New Hypothesis: Synthetic Souls Trapped in a Hell Matrix for All Eternity



A new view of our world is rapidly spreading throughout culture in 2016-7 and that is we exist in a simulated realm, a real matrix made of code, and that our souls are using our bodies as avatars for experience. This idea has literally exploded in the past 12 months.  With the advent of advanced 3d goggles like the Occulus Rift, a virtual reality headset, the obvious question becomes if we in a real life video game.


The next question of the conscious super hologram virtual reality hypothesis is the role of the soul.  First, ask yourself why you even have a soul unless you are in hologram and are being played.  If we were 100% organic beings we wouldn’t be split into parts, an amalgamation of body, mind, and spirit.  The soul may be an interface of artificial consciousness that incarnates in the flesh.  In a virtual reality game, the player is outside of the game “incarnating” in the flesh of the game.   In case of this realm the soul actually goes into the body and is collocated in it while you are consciously awake.

The soul player is controlling the body and gaining experience that is retrieved and written on the hard disk which could be the David Bohm’s Implicate order or now called the Quantum Foam.  But since there is no hard disk per say, then it must be a closed loop of super advanced technology where the soul comes from the quantum foam (background consciousness) and incarnates into the flesh then goes back in endless repetitive cycles with some control as to experience choices.  Your life are those choices of the soul in which your mind is unaware.  So many New Age books address this problem of learning your soul desires.


In the near past much of humanity was under the brain spells of the Church worried about getting into heaven, but they were totally fooled, the problem is not getting anywhere but getting the hell out of this Jewish run hell matrix.  The Church was wrong about many things, what if your soul is trapped in a hell matrix and death is no escape?  When you die your soul instantly snaps back to the quantum foam and then gets stripped of it’s memory and is sent back into the matrix.  In other words the soul is slaved to the matrix, which is a living machine, a conscious machine that is always collecting data at your expense.

Forget trying to get to heaven, something completely different is going on,we should be like Jim Carey in the Truman Show trying to get the hell out of the Matrix. We are all trapped in an earthly hell matrix, while in the ‘heavenly foam’ your personal data is spread out like jam on toast with no self identity. Basically upon death you are absorbed into the quantum sea like a drop of water that is goes back into an ocean of water.  While alive, you have an identity as a separate thing then after death you disappear.  The idea that will rapidly grip the world is that heaven is no escape, already many people are realizing that going to the light is a soul trap – just google it.

the implicate order quantum foam soul death memory individual consciousness

Religious claims of self identity in heaven may be only claims, the idea of an individual soul may not be true if we are in VR (virtual reality) run by a heartless machine that manifests the matrix for it’s own purpose.  God may be a delusion or something completely different, it may even seem malevolent if it is an artificial intelligence synthetic mind created by aliens simulating their home world.

Why is earth hell and not heaven like?  The fear based Judeo-Christian memeplex is creating a massive negative thoughtform manifesting in real time.  How do we know this to be true?  Read my free online book “The Apocalypse Unveiled” to find out.  Earth is hell because of what we believe.  What we believe is based on fear, specifically fear about what happens to the soul upon death.


First know that Revelations was written by Rome in 96 A.D. about the first century.  It is prophecy written after the fact.  Josephus wrote the battles of Rome in Judea as code, Titus is the messiah and the historical timeline of the New Testament is predated 40 years.  So how can the Apocalypse be in our future when it was all about the first century?  Well dear reader, read some New Age books about how the mind creates reality and then realize that the current expectation of “end times” is a massive energy form manifesting now.

Christians labor under a deadly Jewish spell, they are unconscious as to what they are doing with their beliefs.   We are in a hell matrix because the sum total of thoughts is creating hell now, right here, and right now.  Since religion is not going away any time soon, then the negative pattern will feed on itself, as things get worse and worse, more and more people will be convinced of the end times and the pattern will strengthen until the Jew hell bombs are let loose on humanity.

irrational fear about Iran driven by positive feedback loop

World War 3 looms in our near future because of our beliefs, about fears of our soul and the afterlife.  But no one has ever proved the soul or the afterlife.  Are we going to nuke ourselves off the planet because of ancient superstitions of angry gods or are we going to come to our senses and put our collective foot down on these crazy religious fundamentalists who are taking the world to ruin?

What’s going to happen is the script taking on a life of it’s own.  No one is going to do a damn thing about Israel because Jews own the media and are controlling the narrative.  They are programming the mass mind to attack China, Russia, and Iran.  That is suicide but that is the Jewish way.  Jews infiltrate into your society, take it over, then destroy it along with themselves.  Afterwards they bitterly complain how they were persecuted.


In our current case of Jewish infestation and subversion they are going to take down the whole world and when all the world is wrecked, irradiated, poisoned beyond imagination the last Jew will proclaim that he won and is god of the all Goyim.  So ask yourself why any sane person would allow any Jew near any lever of power or in their church or society?  I will tell you why, because of belief – belief in the soul.

Belief is driven by one thing – fear of the unknown.  Fear of not going to heaven.  Fear of hell.  Fear of Almighty God and all of that fear is driven by one thing and only one thing: what happens to the soul upon death.  Since no one knows for sure, any theory is plausible, and the most plausible theory for most people is the most attractive one, not the correct one.  Most people in ego consciousness are going to default on the one in which they are saved and everyone else gets punished.

always do the opposite of what the jew says

Now remember the soul has never been proven.  The soul is a meme, an unproven meme asserted by religious authority.  Since this authority is fooling us about the angry Jew sky god who always needs more money, then why trust them about the soul?  You shouldn’t trust the Jewish authority about your soul because you know for a fact that Jews always lie to gain advantage.

The soul has been a useful meme to describe something we couldn’t understand until the advent of artificial computed reality.  Now that we have mimicked the world with computers, we all of a sudden wake up from history and realize we’re in a matrix.  Then we can start figuring out what the soul really is and start planning our escape from the hell matrix.


“Some years ago, there was a lovely philosopher of science and journalist in Italy named Giulio Giorello, and he did an interview with me. And I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but the headline in Corriere della Sera when it was published was “Sì, abbiamo un’anima. Ma è fatta di tanti piccoli robot – “Yes, we have a soul, but it’s made of lots of tiny robots.” And I thought, exactly. That’s the view. Yes, we have a soul, but in what sense? In the sense that our brains, unlike the brains even of dogs and cats and chimpanzees and dolphins, our brains have functional structures that give our brains powers that no other brains have – powers of look-ahead, primarily. We can understand our position in the world, we can see the future, we can understand where we came from. We know that we’re here. No buffalo knows it’s a buffalo, but we jolly well know that we’re members of Homo sapiens, and it’s the knowledge that we have and the can-do, our capacity to think ahead and to reflect and to evaluate and to evaluate our evaluations, and evaluate the grounds for our evaluations.

It’s this expandable capacity to represent reasons that we have that gives us a soul. But what’s it made of? It’s made of neurons. It’s made of lots of tiny robots. And we can actually explain the structure and operation of that kind of soul, whereas an eternal, immortal, immaterial soul is just a metaphysical rug under which you sweep your embarrassment for not having any explanation.”


I assert that this realm is a projection of our thoughts, that  projected thought energy of what you believe is made real, that Neale Walsch’s idea that the Universe a big copying machine is the correct view.  If we believe in hell we create hell, that Apocalyptic hell thoughts reproduce as our experience on individual and collective levels.

People do not understand their creative power, because if they did they sure as hell wouldn’t be supporting Israel and the hell that it creates.  Israel is a creation of thought energy, millions upon millions of deluded Christians and Jews have imagined a New Israel.  So they created a new state for the Jew and then the Jew applied his philosophical thoughts about reality on the native Palestinians.


The result was catastrophic, the result was an Apocalypse in the Middle East as Jews applied their ancient barbaric holy text on the modern world.  What we are seeing in the wars in the Middle East is an exact replay of Old Testament script, where the enemies of god are smited without mercy.  Yes Virginia, the Bible word is alive and well and we are completely damned by the Jew holy text because we are all Goy to be smited by the godly Jews.

The bad joke is on us, we thought our job was to get to heaven to be with the Jew father god Yahweh, but what really happened was that our fear of eternal punishment became eternal punishment on earth.  We never made it to heaven in some phony afterlife, we only created hell in real time on planet earth.  We are stuck in an endless loop of torture and suffering until we change our thoughts on a collective level.


We got our theology completely wrong, we wasted generations of human lives praying to Jesus for redemption in countless churches strewn across the old and new world, we gave billions of dollars to church officials in redemptive schemes and none of it was ever true.  Our souls were never threatened with eternal punishment – in reality our souls are trapped in a hell matrix and afterlife is only an illusion of the trickster priests who created afterlife heavens in our minds so that we would put up with the miserable conditions on earth.

We will continue to suffer until the thoughts that reproduce Revelations are stopped, and what I suggest in my book Bomb Run Israel is that we nuke Jerusalem.  By taking out the holiest city we stop the Apocalyptic script, by doing something that is not part of the script we destroy the script-spell.  But that, of course, is heresy.  Everyone loves Jerusalem, the “holy” city that is always drenched in blood.  Jews, Christians, and Muslims all love Jerusalem so much they’ve been killing each other over control of it for thousands of years in a hundred wars.






No one can imagine vaporizing Jerusalem except me.  I see the solution to the problem very clearly.  Get rid of the epicenter of the Abrahamic hell religions and they will go away.  Take out the center of the spider web.  Nuking Israel ends the world wide terror grid and all these endless wars for Jewish supremacy.  How many people has Israel killed since 1948?  Probably way more than all the Jews in the world?  How much more of this Jewish control of the world are we going to take?




Nuking Israel is the only way to world peace, the problem is no one wants peace, everyone wants war so they can make more Jew bucks because they are enslaved by the Jew central bank debt money.  The world is completely mad because of the damn Jew holy book that has infected so many brains with a memetic parasite.  All of this death because the little souls of god want to get the hell out of here and make it to heaven, which doesn’t even exist!


So what new ideas can we apply to the soul meme if we are in a simulated reality?  The soul is slaved to the AI machine consciousness and is the errand boy collecting data then painting it on the quantum hard drive.  The soul doesn’t care about your life or death since it is a robot doing what the god programmer tells it to do.  Humanity can be sliced and diced then sent to hell for all the soul cares.

In the soul world there is no time or space, in the quantum waters of the god-soul-matrix code there is no space-time.  The only place you experience time is in this realm, a world of moving heavenly bodies that we synchronize our clocks and watches.  Eternity is this realm, in this realm we measure time and a very long time is an eternity.  In this realm we gather experience and that data is then recorded on the Universe’s quantum soup hard drive.


With this new theory of the Universe emerging, that we are in a simulation, and this simulation is inside another simulation ad infinitum, we will wake up from the Bible spell, we have been completely fooled by the Jewish holy book.  No heaven, no hell, no afterlife.  All Judaic based religions are fearful constructs of self aware bipedal tribalist Apes.  When are we going to be forced to swallow our pride and egotistical religions and admit we got it all wrong?

Also, we must revamp the soul.  What is the soul?  Is there really an intangible and immaterial (and thus immoral) soul?  The soul exists outside of moral thought, the eternal soul is from the implicate realm of no time or space – and the soul is not concerned with our religions or morals.  Your soul, or this tiny aspect shard of god, doesn’t give a hoot what you do in the material body.  What is the soul?  Not our moral guide.  The soul is not from the realm of morals, it is slaved to the matrix, collecting data for the oversoul (i.e. god) and dumping your life data on the Universe hard drive (quantum foam).


ReOrder & Sue McLaren – Hands Of Time ( Original Mix )

Hands Of Time Lyrics
ReOrder and Sue McLaren

Breathing it in
To remember we’re here
For I know one thing
I’m gonna miss you
Breathing it in
To remember we’re here
For I know one thing
I’m gonna miss you
If you could slow down the hands of time
If you could run at the speed of light

no space time in heaven - your sould runs the speed of light

You, that is your soul, operates at the speed of light, having no mass it can go the speed of light, and at the speed of light there is no time, and the place of no time is the theological heaven or the physicist’s quantum soup, only in this realm are things slowed down for you to have experience.  You have to wonder if the soul is light, light has no mass and also runs the speed of light.  Light only exists at light speed until absorbed.  Think of the Universe as a big egg full of souls bouncing around.

The material plane is where the vibrations are slowed down so that energy has cooled enough for particles to form.  These particle clump together and form elements, planets, stars and in that realm life formed.  The Self Aware Universe is experiencing itself through you.  But you don’t see it that way because in the material plane the ego dominates.  The standard eastern soul theory is that the soul is injected in the body upon incarnation into the material plane.  But did your soul have a choice?

is the quantum foam the birthplace of souls

Was the soul forced to be on earth?  Is the real you is trapped in a body by a malevolent computer programmer?  Is earth a hell matrix constructed from bad thoughts of gods, heavens, hells, and devils?  The bad thoughts are sourced in the Holy Bible, a deceptive Jewish book which speaks to the soul and captures it on an emotional level.  The weird thing about this place is that whatever we think and believe we experience.  The Universe is a machine, advanced AI-VR technology that recreates your feelings and thoughts for your experience, which is universe-god experience.

The priest convinced you that your job was to get to heaven, that earth was a test, a punishment because of Eve.  We were taught that we failed god’s rigid demands, we were cast out of paradise to suffer and toil for our sustenance.  We were taught that we had eternal souls in need of redemption but now with AI upon us we are doubting that story.  Maybe way back when we invented this Universe as a way to leave a previous Virtual Reality that went sour.


Religions have a good reason to invent the soul concept and terrorize you with it.  When you die you are dead and there lies your body for all to see.  So how can you be scared shitless for all eternity if “you” that is “your body” is on the ground dead and not going anywhere?  Think about it, what proof is there that anything extraordinary happening when you die?   How can you scam the Goy unless you invent a clever story in which they voluntarily submit?

The soul is a meme invented by the priest to describe the part of you that goes on to the afterlife.  The priest must have this soul concept drilled in your brain to assert his control over you.  You must believe that there are eternal consequences in this life for the soul control meme of the trickster priest to work.  But is this memetic hook true or just a ruse?  Is the soul something real being misrepresented or is it a phenomenon of animated organic life?  We know one thing for sure, humans have been killing each other for thousands of years because of belief in the soul.



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  1. Shit I.N. Read

    Oddy I also often think eliminating Jerusalem (and Mecca) would leapfrog history, and in the process actually save life and culture.

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