John 3:16, the Most Evil Verse Ever Written



Christians love to display certain verses they resonate with, there all time favorite is John 3:16.  It goes something like this:

God loves the world so much that he killed his son so you could get into heaven.

John 3:16 is the most evil verse ever written, because in this verse love is equated to judgment. God loves you but is, by the fact that you are born, going to send you to hell unless you believe in his son he killed in a blood sacrifice. Yes Virginia, the most hallow verse of the Christians is actually the worst!  This sordid tale of killing for entrance into heaven is the basis of Christianity and it is the cause of so much bloodshed! 

john 3:16 the most evil verse

This insane verse has probably killed more humans than any other verse, because in order to get into heaven you have to be Christian believer.  Do you understand what this verse has done to humanity?  It is the single verse, of all the verses ever written, which has led to more death than any other.  This verse establishes a prejudice and deep seated hatred in the minds of the believer so that when encountering a resistant aboriginal native, the Christian can only destroy the unsaved godless savage.  John 3:16 is the great killer of aboriginals because only those who believe get into heaven, and if you are a godless savage then offing them makes no difference.

John3:16 makes non-humans of all those who don’t believe.  More people  have probably died the most horrific deaths, being chopped up or burned at the stake because of John 3:16.  So to revere this verse is complete insanity, Christians think that god killing his son the highest expression of love!  This sickness is why I call Christianity ‘Christ insanity’, because this verse inverts reality on its head, all god had to do was change his mind, overcome his own ego and not judge or care about his previous statements.  John 3:16 takes love and flips it over into pure hatred of self and other because the only way you get to heaven is by believing the monster god of the Jews as a loving god.


John 3:16 isn’t the best of the Bible, it’s the worst

“If you ask Christians what their favorite Gospel is, they’ll likely respond with John. If you ask them what their favorite verse is, they’ll often respond with John 3:16.

why is john 3:16 the moste evil verse in all of history

But this reply doesn’t come from any actual thought, only indoctrination, mindlessly repeating what others have spoken. The sad part is John doesn’t represent the best of the New Testament, it represents the worst. There is nothing noble about this passage. The fact that it’s held in such high regard represents one of the greatest intellectual failures of mankind.

There are no redeeming qualities of John 3:16. It’s a passage that completely lacks any ethics or wisdom. It’s both morally and intellectually repulsive, it’s downright evil. John 3:16 sends good people to be tortured forever while rewarding rapists and murderers with eternal joy.”


Are you shocked?  Can you now see that Christians are insane death cultists, crazed monotheists pushing Jewish terror on the world?  There’s no judging god, there’s no need of salvation, Jesus never existed, sin is only a meme, you don’t need salvation by a Jewish savior but salvation from Jews and their evil books.

But you will even be more shocked the day you wake up from an even bigger lie, the ones told in the Holy Bible – the aggrandized lies of the Jews concerning God.  Many patriots might understand Jewish aggression and lying – they might be Jew aware – but they are nowhere near confronting the grandest lies of all found in the Holy Bible.

For instance, John 3:16 is one the greatest lies ever told.  This verse, celebrated by millions of believing Christians, is the most evil verse ever penned in human history – and anyone that believes it is completely damned whore of the Jew.

John 3:16 implies that God hates the world.  Think about this very slowly and clearly, if God created the world and men, how could he hate his own creation if he is a perfect being?  That would be impossible.  It is the Jew that hates the world and hates you.  Figure it out, the Jew wrote the text full of seething hate for you.  The Jew hates all of the ‘Goy’ and has cursed them for all eternity with John 3:16.

The Bible reader has this meme reinforced in their minds that they are separated from God and can not get into heaven.  According to most fundamentalists, you can do nothing in order to get into heaven, it is by the grace of God, who killed his only son, so that you, the sinner can be saved from His wrath.


Only by faith does the man get into heaven according to them, nothing you do or can do gets you admission.  You can be the most decent person and still go to hell but the biggest murderer and get in because the price of admission is belief in Jesus Christ.  Does that sound fair to you?  All atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, or any non-Christian belief system are going to hell according to John 3:16.  This predisposed prejudice of a judging god is the source of war.  Since they are going to hell then what difference does it make if we kill them?  John 3:16 may be the psychological source of war.

They really believe in this angry god theory. They have no proof of any of it:  no proof of God, no proof of afterlife, no proof of judgment, no proof that sin keeps you separate, no proof that you need to be saved or that Jesus is the correct savior.  Not a single aspect of this theory rests on any evidence.  They have nothing but words in a Jewish written book.


Well, dear reader, if you are “Jew wise” and know that the Jews are the greatest deceivers and liars of all time, then believing in that book of bad Jewish fiction is a whopping mistake, your entire life will be ruined by this belief.  First of all, no one can die for your sins, you are defined by your thoughts, words, and actions in this Universe.  In order to be human you have to make mistakes and learn and grow, that is the way you interact as a soul in a body in this world.

Jesus didn’t exist, no Jew character can save you from Jew predation, being bound by myth is slavery, being a good tax paying slave of the state is not something good or something to aspire to.  Christianity is very bad myth, and by what sense of morality do you worship this Bible God who kills his son for your soul passage to heaven when you are already free?


Nothing in the Universe owns you, no one has any authority over you, you are a human being and you are free, already, no one has to be killed for your sake.  John 3:16 is a very bad meme because of what it implies, that there’s this angry judging deity upset with its creation and will, automatically send all to eternal hell of fire and torment.  Then this angry judging deity fixed his judgment on us by killing his only begotten son on a bloody cross, in other words this judgmental god commits an act of violence to fix a problem that was only in His mind.

There is so much wrong in John 3:16 that it must be addressed.  First of all there is no angry God out to get you, there are only angry people out to get you, they just happen to be believers in the angry god theory, Jews and Christians.  When you see the evil of this world, the intentional false flags, wars, torture, suffering and know that behind all of it are Jews then you know that it isn’t “god” but the Jewish tribe judging and making hell of the world.

be free of jewish based religions

You will never know how angry Christian America is until you leave and go to a non-Christian country and meet gentle human beings.  I did, I had my wake up call in Bali, where as a young military officer I saw another side of humanity, the human side.  Never had I imagined that my viewpoint, as a white, European descent, that I, the Jewish controlled Christian American was the aggressor on the planet.

The basis of Christianity is judgment, without judgment there is no hell or need of salvation or Jesus.  Christianity is a religious memeplex that revolves around the axle of judgment.  Without judgment, the wheel of Christianity that is rolling over and destroying lives falls apart.  What Christians can not see, because they are in a Bible bubble, that all of the evil of their religion stems from this one meme, that all war starts with judgment.  You must first judge before you kill.

god authority is a ruse of the state

The Jews are a tribe of judgment, their law is a system of judgment, the root of the word judgment is Jude.  A Christian is a gentle soul converted to the tribe thinking pattern of judgment, a Christian is literally a Judaised gentile.  The reason why Christians are so evil is because they are pretending to be Jews.  This evilness is perfectly expressed outward toward the world with the display of John 3:16.

The text starts off as a lie, “God so loved the world” is a lie, obviously God so hates the world that he is judging it and sending all to hell.  John 3;16 is a sick joke of the writers.  What kind of God creates the world and places humans on it, plays with them as toys, then automatically sends all to hell?  Jehovah is obviously a very sick psychopathic deity, luckily he isn’t real.  But what happens when millions believe Bible evil as real?  They manifest it.


Then this all perfect and all knowing God, has to fix this world by killing something.  This obsession with death and killing is really, really sick.  The entire Bible is chock full of this hate for life, it is a book of seething Jewish hate for everything outside of the tribe, all other tribes are to be killed or enslaved, etc.  The other guys infants are to be dashed against the rocks, and you are to be joyful while crushing the skulls of infants and woman, after raping them of course.  How anyone can view the Bible as holy or good is beyond me.

So how is it that God of the Bible is omniscient as claimed if after watching his creation fail, he has to fix the world by killing his only son?  Why does the omnipotent God have to kill to fix a problem?  How can anyone believe this stuff?  Why would anyone want to spend eternity with Christians in heaven when they do believe this stuff?  Christians are patently sick people, who have deranged minds by believing in a Jewish deity.  And don’t these Christian Evangelicals just love Israel?  You betcha.


John 3:16 is the favorite and most famous New Testament verse and it is also the sickest. John 3:16 is twisted Bible logic prominently displayed by sick and twisted minds converted to Bible lunacy. No one needs to be saved or judged and no one needs to read the Bible to be moral or get a fix in the hologram. We are all ok, we are all born ok, we don’t need to get circumcised or taught Bible evil.

Jesus never existed and is the one provable fictional character in history.  No one needs to be saved from God’s wrath, we need salvation from Jewish rule of law, from Jewish judgment, from Jewish anger and deceit.  The world needs salvation from the Bible and authoritarian control.  Next time you see John 3:16 on a t-shirt, know that you are looking at a dangerous demented soul who bought the Bible bullshit.  John 3:16 is the most evil verse of all time.

brenda-schad-native-american-choctaw-cherokee vs. the evil of christian indoctrination


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