The Simulation of OZ


The world we live in is a Jewish created artificial reality, we’ve been taught to believe that we are separate from Nature so we act it out and isolate ourselves from the outdoors as if we are separate.  This is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that is generated within our minds by Biblical belief.  We are living in the artificial simulacrum of Jewish money power, a fearful false construct of the rabid Neanderthal tribe who penned the holy book.

Welcome to the O Z.  Welcome to Jewish hell created by artificial paper money backed by nothing except the empty promises of Mr. Jew.  How did the entire world get consumed into a debt based money system and become completely spiritually, mentally, and physically enslaved by the Federal Reserve?  How did we become such slavish whores of Jewish money power that we bomb nation after nation into total ruin and now find ourselves in the middle of the Apocalypse?

Fear.  Fear of not having money.  Fear is the key to our soul, fear is how we are controlled of not having the necessities of life of the life we want in the physical plane.  The fear starts in the pew, an angry god is sold to you, this angry god will love so long as you follow his rules, the Jewish banker rules.  The Holy Bible is not about getting to heaven, all souls automatically go back to the source code, the Holy Bible is a sales contract for using Jew money.

Most people become very fearful around godless hippies or homeless people because they are managing to exist outside of this simulated artificial money environment.  How can people live like that the fearful (the godful, the awful people full of god) wonder?  The Jews have created a fearful god of vengeance in your mind, to be a god fearing Christian is to be a duped Goyim who’s been sold the Jewish version of reality like a bag of potato chips.

We exist in is an artificial reality, the matrix is our separation from Nature injected into our minds from Genesis, so we act out the myth and behave as if we are separate.  The Bible says we were cast out of the Garden, but this is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that was first generated in our minds.  The Holy Bible is a book used to get your voluntary and implicit acceptance of an evil matrix of control.

That fear is metaphysical proof that the mainstream culture is a fear based construct.  Most people live in this artificial construct, a bubble of fear caused by nervousness about the possibility of a lack of money.  Your need for state issued money is an artificial construct, one created by the Jew and his obsession with control.  What you actually need is a way to trade without his money and then you will not be karmically attached to his wars, his pathological systems of destruction.

The true original sin was the invention of money itself, but we imagine it as separation from God.  It is impossible to actually ever be in a place of separateness but we are trying as hard as we can, we even invented major religions that prove that man and God are far apart, we might need salvation just to get back to God.  This atonement theorem is metaphysical proof that source is really Nature and that we are imaging a separation from Nature because we are out of tune and are lost.

What is sin?  A mistake.  Why is money a sin?  Because it was a mistake, that separated us from reality.  Money is a great folly of mankind, the current problems of the world all are revolving around money or the lack of it when we live in a sea of debt.  Once we invented money we instantly became enslaved by it, we had to have it because if we had lots of money we could have anything our heart desired.  With money you don’t have to make your own clothes or grow food, with money you don’t have to make stuff, if we had money we could just buy any shiny thing that twinkled in our eyes and caught our fancy.

Money is considered the root of all evil, and that is true on the surface, because we lack money we will do anything to get it.  But really it is the lack of money that is the root of evil, and there is no quicker way to experience this lack of having enough money than a debt based money system where there is a perpetual lack of enough money to service all the debt being created. That is why they created it, so the lack keeps you permanently enslaved.

In order to get enough of this scarce money all you have to do is sell your soul to the Jew devil.  The world’s oldest profession is proof of this principle, many people sacrifice principle and personal integrity for money.  The Jew has one main job while he is here on this planet, to convince you of his reality, that you need his money in order to exist. Never forget that, the Bible is a spell to convince you to use the wicked witches money.

The Jew is eager to degrade you while you attempt to get some of his money.   You must submit to his system of usury, you must defile yourself by filling out reams of forms and pay endless taxes for the use of his money.  The IRS is HIS tax collector, the IRS private corporation works for the Fed, the IRS is a Jewish terrorist organization collecting royalties for the use of Jew monopoly money.

Those that don’t use sufficient quantities of this phony money are now labeled as terrorists.  Have you wondered why organic gardening is detested by the Jewish establishment?   Why is being homeless illegal, why are hippies that wear recycled clothes detested by the mainstream Bible believing world?  For one reason and only one reason, the free people have overcomed the fear of being without and are no longer slaves to the Jew money.

The homeless man exists to remind you of how you also can overcome your fear and step away from the Jewish simulacrum.  The illusion of prosperity requires your participation, the simulation only works if you go along with it.  The funny thing is the Christian is always trying to help the homeless man but it is the Christian that also needs help, the Christian needs to trance end the myth, it is the god awful full of Jewish memes Christian that needs help!

Our departure from nature was leaving the trees then trading for stuff and then into the simulacrum of money itself.    Once inside the illusion of money, we became further lost and confused when this money simulation was derivated again, we became very confused when the Jew turned the gold into paper notes and debt.  The tale of the ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is a movie about the abandonment of gold for paper, Oz means ounce of gold, the Yellow Brick Road is the Gold Standard, and Dorothy’s slippers were silver (Silver Standard) in the preceding book, she takes a journey to the Greenback paper money cast as the Emerald City where all the Munchkins wore green colored glasses.

We were totally damned when the Jew got control of the issuance of money which is why that movie was made.  The Wizard is the lying politician who sold us down the river.  With worthless fiat script substituted for gold, the society was soon enslaved  into debt;  now the Jew could own everything for nothing, the Jew could buy up all the gold with worthless notes with the issue of his own script, ones with a big fat dollar sign.  The modern dollar is fiat, worthless script, a defilement of real money, an imposter of love just like the Jew.

What does the dollar sign mean to you?  We are at the end of history because any significant uptick in interest rates is going to be fatal, rising rates will destroy the stock market and the illusion of prosperity, rising rates will carry mortgage costs higher, rising rates will cause home prices to plummet and industry to cut back on capital spending.  Zero rate policy has a downside, someday it must end, some day the debts will be due, someday the bond buyers are going to revolt and demand higher interest rates for the worthless debt they are risking their capital with.

The creation of money became very good for the Jew and very bad for you.  The Jew has now managed to enslave nearly the entire world with his fakery.  The Jew first enslaved the world with his god meme then he enslaved the modern world with his fake money.  Zero interest rates means we are at the end, we are at the end of his story, the fake story of the Jews.  It’s time to end the Bible and money myths that keep us enslaved.  It’s time we come out of the Jewish simulacrum, the Jewish holy book simulated reality that has us so confused about our real loving nature.

First we traded stuff straight across, then gold coin, then notes that were receipts for gold, then the notes without any gold backing, then we signed up for making debt payments for use of this derivative money.  It was all imaginary from day one, no one ever needed any money.  Money is an illusion in your mind, it’s pursuit is like Dorothy’s journey to the Emerald City off in the distance.  In reality, the money in your pocket is just like Monopoly Money, it is fake and worthless, yet men are willing to die getting it.

Humanity created money in order to efficiently trade goods and services, but the Jew took control of the money, replaced the gold with paper notes, a nefarious money that is manipulated by Jews to your detriment.  Thus Jewry has us by the throats, telling us who is qualified to work to make money and how much tax you must pay for the use of it.  Taxation is a user fee, the IRS is collecting for the Fed.  You must get a business license in order to make some Jew money, which in reality, is nothing but worthless paper script.  All those using Jew money are carefully controlled and perfectly screwed.

No other animal is doing what we do on a regular basis, no animal but man is living in artificial structures that take decades of payments, working like slaves on the Jewish plantation in pursuit of the image of money.  Houses now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, autos cost tens of thousands of dollars, the Jew has created an artificial price level for all goods and service, with his issuance of debt money.  God help the man who doesn’t have enough of this money, homelessness or the gulag awaits.

Welcome to the Simulacrum of Oz, the false world of Jewish manipulation.  A world of lies, deceptions, endless wars all caused by the Jew and his intense hatred for mankind and Nature itself.  The Jew hates the real natural world and seeks to create an artificial realm, one that he controls, not God or natural forces.  The Jew wields this immense power because he controls the myth, the religious myth and the money myth.  Both are equally important, for if you believe either then you are owned.

The Jew claims ownership of god because the Jew claims himself as the chosen one, but this is patently false, for the Jew destroys Nature and hates humanity and the world.  The Jew and his thinking are the root of evil plaguing the world.  Peace are harmony will be the natural automatic result as soon as we are rid of him, his books, and his money.  We free ourselves when we embrace the natural and reject the simulacrum of the Jew.

Where did this belief that man is separated from the environment originate?  Perhaps the population accepts this Jewish simulacrum because of myth of being separate from God or Nature.  During the transition to the next derivative of money, when America was leaving the gold standard, a very popular modern fairy tale arose.

The political meaning of the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has been well documented.  The author Frank Baum is describing the promise of paper money, the Greenback (dollar) which is represented by the Emerald City, wiki:

“…the road of gold leads eventually only to the Emerald City, which may symbolize the fraudulent world of greenback paper money that only pretends to have value.[10] It is ruled by a scheming politician (the Wizard) who uses publicity devices and tricks to fool the people (and even the Good Witches) into believing he is benevolent, wise, and powerful when really he is selfish and cruel.”

This separation from Nature, and the enslavement of Native peoples is illustrated by the flying monkeys, Native Americans were enslaved by the European civilization and the Roman-Church-Jewish courts system.

“…the Winged Monkeys in the West could be a symbol for Native Americans. The King of the Winged Monkeys tells Dorothy, “Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. […] This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land.

The long journey through the land of Oz, Dorothy trying to get back home, all she wants to do is get back home which represents the common man who wants to live in a simple prosperous economic system that is being abandoned by the wicked witch bankers (Witch of the East).

“Dorothy—naïve, young and simple—represents the American people. She is Everyman, led astray and seeking the way back home.”

But we never made it back home because the Jews managed to take full control of the state and turn it into a supremacist Jewish military empire of death and Israeli hegemony.  The 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was a wonderful tale during a time of great transition, it was the moment in time in which we realized our innocence was lost.  America was about to enter WW2 to be transformed into something far from innocent.   Americans are now pathetic whores of the Jewish money interests, immoral spiritual prostitutes of the Jewish war machine.

The Jew is the wrench in the natural order of things, the Jew perverts reality, he has managed to get control of the entire system of media, banking, entertainment, and state with his money and create an artificial simulacrum that enslaves all within.  But it didn’t start with money, it actually started when man evolved to use money in trade, the natural order was lost with the use of money in trade.  The Jew is a quintessential trader and traitor to humanity.  Trading for goat skins is where it started.

We are far from the fall.  The modern lawn is a monoculture of one specie of grass cut to uniform height is the perfect example of a simulated reality of replace the diversity of nature with what is going on within our mind.  The perfectly manicured lawn is a pathological desire, everything neat and tidy, and very simple – only a single specie allowed to exist, all others nuked with carefully crafted herbicides.

Because of this myth of our uncleanliness in relation to the most high, most people are trying to get a far from Nature as possible, they want their clothes to be spot free, they want their lawn to be manicured monoculture of one variety of grass cut exactly perfect.  We are obsessed with cleanliness, because we believe it is next to godliness, and if there is one imperative for us, it is to get back to God.

In the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, our early American innocent spirit is represented by Dorothy, she searches for a way back home, she found herself in a simulated reality, the Land of Oz, and she is told she must follow the Yellow Brick Road in order to get back.  She makes it to the Emerald City, she finds the Wizard and confronts him because her journey was all a lie, she learns that she never needed to take the journey, she had the magic within herself all along.  She never needed money.

Some people are embracing permaculture, a loaded term that indicts the mainstream culture as unsustainable.  Permies plant in every space they can, the manicured lawn of Kentucky Bluegrass is abandoned for intensive gardening and food production.  With permaculture, the moral people are looking for a way out of the money system and getting back to the Garden.

We too, are lost just like Dorothy, we find ourselves in a simulated reality of technology and Jewish money manipulation.  But we don’t need gold or greenbacks, and we definitely don’t need debt that creates the inflationary spirals then deflationary busts.  We can go back to directly trading goods and services without notes or gold, we can become self sufficient or create our own electronic money.

Imagine you grow some tomatoes and trade them to the dentist for fixing your teeth.  You don’t really need money do you?  You need tomatoes to make ketchup and spaghetti sauce, we need tomatoes because we can eat tomatoes, and you need teeth to eat.  So the problem of existence is solved by trading straight across and not giving the Jew his cut for the use of his money.  The solution to the money problem is simple, the Jew and his usury money and taxes must be cut out of your equation by whatever means possible.


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