from Draco who are colonizing the planet.  The 1% are the Reptilian representatives.

New World Order (conspiracy theory)

“The New World Order or NWO is claimed to be an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government by various conspiracy theories.[3][4][5][6][7]

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history’s progress. Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been purported to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial policies, at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination.”


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