Surrogate Human Meat Bags



There is a new theory rapidly expanding in the human collective mind, that we exist in a conscious living hologram, that this Universe is a virtual reality, and that we humans are actually surrogate human meat bags for consciousness trapped in a holographic Universe, a self created virtual reality.


Who Made Who?

Who created the Universe?  Religion provides simple answer.  God.  Once you believe in this meme your mind shuts down its curiosity of what is really going on.  That answer answers nothing, who then created the creator?   Who created God?  There is no answer to that one, we must check the premise of our arguments about religion.  Religion starts with God as causality for everything not understood, but once we gain greater awareness we then discard the god meme and come up with a better explanation.

Philosophers have wrestled with questions like this for a long time.  Who created who?  It is clear that man created god in his image, because god has all the attributes of a man, he is jealous and envious, he has moments of rage and compassion, he loves and hates.  God is obviously our projection of what we want to believe about a supreme being.  Once god drops away as an unsatisfactory answer to your problems you are then faced with what you have been avoiding all along, your self.  All the problems you face are from you and the answers are within you.


How do we know this?  Scientific research into the workings of the brain and particle physics.  We dug deeper and deeper and found a weird world of quantum particles where nothing makes any sense, the final hard conclusion of physics is that there is no objective reality.  Can you believe that?  The smartest of the smart, the theoretical physicists who study quantum mechanics tell us one maddening fact, a final concrete answer to the question of life, the Universe and everything – that there is no objective reality, only probabilities to which we assign meaning.  What this means is 21+21 = 42 most of the time.

If you google “the answer to life the universe and everything” you will get the bot search answer of “42”.  Don’t panic, that is the answer in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, that is not the best answer.  The meaning of life is a big question, it is the biggest question of all that religion tries to answer with fear based memes of heaven and hell.  Eventually you will have enough of that bullshit, you will begin to self realize and come to the ultimate conclusion, that the question of who you are and the meaning of life is all about you.  You are the question and the answer, the answer to the ultimate question is so utterly obvious no one could figure it out until now, the answer to everything is you!


Those that study the brain were completed puzzled, where is the “I”?  To understand the full meaning of all this new knowledge that will take days of study, I can barely comprehend it myself, but I can write about it.  You can start with physics or with metaphysics and you will arrive in the same place, there is no objective reality, our mind is making up what we see, the brain is only a processor in the meat bag.  The real you, the “I” is not your ego, not your body, not your brain, not your mind.  So what the hell is the “I”.  Pure consciousness.  Once you realize that then you are faced with yourself, your real self for the first time.


Physics research progressed at warp speed until it merged with metaphysics.  They found out that the observer affects the experiment, they found out that our consciousness is interacting with the particles, they found out that we create meaning by putting our attention on the thing.  When you measure the photon of light you define it.  This puzzle of the double slit experiment has lead to the inescapable conclusion that we are defining reality with observation.  Thus who exactly are we in the hologram?  We are the observer, we are the god we imagined long ago when we woke up in the hologram and became self aware of our existence.


Lost in Space (of Religion)

You can get lost in religion and your mind, when you believe something that is a belief taking up residence in the mind.  Your belief makes your reality.  But you are not your mind, you can transcend belief or escape it by going within and tapping source until the fears that created the belief system shed away.  Religion has power because it holds the mass mind in a suspended state of animation, an entire population can become possessed and do terrible things as the fear belief manifests into the physical.

For instance, America is so possessed by the Judeo-Christian fear based belief system that it manifested a permanent war torn nation now called Amerika, a corporate fascist dystopia of endless wars on poverty, drugs, terrorism, and dissenters.  Televangelists shake the Holy Bible at the camera and tell us to support Israel for God or face the fiery wrath of the Almighty, we are being threatened with damnation by the preacher with the good book.

We are a damn nation, we are the damned because of Jewish power mongering.  All the terrorism is from us, these quasi state religious believers in Bible and American exceptionalism are the real terrorists.  Everyone outside the fear based paradigm sees it clearly, but those possessed, those in the matrix can’t see and act out the fear memes.  Terrorism is the only real American export.  America is writhing in the death throes of a death cult convinced of its supremacy.

It will be a good thing when this artificial construct collapses, the empire is a lustful killer and nobody needs Amerika patrolling the world making it safe for Jewish exploitation.  Amerika is the end times  beast as prophecized by the Jewish prophets.  Amerika is the Jew beast unleashed upon the world, Amerika is Jewish supremacist thinking coupled to a military superpower waging war on everything.  Amerika is the expression of pure Jewish self centered ego, the perfect hell storm of supremacism has been unleashed on the world.  Millions have perished as the Jews express themselves fully.

The problem with the Jewish meat bags is that they identify only with the physical body, they are atheists of the soul or the individual consciousness.  Each one of us is having an experience, each one of us has an individual soul (sum of experience) and each one of us is divine.  The Jew identifies only with the physical body and thus has an ego only identity, and that is his problem.  The Jew claims divinity while having none.  Mr. Jew has outlived his uselessness and needs to be squished out of reality because we as humanity can no longer tolerate those that operate in ego only consciousness.

Rock Music and the Human Soul

You are this pure consciousness, and when you lose your self into the matrix of pure consciousness you end up tapping the source, pure energy, high voltage energy and then you can express it into this media, this realm, this virtual reality, this hologram.  This energy is unmistakable, it electrifies you, it becomes you.  One such rock and roll band that does this is AC/DC.   Rock is what happens when human spirit is freed from the confines of the Judeo-Christian prison.

AC/DC is the power of pure energetic expression.  The high energy of this band is a perfect example of the human meat bag tapping source and expressing it in this realm.  Rock and roll is musical expression cut loose from the noose and it will rock you all night long, shaking you to your very core.


The real answer to life the Universe and everything is us.  We humans created the Universe.  We created our own virtual reality and then injected ourselves into it.  How do we know?   Because we are consciousness itself and this Universe is a consciousness machine expressing itself in lifeforms.  Our greatest teachers emphatically tell us that we are not our brain, we are not our mind, we are not our body or the associated ego, they all tell us one answer, we are pure consciousness having an experience in a physical body.

The answer to our species eternal question of what and why is ourselves.  We are it, we are the question and the answer, we are expressions of pure consciousness having an experience within a giant living hologram.  Those AC/DC lyrics ought to go like this:

Who made who?

Who made you?

You made you.

You made you?

Ain’t nobody told you, who made you!

You made you!


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