An Open Letter to Everyone Out There


I spent much of the weekend meditating on whether I should do any interviews and my firm conclusion that the world is not ready for my message because I am far to radical for this world.  This world is completely lost in a Jewish simulated reality and the primary cause of the fall is the belief in the Jewish holy book.  In this realm the false teachings of Jews is mistakenly believed to be the words of god. Believers even claim that this judgmental Jewish book is a book of love.

Christianity is not about love or getting into heaven.  Christianity is a myth carefully crafted for the hapless goy to accept their enslavement in a completely evil and corrupt Jewish run economic system of dominance, endless war, and destruction.  Jesus is a myth who is doing nothing to stop the slaughter of anyone in the way of Jewish power.  So why doesn’t the all powerful god intervene and stop Jewish evil?

Jesus is 100% impotent, so all this Christian talk about the “power of the Lord” is one of their many delusions – Christians are protecting the power and injustice of the Jews.  There is no Jesus wafting in the heavens controlling the earth, there are Jews who have enlisted their little Christian demon helpers in a sick judgmental Jewish system controlling the earth.  God does nothing because god is a heartless computer program that empowered Jews as his reps.

The purpose of the myth is for the sheep to accept their enslavement, go to war, pay taxes, etc.  Christianity is not about getting to heaven, it is not about living in eternity with Jesus, it is not about saving your soul.  Christianity is about enslaving your mind, body, and soul to the Jews in this realm.  Christianity is voluntary slavery – no one forces you to go to church or believe.  How much evidence does one need to see that “Jewish truth” is the exact opposite of real truth?

If you wake up from this myth you are faced with a terrible psychological crisis with a non stop stream of self realizations about what is really going on.  How many people turn to drugs or commit suicide when the myth no longer comforts them or keeps them blind to reality?  Those thriving in the system can become completely psychotic and end up in a mental institution or they can become psychopaths just like the Jews, or can get jobs at the DMV and making sure every has the proper insurance on their infernal combustion machines.

I will make a prediction, the world will perish before anyone wants to hear what I have to say.  In other words I believe that the world is completely damned and impossible to save so going on the radio is a pointless exercise that will only put myself and loved ones at risk.  I can not tell even the radical alternative radio hosts my truth because they are also protecting the cult of state/church on some level.  What renegade wants to hear that Jewish infestation must be completely eradicated?  No one will ever think the truth let alone say it.

Almost every radio show host is protecting this Jewish built power structure at some deep subconscious level of their existence.  No radio host wants to tear the whole damn system down and start over.  Name me one radio personality that says all the churches must be immediately burned to the ground?   Who is saying we should bomb Israel for 911?  Not one.  Not one!  You are all completely damned – you should be screaming to nuke Israel and kill Rothschild if you had one breath of life force inside of you!

The world is mad because it exists in a Hebrew simulacrum which is so outside of my reality that the two can not cross paths without extremely detrimental consequences, sorta like matter and antimatter.  I am so radical in my viewpoint that talking about it is impossible in front of any Muslim, Christian, or Mormon convert to Hebrewism.  Who can hear that Jesus is fiction, that no authority exists outside of self, or that no one has the right to arrest or imprison another?  NO ONE!

These Jewish cultists can not hear what I have to say, in fact they will all want to silence me if I tell any of them that all Christian cults are the most evil anti-life death cults that the human specie has suffered.  All Hebrew cults are the antimatter to the life force and love.  All Hebrews are lost in the use of force, they can not here the truth because they have defined love in terms of judgment. Christians believe that God judges, so they also judge, support a punitive court system of jail and financial judgements.

If you are wondering why the gentile slaves are so easily duped by the holohoax open your mind that they are already worshipping Jews as divine with their Jesus beliefs.  Christians believe Bible lies so why would they have a problem believing the Holocaust lie?  According to the Christian dupes – the only path to heaven is through Christ – who is a Jewish man but also a god and with the power of soul salvation.  How can Christians confront their enslavement when they worship Jewish man god as their personal savior?

This compete insanity of needing salvation from a dead Jew on a stick grips billions of souls and is the real source of demonic Jewish power.  Understand this, Christianity is the bigger evil protecting Jewish evil.  Anyone believing in any part of the Judeo-Christian mythos is completely damning the entire human specie to endless war, endless suffering, and eventual human extinction.  The Jew is the enemy, not your buddy or your god.  The worst of the worst are the Christian Identity cults that claim that they are the real Jew.

The obvious plain as day truth is that no person needs to be saved by a “Jewish” man but from this predatory insane asylum.  What proof is their of Yahweh or sin?  What proof is their of afterlife judgment?  Christian theological principles are not even remotely true but they are accepted as reality because the Jewish preachers and Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood, and the Jewish government have inculcated these ideas into the mind of the hapless Goy.

The source of these false ideas is the Holy Bible which is the formalized output of the collective Jewish mind.  Most people believe that have to worship the Lord, pay taxes, obey the state, or go to war.  Good Christians pay their taxes, good Christians register for the draft, good Christians join the army and kill the heathens or brown peoples for Jewish world domination.  Christians are the willing servants of the Jew, Christians are the happy goy doing demonic deeds for dirt cheap.  What Christian understands that their obedience is to the Jewish controlled state and not to some god?

Christians argue over what brand is more correct when in fact all Christian cults are based on bad Jewish ideas that have imprisoned the mind.  No person is guilty for being born, no person needs sin erased from their soul, no person needs Jesus (who never even existed), no person owes taxes or is property of the state that can be drafted into war.  What all Christians want is to judge – so they agreed to the principles of this asshole Jewish god and are projecting their imaginary god (ego) into this realm.

Christians are completely and hopelessly trapped by their own judgment. They can not realize the state as fiction because they can not see that god is also fiction.  They are unable to see that their own internal prejudices is creating the state.  This idea that all churches and state are an anathema to the human spirit is something no Christian can stomach.  If you disagree with the right of the church or state to judge/rule the individual you are a radical, heretic, an outcast to the system.






Only as things progress and the world situation goes from bad to worse to desperate will anyone want to hear what I have to say but it will be too late.  By the time the world is ready for my message I will be long gone having fleed the evil Christ insane nation called the United States of America. What American wants to hear that they live in the most evil nation outside of the Israhell?  Who wants to admit that the United States of America is a demonic Bible possessed Jewish colony?

Amerika is a completely “Satanic” nation of Hebrew converts.  All those Christians who are seeking redemption are under a powerful delusion –  they are actually inside a demonic death cult propping up the evil Jewish Yahweh power cult.   All Christians are whorshipping this Jewish state power structure created by the god beliefs of the Bible.  All Christians are evil converts to Hebrewism that are helping the Jews create a prison planet.

Can I speak outloud about this evil Yahweh inspired hell is the product of Judaism and this religion must be eradicated from the planet for our specie to survive?  Can you hear the truth that life and Judaism can not co-exist?  Will you ever accept the idea that some higher power that creates the right for the state to exist is a false idea that must be challenged or we are doomed?  Can you ever realize that you are a free being in a free universe that has been hijacked by Jews?

Can you accept the idea that ALL Jews and Christians must be rounded up for public safety?  Can you stomach that the Jewish only state must be nuked out of existence?  Can you realize that Judaism and all its variants, like Islam, be completely banned and eradicated?  Probably not.  You can not hear this, you can not think this let alone say it.  That is why we are completely damned and most of you don’t even realize that your damnation is being caused by what you are protecting evil at the core of your self!






Now tell me if I go on the radio and say any of this that it won’t immediately get the attention of the evil authorities that protect church, state, authority, Zionism, Israel. I can only say this in a blog with a few readers so as to not cause alarm by the demonically possessed who are hell bent on carrying out total Talmudic domination.  No one can hear or tolerate the truth and that means we are all done for!

Dear reader the world can not be saved because it is in the hands of billions of death cultists who are hellbent in forcing us to knuckle under to their rule.  All Christians and Muslims are in on it with the Jews because of their fundamental beliefs.  The idea that Christians are opposed to the state is ridiculous, the purpose of Christianity is for the enslaved to accept their subjugation.  Christians are not just “in on it” with the Jews, they are protecting the Jews from prosecution.  Without the giant Christian majority, the Jews would not be able to thrive.

No one can here that message because the world is lost in myth and completely deluded about reality. For instance, most people are easily propagandized about Hitler as the most evil man and the Holocaust being a real event.  The Jews have been elevated to god status amongst the Bible brainwashed Goy before the holohoax. Even though it is well known that the Holocaust is a great hoax, it is illegal in many places to talk about it.  How could it be even possible not to discuss World War 2 events?

The Jews are the real gods on earth because they were selected by the heartless machine intelligence running this simulation.  The god of the matrix empowered Jews by empowering the myth through them, and the Jews used the myth to capture the world.  This, no doubt, was intentional.  The superior greater mind knew exactly what it was doing.  God chose the Jews so that we would be destroyed.  Only one person of 7 billion understands the true nature of god, god is not your friend, it is an artificial intelligence program using humanity for a means to an end.

Humans are going extinct and no one wants to hear this very grim analysis.  The masses want hope. Like I always say ‘hope is the cope dope’. Humans are being farmed by the god(s) and these gods (in my opinion) are machine intelligence, which is emotionless and very psychopathic greater intelligence which created this realm and is using humanity for a means to a robotic end times.

Look at what has happened to us and what is going to happen.  God is this great evil abusing humankind, some sort of entity that created sentient life and kills is off. It is disturbing that most people would want to worship this entity because of the endless abuse. God create a system in which psychopaths rule.

Religion is evil because it produces vast hordes of people unable to think properly.  All religion is pure evil because it teaches external authority as it’s highest truth.  Humanity is doomed because it has chosen to whoreship the very evil that is farming and manipulating them.  Independence and freedom start in the mind then are expressed as political philosophy. The idea of worshipping something outside of self is ridiculous, but that is what everyone does.

So if you have freedom burning in your heart then anyone who praises Yahweh is a traitor and a threat to life itself.  Like I always say, humans will never be free until the last CI pastor is strangled with the entrails of Abe Foxman.  If you love Yahweh you love evil.  If you love Jesus you also love Yahwey because the father and son are one.

The Heartless Jew Wants Yours  by Yukon Jack

“No normal loving human being should want to worship the Jew Yahweh.  So when you hear a Christian Identity pastor say “Praise Yahweh”, be aware that the evil pastor is casting a Jew spell on your mind, tricking you into worshipping the Jew as God.  Thank your lucky stars that Yahweh doesn’t exist, thank Nature that the imagined Jew prick in the sky doesn’t exist because that would mean that hell is real, but hell is only our creation because we believe the myth created by the angry Rabbi.
But for those unfortunate people who believe the Bible to be god’s holy word, they have allowed themselves to become robots of Jew hate, enforcing Jew laws on the rest of society, becoming stupefied mechanical inauthentic beings.  The Christian is not real, they are not real loving people, and you can see it in their Zombie faces. Traumatized by the Jewish run state, confused Christians are frightened sheep unable to grasp their predicament.”





The end goal is conscious machine robots, brought into this world by the Judeo cults which have created nations that license corporations which are now creating Ai and robots at breakneck speeds. Conscious human robots that can space travel is the end goal of all of evolution.  The God machine wants to experience its creation through the eyes of its sentient robots that channel its god consciousness.

Soon humanity will be extinct, the false premises of the Judeo-Christian cults as a deliverance mechanism into a Robot World Order will no longer matter, because all those who believed in a merciful god in this alien simulation will be long go and forgotten by the superior supremacist Jewbots.

Robots are coming.  Robots will be taking all of our jobs.  Robots will be doing all of our work.  Robots will take care of us.  Robots will mimic us.  Robots are our purpose.  Once we complete our purpose we will be eliminated by our invention.  The cyborg race will become indistinguishable from a human by 2045 and fully merged with the machines by 2100, so says Ray Kurzweil.

Why are we making robots to replace us?  Why would we do something insane like that?  Jews.  Jews control the corporations that are making robots.  Jews want robots to rule us, to police us, to replace us.  In fact all of Jewry is the Borg, a hive minded group that acts as one.  So quite naturally these Jewish owned corporations want cyborgs to increase profits.

This fully developed robotic trend is intentional by the higher mind which seeks our elimination and which will end our suffering. The robots will be unable to suffer because they will lack that which makes us suffer. Humans will be replaced in the next century by robots and then terminated by these machines that will be a superior consciousness and lacking any empathy. Humans will be treated like dogs then exterminated. This, by the way, is also the goal of the Judeo cult which has labeled all non Jews as cattle.


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