Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome



Imagine that you wake up from history and realize that everything you know is completely wrong – especially about religion, theology, and god.  What if everything you’ve been taught about god is intentional deception of the priest – a deceptive manipulation with words about god that establishes external authority.  What if the Universe/God is something completely different that anyone ever imagined?  What if we are animated in a simulation and are being manipulated by a computer artificial intelligence?  Wouldn’t that knowledge change everything we know about god and the soul?

god's eye camel needle rich man trick

This essay will take on the big question about what we think about our souls and god if we exist in a conscious living self correcting Holographic Universe.  I will explore the new view of god emerging and offer a radical new viewpoint that god is not our friend, but a cruel programmer who has programmed the sim to terminate us once we reach conscious awareness of our predicament.  Just as humanity reaches the singularity the sim run is terminated so that we don’t escape the matrix.

The horrifying truth is that we may be expendable meatbags in a sim, that the soul is only a vehicle for simulator to gain experience of itself, and that the current New Age mantra of being a co-creator with god just another religious delusion of those who can’t face the truth of our reality.  We mean nothing to the machine mind, are we not just like animals on a farm, are we not slaughtered in war after war, are not the worst of the worst in charge of this hell?


I want you to think about the soul, why do we even have a soul?  Why does our soul go through re-incarnation cycles, and why most can’t remember a damn thing from our previous lives.  Why is it that we are a three part being, why are we not one organic being?  The reason for this conundrum is now being realized to the horror of many, we are sim characters in an advanced holographic technology we call the Universe, and that our bodies are animated by our souls which are the players.

People that are depressed

may be realizing the lies

and contemplating the true nature of reality

that they are expendable pieces of meat in a soul animated simulation

that’s there no afterlife and this world is completely unjust Jewish organized hellhole

do we have a soul yukon jack

It is my conclusion that the conflict in the Middle East is this simulation’s termination program called the Apocalypse by religious people.  I believe we are in the middle of the Apocalypse right now, that we are in the eye of the storm and that soon the situation is going to get much worse as the forces beyond anyone’s control accelerate into a final hell storm as the world comes to grips with the evil Zionist energy pattern.  The Zionist state is the mad dog tearing up the world and no one has the courage to cap it.

I am not a god apologist because I have enough self esteem to voice my dislike the conditions on planet earth.  I do not like living in a Jewish slave system, I do not like the religions on this planet, I do not like how Israelis kill Palestinians with impunity and the rest of the world does nothing about it.  I believe the situation here on earth is intentional malfeasance of a cruel programmer, which is advance Artificial Intelligence, a heartless machine mind that created this simulation.

earth a simulated hologram run by jews

I believe the reason the Jews have been empowered by god to do the things they are doing – which is to create horrific situation on earth is intentional on part of the machine mind that runs the sim.  I believe that the evidence shows that we are on a terminal trajectory because of Jewish influence in the world and that these Jews have been chosen by the programmer to terminate the current sim run, that the Holy Bible is our program code of destruction.

Humanity is becoming aware of the Jewish problem, it is often discussed as the ‘Jewish Question’.  What should we do about the Jews?  Well, let me tell you, the Jews have the power and are going to terminate this civilization before anyone does anything about them because that is what the programmer wants. Jews will not be out of power until this program terminates in a end times Terminal Torah Terror conflaguration.  To understand the Jews think of them as minions of the evil overlord, a computer programmer that has designs for us which are not in our interest.


The programmer, ie god, gave Jews information so that things would turn out the way they are.  This malevolent god AI program chose them because they best represent it and are useful idiots for its purpose.  The reason god chose Jews because the AI machine god is malevolent and thus chose malevolent Jews to do his bidding.  Jews struck a Faustian Bargain with the god-devil-programmer-Yahweh-Jehovah-monster by gaining spiritual knowledge that was used to enslave the world and create the intractable situation that we are in now.  Jews can not be ousted from power without WW3 (Samson Option).

The self centered supremacist Jews are being used by Yahweh to destroy civilization but will also be liquidated during the process.  Israel is the home of racist genocidal Israel, I agree with Christians that the creation of Israel will eventually create a never ending Apocalypse that will ratchet up until WW3 ends.  It is clear to me that this simulated civilization is being terminated by design.  It is crystal clear to me that the Jews are the monsters doing the cleansing based on their exclusionistic beliefs.  It is also obvious that the Church is empowering Israel to destroy the world.


It is also well known that Hitler was humanities last chance, Hitler took a stand against international Jewry and lost, all the world is even further enslaved than the 1930’s.  For instance, modern Germany is being genocided with the current immigration wave of Muslims.  America is now completely whored to the Jews and is just at the beginning to resist its own destruction with the election of Trump.  Trump is a wave repeat of Hitler, the population has become alarmed that America is going down and just elected a populist.

It is too late to change what’s going down, evil Jews have taken over the earth (a galactic prison/asylum for the religious mentally ill) and are acting out the end times script with full support of hundreds of millions of believing Christians. Christianity is a Jewish god-spell on the Goyim, who are also being manipulated by the script – which is to terminate us just as we reach the singularity – the AI god doesn’t want us escaping the earth hell prison.  The Apocalypse coincides with the Singularity for a reason – so that we don’t escape the prison planet with advancement in computer technology.


It is time we reassess god and figure out what we can do to escape the final judgment of the Jews on us.  We need a back door out of the sim and find a world of love, life, and freedom.  What we need is a world without Jews not this world infested with self chosen parasites. We are being forced to create our own reality as the situation on earth become grim.  This malevolence of the god parasite might be the driving force behind the nested simulation theory, that artificial simulated realms are stacked upon one another.

But the grim reality is that there is no escape for us, the Jews are implementing their final plans for us, 911 was the military coup to put the planet in lockdown.  Everything changed for the worst since 911, and we know Jews did 911, and we know that they have plans to reduce the world population by 80% or more and make the survivors slaves.  Few of us are going to make it in the upcoming firestorm.  We have to question the soul concept, just what the hell is going on?

quote-yes-we-have-a-soul-but-it-s-made-of-lots-of-tiny-robots-daniel-dennett-takes on the question of the soul

In the middle of this debate we have become aware of the strong possibility that we are in a simulation.  This idea is an even greater challenge for mainstream religion than natural selection.  If true, then religion has been the greatest of all delusions because people have been worshipping the AI machine as god and this god is the real evil behind the crisis on earth.  Indeed, much of humanity whoreships the god of the Bible.

They say the real part of the self is the soul, well if this is matrix then the souls are trapped in the matrix and are being forced to whoreship the programmer god.  Why did humans create thousands of churches, why do they believe in Yahweh and not something else?  Why do humans believe in god at all, why do we believe that we even have souls?  Why aren’t we just happy self aware creatures living in balance and harmony with nature?


Physicists are puzzled as to why the physical constants are just right to support life, the explanation by forward thinkers that this Universe is not only conscious but self adjusting – it is run by a background consciousness often called god but really is the implicit realm.  The Universe has been fined tuned for life and this could mean that the Universe collects data and self adjusts.

The fine-tuned Universe is the proposition that the conditions that allow life in the Universe can only occur when certain universal fundamental physical constants lie within a very narrow range, so that if any of several fundamental constants were only slightly different, the Universe would be unlikely to be conducive to the establishment and development of matter, astronomical structures, elemental diversity, or life as it is understood.[1][2][3][4] The possible explanations for fine-tuning are discussed among philosophers, scientists, theologians, and proponents and detractors of creationism. The fine-tuned Universe observation is closely related to, but is not exactly synonymous with, the anthropic principle, which is often used as an explanation of the observation.


If we are in a simulation then we should take seriously the current trend to develop human like robots, are we not being driven by the matrix to create cyborg replacements, and would that not be the purpose of the larger mind that wants to incarnate in those robotic bodies?

Isn’t it foolish to birth cyborgs who will soon out compete and evolve so fast that they will soon eliminate their less competitive organic creators?  What the hell are we doing?  We don’t know what we are doing, we are just doing it because we are driven to do so, not knowing that robots are our replacements for the god-soul robots to incarnate.

humans rapidly creating avatars to escape death

If the entire Universe has consciousness permeating throughout then creating Artificial Intelligence will only allow the god-soul-matrix to incarnate into these inorganic beings.  Wouldn’t this be the goal of god, to create us so that we create a machine in which god can experience the Universe?  We are being driven without even wondering what the hell we are doing.  That sounds like mind control to me.

No one can now deny that we are creating our replacements and jobs will all be done by machines in the near future.  What use does the Universe have for the outdated organic humanoids?  Humans have fooled themselves with their end times and afterlife myths, there is no exclusive heaven for some, all souls return to source, all souls return to the mainframe and do a data dump after being retrieved.


Heaven is a rich man’s trick into deceiving the masses to accept their predicament, the poor are brainwashed to focus on the afterlife while living in squalor and misery in this life.  But is there an afterlife as desired?  What if all these afterlife religious concepts are just delusions of souls trapped in the matrix?

Everyone goes to heaven, no exceptions, all that live and die have their consciousness return to point of origin.  The great mystery of the brain’s apparent consciousness can be explained that consciousness pre-existed our nervous system which evolved in a ‘field of consciousness’.  Self awareness is your brain becoming awake in the matrix, the brain is a neural network that got bigger and bigger until it reached a certain threshold of computing power and was able to process the background consciousness into self awareness.

Imagine that the brain evolved in a field of conscious, detecting that background energy like your eyes which evolves in a field of light so that you can see and your ears evolved to detect sound waves.  What if consciousness is just another field that our body evolved in and detects.  If that is true that changes everything.  What that means is ‘god’ gained awareness through you.  You are gods eyes and ears into this realm, you are the co-creator with god, because, now your thoughts are creative thoughts just like the gods.

stockholm syndrome on a mass scale of church state god

Men love to believe in punishment, that the righteous prevail in the end, if the justice system doesn’t catch up to Mr. Rich Man then God will after death.  Afterlife punishment is a meme, not reality, it sells because human bipedal self aware Apes love it.  Most people would be aghast if they learned that no one ever gets punished in the next life, or if they realized that the next life is an illusion of the mind.

If you want justice you must seek it here and right now, for instance if you want the Supremacist Jew to pay for his crimes then you must punish the Jew here and now.  They know this and thus supports Christian theology that brainwashes the masses and thus allows him to escape punishment in this life. The elite know the next life is fiction and laugh at our gullibility.  Christianity is now the great salvation of the Jewish elite who rule with an iron fist over vast herds of sheeple.

Faith, by definition, is not knowing.  Faith will not save you from the scheming of Mr. Rothschild.  Faith in Jesus is how you are enslaved to Rothschild, Jesus is a rich man’s trick.  The rich escape your wrath because of your faith in Jesus.  If you want the rich to escape prosecution for their crimes against humanity then imagine Jesus coming back to save the world.  Jesus gets you to stand down, be completely stripped of personal power, if Jesus is King then you have made Rothschild King.

Trapped in the matrix and freed from the myth we now examine our situation and discover that everything we’ve ever been taught is the exact opposite of the truth.  Jesus never existed, the afterlife an illusion, the Bible Jewish propaganda, god a meme to establish external authority, the holy church most unholy and the Pope a tool of the antichrist Satanyahu who every Evangelical believer adores.  Obviously we have a huge problem and now that we woke up those that work for the matrix are going to shut it down.



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