Through the Eye of the Needle – Everyone Goes to Heaven


god's eye camel needle rich man trick

Everyone has heard the figure of speech describing the impossibility of a rich man getting into heaven,  the original Gospel writer Josephus probably took a common Muslim expression of trying to pass an elephant through a narrow gate of a rock walled town meant for pedestrians and changed it to camel.  This metaphor that it is more difficult for a camel to get through an eye of a needle than a rich man getting into heaven was written by a rich man for rich men.

Christians love this metaphor, it appeals to one’s ego, the peasant Christian is going to make it to heaven while the rich man is going straight to hell. No matter how the rich man tries, he can not get into heaven because of his greed.  The little man wins in the end, the rich reap their just reward and burn in hell.  That story sells to the little people the elite want to keep corralled, the little people are satisfied with a story of the rich man going to hell, the rich man laughs all the way to the palace with his gold coin.

The priest knows how to get fully loaded collection basket, tell sermons about God metering out justice when you live in a system that lacks justice.  The elite pigs feed at the trough while the little people imagine future afterlife justice.  Centuries go by and every generation believe Jesus is coming back in their time.

But Jesus never comes back, he never comes back and holds those rich pricks accountable.  It never dawns on the masses that Jesus is an invention of the rich man, he never returns because he never was, Jesus is a literary fictional character in a narrative of Jewish supremacy.  Holding out for a Jewish savior who was created by a Jewish writer may not be a good way to get justice right now.

The myth goes on because it is so effective.  Jesus telling a parable of the rich man unable to get through an eye of a needle is a soul satisfying myth to those trapped on the material plane without money.  Myths like this allow you to tolerate unjust economic systems like the one we have now, most Americans have less than $500 in the bank while Rothschild has 500 Trillion dollars!

rothschild loves the jesus trick

Like we freedom writers say over and over, Christianity is a slave religion.  It was originally meant to psychically trap the Messianic Jews but ended up trapping all the Western world.  For the last two thousand years European races have been completely duped and enslaved, until now.  Maybe its time for you to retake your personal power.

If you want to be empowered forget Christianity and tales of savior gods.  No one ever gets judged after death, no one ever goes to hell in the next life, no one ever needs to be saved from the wrath of god.  We all make it back home upon death because we are wired into the Universal Consciousness all along.

Faith is not knowing.  Jesus is a fictional character in a narrative of Jewish supremacy.  Jesus is an invention of the rich man.  Jesus never comes back to meter out justice in an unjust system because Jesus is an illusion meant to keep you enslaved to the rich man.  Now that Jesus is fading away, the Rothschild creeps have a new myth promoted by the heir David Mayer de-Rothschild, Global Warming.  Do you believe?

david-mayer-de-rothschild JESUS JUST LIKE THE OLD ROTHSCHILD

The fact is you never needed a savior, you never needed Jesus, what you need is the truth about your world and who runs it, but what you need more is who you really are, a self creative creature with the awareness of the entire universe coursing through your veins, you can have freedom by desiring it, imagining it, by unplugging yourself from the electronic nightmare and organizing to kill Rothschild and the rest of the Jews that keep you enslaved.  Yes we can have freedom by killing off Jews!

You can never be separated from God, that is impossible, because you are the consciousness that you call god.  The big illusion was that god was separate from you, but that is impossible, because you are in the ‘creation’, you are not just part of it, you are it.  No one needs myth anymore, we need good data, we need to understand reality in order to survive, we need to know the game on how the rich enslave the masses.

never trust a trillionaire even if he looks like jesus

It is empowering to know that our ending is the same for all people.  What if our consciousness is originating outside of the body and when we die it goes back to origin?  Perhaps the observer “I” in our mind is a shard of consciousness from a field of consciousness, and that when we snap back home that is heaven, going back to pure consciousness, a state of bliss.

Everyone goes to heaven, no exceptions, all that live and die have their consciousness return to point of origin.  The great mystery of the brain’s apparent consciousness can be explained that consciousness pre-existed our nervous system which evolved in a ‘field of consciousness’.  Self awareness is your brain becoming awake in the matrix, the brain is a neural network that got bigger and bigger until it reached a certain threshold of computing power and was able to process the background consciousness into self awareness.


Imagine that the brain evolved in a field of conscious, detecting that background energy like your eyes which evolves in a field of light so that you can see and your ears evolved to detect sound waves.  What if consciousness is just another field that our body evolved in and detects.  If that is true that changes everything.  What that means is ‘god’ gained awareness through you.  You are gods eyes and ears into this realm, you are the co-creator with god, because, now your thoughts are creative thoughts just like the gods.

That is very empowering, true or not, because you are no longer regulated to serf status on the priest’s  ranch of exploitation.  You have the power of god in this realm right now.  I know this to be true and use it everyday in a creative fashion writing about freedom and liberty and the demand the death of the Jewish monetary system, the system of usury.  Because I know that gives me real power over faith.  Faith is not knowing.

Men love to believe in punishment, that the righteous prevail in the end, if the justice system doesn’t catch up to Mr. Rich Man then God will after death.  Afterlife punishment is a meme, not reality, it sells because human bipedal self aware Apes love it.  Most people would be aghast if they learned that no one ever gets punished in the next life, or if they realized that the next life is an illusion of the mind.

If you want justice you must seek it here and right now, for instance if you want the Supremacist Jew to pay for his crimes then you must punish the Jew here and now.  They know this and thus supports Christian theology that brainwashes the masses and thus allows him to escape punishment in this life. The elite know the next life is fiction and laugh at our gullibility.  Christianity is now the great salvation of the Jewish elite who rule with an iron fist over vast herds of sheeple.


Faith, by definition, is not knowing.  Faith will not save you from the scheming of Mr. Rothschild.  Faith in Jesus is how you are enslaved to Rothschild, Jesus is a rich man’s trick.  The rich escape your wrath because of your faith in Jesus.  If you want the rich to escape prosecution for their crimes against humanity then imagine Jesus coming back to save the world.  Jesus gets you to stand down, be completely stripped of personal power, if Jesus is King then you have made Rothschild King.

What you need to do is take your personal power back from the system.  Get off your knees and quit begging for forgiveness.  Tell the government and Mr. Rothschild to go to hell, in fact lets send those sons of bitches back to hell for what they have done to us.  There is no global warming and carbon taxes are theft on a global scale.

Have no mercy of the Rothschild empire of evil say I.  We can kill Rothschild and bring down his system of evil, we can and we will, all we need is consensus on what to do then do it.  How do we do this, by first having a creative thought outside the matrix of control, first we imagine getting rid of Rothschild then we organize to do so.  I volunteer to bomb Rothschild off the map.

We all have the same power, no one is closer to god, no one is chosen, everyone gets entry to heaven.  The way the elites trapped your consciousness was by selling you the idea that you and god were separate.  You and the greater consciousness are one, no one needs these rich fucks any longer, we are free and I say now is the time to take our freedom back from the mother fuckers who sold us Jesus.

Jesus is a rich man spell


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