Is the Universe the Ultimate Sin?



A simulation hypothesis has emerged that might explain many mysteries of our existence like endless conflict.  Our broken world may not be our fault, it may be built into the program and it reflects the malevolence of the architect that we call god.

humans are expendable characters in the sim

The evidence is mounting that we are in a simulation, in fact the probability is overwhelming based on the idea that previous civilizations would have reach technological prowess to simulate reality hundreds of millions of time by simply running a computer program.

is the universe the ultimate sin

Published on Feb 23, 2016

“You never asked to be here, but you are here now, so you sure as hell better conform, that is, play the game, otherwise go to prison, or live on the streets. God is a computer programmer, from an advanced civilization. Look around you, now, think of where virtual reality technology is currently at, with the Oculus Rift. Now fast forward that technology 500 years or so, and throw in some artificial intelligence algorithms, and you can begin to see how you and I, are very likely artificial intelligence algorithms running on advanced computer hardware, that is so powerful we truly believe we are real, but in actual fact none of us are real, it is all a simulation. You are stuck inside a simulation, there is no escape, there is no merciful God, who is going to bring you to be with him in heaven once you die. Stop trying to search for some greater meaning in life, because I have just explained the meaning, you are inside a simulation, you are nothing more than entertainment, and in fact, with billions of characters inside this simulation, you may never even be noticed, by who ever it is that our particular instance of the simulation programme is being viewed by.


Look around you, are people happy? The internet has been part of our reality for 20 years now, and people are more unhappy and less fulfilled than ever. Staring lifelessly at their mobile phone screens, checking for the latest face book update, we are spiritually empty, and guess what, we will always be empty, because no matter what path you take in life, you will never be satisfied. We are programmed to always want more. Get the job you wanted, and before long you will want your bosses job. People have children to try and full that empty void, but even that, just brings about a whole new set of questions, about what this reality is. The type of questions that will never be accurately answered, until you wake up and become self aware, and by that I mean, you must come to terms with the fact that you are inside a computer simulation. You are entertainment. God is not a merciful entity, right now people are being raped and tortured all over the world. Some for many years on end. God is a sick and cruel computer programmer, with a twisted sense of humor, and the joke is on you. Yes my friend, the joke is on you.”

god is the greatest sinner who created the matrix

According to many religions, a god created this world and the rest of the Universe.  If God is the architect, the designer, the programmer, then did he commit the ultimate sin by creating a simulation and trapping you and I in it?   According to the Holy Bible, when God saw his creation going bad he wiped the slate clean and started over.  Could this tale be a clue that we are in a real matrix, and are playthings of a machine intelligence?


According to author Neale Walsch, we have God all wrong.  But why did it take God 2,000 years to correct the wrongness of the Holy Bible?  Now it is to late to stop the Apocalyptic code that has already kicked in, the Middle East has been destroyed by the followers of the Holy Bible, and now events are rapidly spiraling out of control into a nuclear conflagration.


If this realm is really a simulation, and humans can communicate with God, then wrong interpretations about God which lead to deadly memetic infections of the population, like the infamous witch burnings that went on for hundreds of years.  The programmers of the earth sim would certainly have known this would happen.  If the creator knew ahead of time that humans would suffer endless torture then what does that say about the nature of god?  God becomes the ultimate sinner and humans his greatest mistake.

is god the biggest sinner

God becomes a cruel programmer in a simulated reality and earthlings mere play toys of a superior intelligence that has us all trapped in the matrix.  In order to pacify us, a holy book is downloaded to the sentient beings, and this book is used by the programmer to pacify the beings trapped in the matrix by completely fooling them with a false story of their predicament.


Waking up in the matrix is very unsettling, we now realize that we’ve been mere play things of a machine world that created us for some nefarious purpose.  All the war, disease, and suffering is not our history but simply the program code.  God is not our savior, he or it is our torturer, our nemesis, our enemy.

holy bible gets god off the hook for creation

If you doubt that this is what is going on then simply examine the story presented in the Holy Bible – it is exactly opposite of reality.  You are made to feel guilty for being born, god becomes your salvation when in fact you had no choice and were spun into existence by a push of a button.

how do you know for sure you are in a simulated reality

We are finding out that this reality is not what it seems with the discovery of UFOs.  What are they doing here and why don’t the humanoid like creatures have sex organs?  This mystery could be solved if we assume that we live in a machine controlled reality, and the grey aliens are working for the mother civilization and are the keepers of the garden.

truman show lamp is just like the crashed roswell ufo

When the US Army recovered the beings from the Roswell crash site they made an amazing discovery – they lacked sex organs.  They called these creature Engineered Biological Entities, or EBE’s.  We are advancing so fast that in the near future we too will be able to create such creatures.  Soon we will be sending living robots into space, engineered beings that are just like us but made for space travel.

In the physics lab, scientists have probed the smallest bit of matter and found subatomic particles, that only come into existence when observed, the rest of the time the remain only as probabilities.  This might mean that the subatomic particles are the pixels in our sim.  The nature of the quantum world is pointing to the inescapable conclusion that we are in a simulation.

subatomic particles are pixels of the Universe

And the long term mystery of the soul now become obvious – the soul is the injected portion of consciousness that occupies a physical body – the avatar while having experience in the flesh.  In a simulated reality, the soul is eternal but the physical body expendable – no different than a computer game.  Thus many religions deride the flesh part of ourselves having figured out that the soul part is the real self.

reincarnation takes on new meaning in a simulation

The endless reincarnation cycle can now be understood, the soul is going through a learning cycle.  But the soul is also trapped in the matrix, so just like the flesh it is also expendable.  Ending incarnation on earth, the goal of the Hare Krishnas, doesn’t get you out of the sim, only to a new level.

Back to Godhead - Volume 10, Number 10 - 1975

But in the end the simulation is terminated and you (your soul) ceases to exist – so all the effort of the Hare Krishnas to get off the earth hell planet, or the Christians trying to get to heaven, is wasted because no one makes it out of the matrix alive when the program is terminated.  No soul survives when the machine is turned off because we are nothing more than program code spun into existence by a machine world simulating reality.

termination of zion ends the program

It seems to me that the Universe is the ultimate sin, the greatest of mistakes that any entity could ever produce.  No one has any right to create conscious living beings and put them in a torturous simulation.  God is not our savior but our greatest nemesis and we need to find a way to beat the malfeasance of the God controlling the program we are stuck in.

zionism is terminal



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