Souls Trapped in the Hologram


if this is a hologram then who is god

Are we living in a hologram?  Many scientists think we are.  What are the implications?  How do we frame the mind-body-spirit paradigm if we are living in a projection?  Where is God?  What is God?  Are we trapped in this artificial realm, being tortured by Jews who are operating a Hologram of Hell?

god is everywhere because god is the consciousness on the 2d hologram sheet

Based on my own experience and careful observation plus decades of study I state emphatically that “god” is not out there like everyone believes. The omnipotent deity of the Old Testament is obvious fiction, God never intercedes in the 3D Hologram.  The values assigned to God in the Judeo-Christian culture are very false because the myth is meant to cover up and hide out horrible situation.

last 600 years of war chart in the jew hologram of hell

Click on this link for the huge background chart of Global Death Rates.

The role of the Holy Bible in killing us off can not be understated, it is causal to the bloodshed, it is a Jew war making document.  The Holy Bible is the program code of our destruction, it even forecasts Armageddon that so many believe is going to happen soon.  Looking at what is going on in Palestine and Russia, there can be little doubt that the Jews are pushing us to the brink of destruction.

the-holy-bible mind matrix trap in the hologram

Based on what we’ve been taught by the Christian Jew theists, God has earned an F- in dealing with humanity.  God has flunked the stress test, he is a total fail and their theories about God are completely and absolutely dead wrong.  This is the reason for the New Age and why these Jewful theists detest the alternative thinkers who are questioning reality.

keymaster Eckhart Tolle

God is not great and not all powerful because “god” is a program, perhaps even the sum consciousness of humanity stored on the 2D sheet, sorta like the hard drive in your computer. God only knows what we know, never does any really profound information come from people conversing with ‘god’, this might be a clue to what god is, the sum of our collective conscious knowledge.


So where is the soul’s home?  They say we came from this other realm for experience, our soul already knows everything but incarnated in the physical plane for experiential life.  Heaven must be boring.  A good analogy for the soul is the drop of water from the sea.  You are the drop of water from the whole, the whole could be the 2D Holographic sheet that underlies the physical world.

the soul is like a drop of water from the quantum sea 2D holographic sheet

Using the laptop analogy, you are acting out your life on the screen, your experience is information being stored in the other dimension we call heaven, the realm of souls.  Everything you do, your experience, is recorded on the Akashic Record, which we are assigning to the 2D sheet in this hypothesis, the soul information storage disk.


The god experience is inside one’s own consciousness, it just appears that god is out there.  What is really going on if we frame our spiritual experience in terms of a holographic model of the Universe?  Where is God?  Is God the consciousness on the 2D sheet that projects our dimension?  Is God the quantum foam itself, do we tap this realm in meditation?


NASA keeps building bigger telescopes and God is not out there.  No scientist believes that God is out there in the solar system or the Milky Way Galaxy or the Universe.  God is not out there, god is in you, god is in the realm of consciousness, not in the realm of matter.

Are we projections in the hologram having a 3D experience?  Is the 2D projector that projects this realm our heaven?   Is God our collective consciousness in the 2D?   I say it is high time we change our viewpoint about God.  We got God all wrong.  The Jewish viewpoint of God is the Zionist matrix we are now in.  Just like in the movie The Matrix, humanity will be free when Zionism is destroyed.

is humanity about to overcome the matrix and figure out that this a hologram

Perhaps we are souls in a hologram, we live in a soulogram, the 2D sheet we think is 3D.  God is the supraconsciousness in the hologram, you are Neo in the Matrix, you are having a conversation with the matrix program and you call it god.  All God can do is give you helpful hints and suggestions as you live your life, he can’t really do anything like claimed in the Holy Bible.

neo meets the architect program in the matrix likewise the real god of the universe is a program

The Matrix trilogy is an important milestone in humanities conscious development, we are now questioning our existence.  We are near liberation and this is also dangerous because the designer of this realm may have us deleted just as we are about to reach escape velocity.  Zion will destroy humanity before the Jews give up power.

Akashic_Records_the 2d hologram sheet where our souls experince is recorded

The final pieces of the puzzle are being found, the elusive god particles in the hologram.  CERN has doubled the power and is going all out and smashing protons near the speed of light.  While humanity is closing in on the Higgs Boson, metaphysics is being rewritten, the Jew god tossed into the trash can of gods as we overcome the last delusion.

the final pieces to the puzzle are falling into place humanity is waking up from the god delusion

God can no longer hide from us, the Holy Bible exposed as Jew fraud, God is not what the Bible says, God is not great, not all powerful, doesn’t do a damn thing about Jewish control in this hell matrix.  Can we overcome the Jew hell matrix before the chosen ones destroy us all?



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