Hologram of Hell


hologram-earth-prime directive

The existence of Pamela Geller proves to me that we live in a ‘Hologram of Hell’.  No God would ever allow such evil woman to exist in this realm, so how is she possible?  We need a paradigm shift to understand her existence and the rest of the tribe of Jewish monsters.


Scientists at Fermi Lab are busy with the Holometer Experiment since August 2014.  They might find out a horror that no one wants to admit, that we live in a simulation.  Such speculation has been around for a while, especially since computers and Moore’s Law.  Eventually humans will have computers that could simulate this realm, so maybe we are in a simulation.

fermi lab holometer experiment

After this essay is published, they will never tell you the truth about the experiment’s results.  The truth will horrify the world, madness would ensue if we learned the truth about our existence, we are in a simulation, we are holographic projections, mere figments (pixels) of someone else’s imagination.


How do we know?   I can think of many reasons why we live in a hologram without doing physical experimentation.  As with many things, while waiting for science to prove something, we can use intuition to make sense of our world.

1.  Holographs are real in this world.  If you can make a holograph in this realm then we are probably in one right by the law of fractals.

universe brain fractal

2.  Seers and Yogis tell us our souls go back to source when we die, then we reincarnate.  That is translated into holographic science as, when we die, our 3D projection goes back to 2D, and the information about our existence is saved on the 2D sheet.  Reincarnation now has a basis in science, we are information being stored in 2D having experiences in 3D.


3.  No God like the holy books would create a hell realm.  Only in a simulation would we see such evil as Pamela Geller amongst us.  If we lived in a real realm created by a real God, then we would be in paradise and not in Jew hell with Geller.  Hell of Geller is proof that Jews are twisted evil demons delivering hate into this realm but also that she is allowed in the program, necessary ingredient of the Hologram of Hell simulation.


4.  We like to create and play computer simulations because we live in a simulation.  Our obsession with computers and games is our consciousness trying to overcome our predicament of being stuck in this realm, especially when we realize that death is no escape from the program.   But there is a door out of hell, and it is the door marked NEVER ENTER.

The door out of hell is the red button that says NEVER PUSH THIS RED BUTTON, the Jewish Holocaust.  The Jew has readied the Samson Option when you figure out the game at the end of the game, so that all lose when you opt to push the red button, which is to open the door to Paradise by ridding the earth of the Jew.


5.  We like technology, we have left the trees for the savannah then towns, cities, corporations and now we have technology to go explore space, and we are drawn to do this.  Why?  Because we are in a program and we want to go explore other parts of the simulation and find the boundary.  The movie The Thirteenth Floor and The Matrix perfectly illustrate art leading science toward conscious understanding.

movie 13th floor question reality of earth hologram

6.  We are literally in Jew hell.  How is that possible when the insane evil Jew is only a tiny minority?  Because the programmer of this simulation WROTE A PROGRAM (made a contract with them) so that it could observe what happens when Jews are put in a thriving planet with earthlings.


7.  Earth cleansings.  Periodically the experimenter doesn’t like the results, so it blames us and wipes us out by some means like a flood.  Sorta like an ant farm when you pour water into the ant container and watch all the ants drown.  Bad ants, you disobeyed me!

8.  Psychedelic Drugs.  With LSD the human mind sees a different reality, perhaps a more fundamental reality, the projection of the holographic machine.

9. Synchronicity, thoughts that manifest, prayer, etc.  Human mind interacts with the machine, when you think a thought the Universe mainframe reads it and supplies an answer.  Human religions are obsessed with prayer, or a conversation begging the machine for help.

The earth is a hell, a holographic simulation of human thoughts that manifest, the programmers want you to believe that God is in control even when it becomes apparent that no god is controlling this realm.  Christians believe Jesus controls this realm even though this realm is continuous hell of war, disease, and suffering on mass scale.  It is illogical to assume that an omnipotent Prince of Peace controls this realm because a casual observation negates the premise.

absurd logic - prince of peace in control of earth

Is the earth a simulation? Yes!  Proof is the religions being allowed by the background program.  The earth is like a giant Holodeck, programs are running creating hell right here right now.  Hell is being in this program of belief.  Belief in the Holy Bible is creating a hell right here, right now.

The NAZI’s tried to get Germany out of the Jew program, but the programmers cracked the whip, no one shall escape control of hell.  Our only hope now is a revolution where we kill the evil Jew plague or Russia nukes the Western world financial centers.


What is the solution to the Jew hell hologram program?  If we can’t get to the programmer we can get to the enforcers of Jew hell.  Politicians, priests, Jews.  Kill them all, and kill the program, erase the program.  Kill all the Jews and erased their code from the disk drive.  Cut the demons off from their programmer.  Erase the Jew from the drive.

control alt delete the mother fucking jew


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