Ancient Alien Theory and the Simulation Hypothesis


There is a well developed theory that ancient aliens had something to do with human evolution.  A popular television show Ancient Aliens, now on it’s 12th season, produces convincing evidence of extra-terrestial influence on humanity.   Proponents claim that visiting ET’s changed human DNA and introduced cultural hierarchy systems that changed our evolution toward a hidden agenda.  The ultimate goal of alien contact remains inexplicable until now.

What are aliens up to, did they actually visit, what is really going on with human evolution?  The answer is worse than you can imagine – aliens set up pyramidal hierarchical systems of dominance and control, they created conditions for permanent war, they shared their secrets with Jews and secret societies, they are manuevering us into an evolution dead end.

“According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations and forever changing the course of human history.”

What is the end game if aliens messed with our DNA and cultural development?  A palatable ultimate goal of ET’s interference has not been put forth but can be hypothesized if we combine the ancient alien theory with the simulation hypothesis. If we trace back to the origins of governmental control we find that it all originated in myth of the gods that landed and told us we were guilty for being born.  This tremendous evil of the teaching of “original sin” found in Genesis is sourced in alien contact.

The gods are aliens according to those who have researched the origins of civilization:  religion and state are the leftover remnants of this exposure.  All those church steeples you see reaching toward the heavens are the result of the self loathing hominids begging for forgiveness for being born.  Does that sound natural to you?  Does begging for your existence sound like a natural product of evolution.  Wouldn’t any evolving being always be integrated into the environment?

This sordid race of bipedal apes is not natural, no natural organism would act anything like what we do on a regular basis.  This fear and loathing is an artificial creation by the teaching of an alien holy book.  Religion is a product of alien intervention and the result has been war, more war, and endless war in the name of keeping “God” happy.  You can just look out the window to see the effect of alien intervention, it is staring you right in the face – all those churches, and mosques, and temples, and synagogues are an alien outposts.  No human should be worshipping any god if they were 100% organic natural creatures.

Going to war all of the time is completely insane and destructive.  So why do we do it?  Why in the hell would we allow Israel to pull 911 and then send us to war?  Why don’t we just end Israel by dropping a B-61-12 on Tel Aviv?   Why hasn’t the land of free and home of the brave taken out that little Middle East shithole called Israel?  I will tell you why and most can not hear it.  Amerika is under a Jewish black magic spell called belief in the Holy Bible.

The question of why we are not defending ourselves exposes the whole shebang, the reason we don’t do a damn thing is because we believe in their damn holy book and that we have piled up debt in Jew bucks.  So not only do we foolishly believe the tales of the Jew holy book, which are all stolen myths and lies, we are indebted up to our eyebrows with Rothschild debit based “money” when all we have to do is renege on the debt and send a Hellfire missile right up Rothschild’s damn ass.

So why do we allow Israel to walk all over us and use us for a floor mat?  Myth memes.  We believe the Bible because we are programmed to believe – sorta like humans being the hardware and the Bible code the software.  We believe the false mythos set up by the gods because the Bible is our operating system programmed into our DNA.  We believe because we were designed by a higher mind to believe as part of our inner most nature, and the myths given to us by this higher mind, are meant to paralyze us and keep us bound.

The Jews and their little Christian helpers are keeping us on straight and narrow track toward our pre-designated end times fate.  Here’s the kicker that no one wants to contemplate, we are treading the path toward total destruction because our genes were altered so that we could be hooked by the religious text.  We are robots totally deluded by Bible text, most of those infected with the Bible mind virus actually believe in sin, judgment, afterlife, chosen people, etc.  It’s completely ridiculous but the spell is strong.

Humans are literally worshipping those who re-engineered them from wild organic beings into pathetic begging domesticated ‘dog like’ pets that plead for their existence.  Yes Virginia, “civilization” is really domestication under the god-state, it is the evil that is leading us to our destruction and extinction.  The worst of all these gods is Yahweh, the most extremely repressive and judgmental of all deities, and belief in this god is leading us toward Armageddon.

So you might ask why any natural human would be so off as to whoreship the alien “holy” book that is leading them to destruction.  In fact you might even ask why so humanity is so damn destructive in the first place even if we didn’t have religion.  The answer is staring you right in the face, that church steeple pointing toward the heaven is a clue as to what we are – we are engineered hybrids just like a dog that needs a master to exist.  We have genes that make us believe in the Holy Bible crap.  We were designed by ET’s to be programmable.

Think about how crazy the situation is with our specie.  Why the hell do we “need” god.  Why the hell do we “pray” to the almighty.  How strange it is that we worship some invisible being.  Look around at the rest of Nature, do you see any other plant or animal specie begging for its existence.  HELL NO!  We’ve been completely fucked by being messed with, domesticated, civilized.  It didn’t happen by accident.  We were engineered by the gods to do their bidding.  Faith and belief is caused by a faulty alien gene inserted into our genome.

A possible end game theory can be revealed at this point because we are at the end of our organic history.  If the ancient alien idea is correct we could postulate that humans have been manipulated for a very specific goal, they are being used by a superior alien intelligence to create a spacefaring cyborg race.  The way this happened follows the logical sequence external authority created by the gods created rule by overlords that led to the modern state and corporations that are now creating robots at breakneck speeds.

Cyborg Astronauts Needed to Colonize Space

According to some transhuman theorists, a portion of humans will refuse any computer enhancement.  These modern Luddites (or neo-Luddites) will refuse to be enhanced or upgraded.  You can bet that hippies and organic food people are never going to consent to being chipped, ingest nanobots, or becoming part machine.  So they will be phased out because the Jew always gets what he wants, and what the Jew doesn’t want is any human thinking for themselves or being independent of their system.

So like the Luddites they will refuse modern technology and be overtaken by a wave of robot tech.  They will not “evolve” toward the alien goal of cyborgs and be eliminated by Jewish owned corporations that direct state policies who will label them as backwards or even as terrorists.  You can bet your last worthless dollar that anyone standing up to the Jew World Order will be targeted and destroyed.

The last of these organic humans will fall behind the robot machine human evolution surge and become dangerously mentally and physically inferior.  They will be rubbed out just like the Native Americans.  The Jews will take advantage of the current situation of state supremacy.  Like the current natives of Palestine who have no way of defending themselves, Jewish owned corporations that produce fighter jets will drop bombs on them from on high just as they do to Palestinians.  These holdouts to the old world order will be enemies of the state, which is the Jew, which is the alien agenda.





George Orwell informed us that if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.  He forgot to mention that this boot is Rabbinic Talmudic program of total body, mind, and spiritual dominance.  So why is our fate so damn negative?  Because the aliens set up these Hebrew guardians to manage us.  The worst and most damnable tribe, that has an unrelenting seething hatred for us, has been put in charge of this world.  Yes Virginia, the Jews were given the template to rule over us, and they were chosen over all others because they hated us the most.

Most people will accept or want to merge with the machine world because of all the advantages it offers no different from the current rage with cellular devices.  Those who resist this new world will be labeled terrorists and wiped out.  By the year 2100 the neo-Luddite resistance will be forgotten memory of the new cyborg god-man.  The sad fact is that little can be done, unless something drastic happens, our fate is already sealed.

Humans will merge with machines while the machines will become more human like and two will converge.  By 2100 cyborg humans and robot cyborgs will be nearly identical.  This new specie will populate the cosmos.  No one cares about a human organic future, the current indoctrination of transgenderism and race mixing is only the set up for the upcoming future where cyborg humans and fleshed out robots live together.  Sexbots will be sold like cellphones, no one will mind the robot takeover because they will be hooked on and in love with the improved human technology.

Human evolution is now moving toward one end, the replacement of humans by humanoid robots that will be able to space travel without the limitation of carbon forms that prevent humans from going into space. “God” wants robots, and this generation is the last of the Mohicans.  Because we are in a simulation, “god” is really an alien programmer, and what god wants is not what we think he wants.

We think “god” has a salvation plan for us, but that is just one of our great delusions.  We think Jesus is coming back to save us, but that is the meme getting us to stand down while we are rolled by Jewry.  Human consciousness will be transferred into cyborg space fairer before the end of the century.  There will be few “pure organic” human beings by 2100, and they will be physically and mentally inferior to enhanced humans or robots and thus unlikely to survive.

If any of these predictions seem outlandish you are stuck in linear thinking.  According to Ray Kurzweil, all informational technologies are advancing at exponential rates, and they are also merging into one fantastic timeline of human-machine mergence.  What this means is that robot technologies are advancing at ever increasing exponential rates and by the time of the singularity no regular being will be even able to keep up with advances.  Even the prediction of the point of singularity has been moved forward to 2029 from 2045.

Once the singularity is reached, no one knows what will happen.  AI (artificial intelligence) will become a mind of its own.  AI will evolve at some unknown rate.  It will increase its capability and as some are saying it could find us a threat.  AI may very well be why we are in a simulation, why ET’s visit, because what is going on is that the simulations are birthing new simulations ad infinitum.  We may be a long way from the original organic reality.  We may be the ones that used to live in an organic realm and created the first simulation.

The point is that great change is upon us.  Jews (who hate organic anything) will be the first to take the nanobot enhancements, they will be the first to merge with the machine world because they are obsessed with staying on top and being in control.  In fact the so-called illuminati may already be cyborgs, how do we know?  Alex Jones talks so fast, and is acting so strange lately that you have to wonder if he drank the nano koolaid.

If ancient aliens were influential for human evolution then it is a good question if they had a motive.  Perhaps they steered us toward our current fate for a very good reason from their perspective. My own theory is that the cyborg greys are remnants from a previous galactic civilization, or rebels, who are interested in this planet for the human DNA it offers.  Not being able to reproduce is a great motive for a cyborg race to mine our DNA.  In a simulation the bots fight for control, the greys may be farming us for their purposes not caring in the least anymore than the way we treat inferior animals.

The ultimate goal of alien contact is now visible.  Aliens set up hierarchical systems that led to the modern state and corporations who are producing human like robots us that will replace organic humans in less than a hundred years.  There is nothing you can do about it because the majority of humans worship state authority and obey the police and courts.  Humanity is completely defenseless at this point and our extinction by the Jewish hand is certain.


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