The Revolution of Consciousness



The real revolution is in your mind.  You can’t wage a revolution in the physical world until you know where you want to go next, the revolution must start first in your mind.  All revolutions are preceded by a philosophical revolution in culture – the populace becomes dissatisfied with the status quo and comes up with a new political model of existence.  The war in the physical plane then proceeds as the war in the mental plane matures.  We are at that point now.

Before a revolution can start in the streets it first has to happen in the mind

This planet is ruled by the Jew Apes, Jewish supremacists still behave like they are in the stone age of fire and brimstone superstitions.   They are bearing down on us with their primitive archaic tribal consciousness, bringing all to heel to their self centered Talmudic egoic mindset.  They are step by step implementing the Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion all the while calling it a forgery. The Protocols are the remarkably accurate plan of exactly what is happening.

This won’t work for long because consciousness is progressing forward, not Jew Ape backward.  We are never going back into the dark ages of Old Testament rule no matter how much the Rabbinic loons fantacize.  We are in a global shift of consciousness, the old is being swept away in the tides of history right now.  There is a war of consciousness being waged on the internet, we are deciding who we really are and where we want to go next – toward love and away from the Jew.

Consciousness proceeds ever upward, expanding forever until fully one thing called unity. Enlightened consciousness is going to eventually replace the phony Jew security state of engineered fear of separateness.  The War on Terror has been exposed as the Jewish War of Terror, Netanyahu’s latest killing spree is being seen for what it really is, another staged kidnapping while Ukraine burns.


Christian mythology predicts this inevitable shift, they call it the Apocalypse.  What they don’t understand is that they must also undergo the shift, and come out of myth, their minds unveiled so that they see the world as it really is.  Nothing last forever, including religions, eventually everyone will trance-end the myth.  Everyone is along for the ride, which I reason might be why the churches are undergoing such great scandals.  The Universe is going to have it’s way and the faithful will be forced to fall away in great numbers.  We are all going higher and clutching the church pew won’t save you.

The myth is strong, it is so strong that it is a black magic spell on the human mind, believers are possessed by the text.  Every theist is going to have to come face to face with God, which is really the god meme, and realize that the god they believed in so strongly was only a delusion within their mind.   There was never this external god as described in the holy books .  Physicists tell us their is NO outside observer in this Universe, there is no god looking at the Universe as if it was a fishbowl.

We, however, are looking at the Universe, we are the physical manifestation of consciousness having a look at itself.  Once you wrap your mind around this new viewpoint, you will come to the next inevitable conclusion, we must be the god doing the looking.  This is frightening, exciting, empowering.  We make our own beds, we decide our fate, we change the physical when we change the mental, and we change the mental when we change our vibration.

With God gone, the ruse of external god authority also goes, and thus the imposition of external political authority used to enslave becomes apparent.  State authority becomes naked aggression, and this is also rapidly becoming plain as day obvious, because the emperor has no clothes.  There is no real authority, it was all imagined, it became a nightmare, time to wake up, Obama is murdering thousands with drones.  No person has any authority over another, to assert it is a form of aggression which is why every cop need to be immediately disarmed.

The Christian intelligentsia sees this ‘New Age’ talk as a deadly threat and label it of the devil.  They are resisting the inevitable shift in human consciousness which can not be stopped with dumbing down programs or psychotropic drugs or fluorine doses or with the idiotic Jewtube.  Thus end times Christianity is clawing its way back to old times religion of blind obedience as a last desperate strategy, they are funding Creationist centers worldwide, imagining Jesus rode the dinosaurs.

These fundamentalists, most subverted to Zionism, are asserting the infallibility of Bible text, taking every word and sentence literal, they are rejecting science and reason and condemning free thinkers.  A significant part of Amerika is now a fundamentalist Christian Kamp of batshit crazy Evangelicals lunatics.  But they are up against the closing walls of the scholarly unveiling of the holy text as plagiarized forgeries, as myth, the main characters like Jesus and Moses, fictions.


The Founding Fathers tried to limit government, but the Federal authority overwhelmed the rights of the States.  This monster state formed at once with the Federal Reserve Act, with unlimited credit the Jew banks provided.   The United States of America Corporation continued to expand exponentially, creating a one world Jewish financial empire backed by history’s biggest military machine, the US armed forces.

The Jew gained control of this beast somewhere in the building of empire, now this Jewish financed beast is pounding the world into submission with bombs and technology, all that play along are whores of the Jew.  But it is a fail, Iraq is rapidly becoming an Epic Failure of Biblical proportions.  The megalomaniacal fantasies of Big Dick Cheney have exploded in the face of Imposter in Chief.

The best ruler is one that is invisible, one in which the people do not realize is there so that they take full responsibility for their actions.  Humans are self-regulating, they can exist without the heavy hand of the state, and the time for this new anarchist system is now, where fully conscious human beings own their creativity and step up to the plate of self rule.  We can do it, we no longer need a parental system.


No one has authority over you, no one has the right to put up yellow police tape telling you that you can’t investigate a crime scene, no cop has the right to stop you from photographing their behavior.  It is the police that need to be policed, they are no better than armed thugs and since 911 they have killed 5,000 Americans.  The fact is the government can never be contained, it is an unnecessary evil, that is becoming obvious.  Humans have tried every form of government, they have tried every form of ism, every form of state coercion.  It’s time to move to voluntary cooperation and ditch the state.

What is Homeland Security?  It is a giant federal bureaucracy set up to protect criminal Jews and their minions from the people.  The DHS is a Jewish police agency that is going to try to protect the Jews from the Gentiles.  This won’t work because Americans are fully armed and aware that the Federal Government is trying to disarm them.  What they don’t know is that it is Jews behind the anti-gun legislation and that this is part of a larger Jewish agenda of Talmudic despotism and a One World Government run by Jewish criminals.

But the are quickly catching on, the crisis forces people to stop their normal inane pursuits and face the truth.  Mein Kampf is a best seller again, that ought to send shivers up and down the spines of the Jew Apes.  What we need is a plan.



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