The New State of Consciousness


B-52 BOMB RUN ISRAELWe are in revolutionary times, the revolution is now because the revolution is really our evolution, as we graduate from the myth memes that captured and spell bound our minds, we are coming out of the trance state and seeing reality in a whole new light.  Jews are the enemy and Israel must be destroyed, the Biblical sacredness of the Jew has evaporated during the destruction and genocide of Gaza.  We no longer feel sympathy for the Jew, we want the Jew dead and gone.  Nice knowing you Jew … go die and rot in hell.


Until that glorious day that we light up Israel with nukes, what can you do to resist?  Well the first thing anyone can do is become educated to the false flags, hoaxes, and lies of state, to become informed on the Jew problem plaguing the world.  The second thing anyone can do is speak out and say “Israel did 911”, the third thing you can do is trash your Bible and stop being the spellbound dupe of the Roman blood cult called Christianity.


But there is an even better way to resist the Jew, that is to step up to the plate and become a conscious creator and take a swing at the bullshit theology fed to you by the overly controlling theocratic idiots.  The state is part of the god illusion and we are all free beings with our own authority.  The Bible established authority in your mind via the god meme, and with this authority believers formed the state, and now the state has gone rogue and is a Jewish controlled killing machine.  It’s time we take back our state and become Americans again.

Belief in the external god created the monster now ravaging the world, it isn’t just the Jew, it is all of us who believe in supra-authority of the state.  I want you all to really, really think about this, who has any authority over you?  No one!  It never existed, state authority is one of the great delusions of our time, and now with Jews running the Western world, this authority is naked brutal force for all to see.

(I have no doubt that all of you will keep the government around, but what is the point in having the American Empire and not run it?  Jews should not be allowed to run America or empire.  Maybe we need some generals with balls and take back OUR nation.  Another idea is to let those that want freedom to opt out of the system – just a thought : )

So to become a true revolutionary, you must overcome all of these myths being used too control us, not just the god meme, but the authority meme also.  How many more drone kills are you going to tolerate, how many more police murders can you stand before you question the system?  The system rots at the Jew head, and you better figure out who the real enemy is quick before you get caught going into another world war against Russia and China.  We war against the Jew, not our trading partners.


The Primacy of Consciousness

Does consciousness order our reality?  These are very important questions concerning the modern revolutionary, if we are to overthrow the Jew and his criminal system of state, can we use our minds to dissolve Bible memes and substitute freedom memes?  We really, really need to graduate from the primitive barbaric Bible memes and come up with a new perspective on human freedom – a stateless state in a Jew free world.

Is consciousness manifesting as form, as material matter?  Is the Universe a conscious creation machine generating new forms, new worlds, expressing itself through lifeforms?  Many scientists are wondering this, many spiritual gurus insist this.  How can we discover the truth of ourselves in the holographic matrix?  How do we free ourselves from this insane society of Biblical death cult warmongers?

To prove that consciousness is the backdrop to reality or what we see, we can learn to manifest via our thoughts.  If we can manifest then that proves the relationship that consciousness creates matter.  To observe synchronicities is to know that you are creating in this realm, when you learn to see that which you manifest in real time you become a powerful self creator.

What does Phishna say about Synchroncities?

There is order to the physical realm, the term COINCIDENCE IS A MISLABEL. Just because the mechanism causing a coincidence has not yet discovered doesn’t mean that events happen haphazardly. Scientists invented terms like random and chaos because they could not mathematically describe particles in a box or complex flow phenomenon.

Have you’ve ever experienced a really astounding synchronicity? Synchronicities are coincidences that are mathematically improbable and thus gain the attention of the mind operating in the thought matrix. Synchronicities are manifestations of thought into the physical plane. A synchronicity is an energetic event that matches a thought, that is why we view it as an improbable coincidence.

Thought is energy organized. YOUR MIND IS A LOCALIZED POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN A FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Your brain is an ORGANIC computer, ORGANIZING energy into THOUGHT-FORMS that MANIFEST in the physical plane. We are astounded by synchronicities because we have not yet matured to fully accept our creative power, we refuse to own our creation. Man is still a child but rapidly BECOMING a GOD-MAN as he gains awareness that he is fully integrated into the GOD BEING. Synchronicities are scientific proof that our thoughts manifest and it is high time that we leave myth behind and come up with a new theory to explain our actual nature.

Recognizing synchronicities is the key necessary to perceiving the existence of a THOUGHT FIELD. Newton postulated that an unseen force, GRAVITY, caused the apple to fall on his head. You see WAVES on a lake, you postulate that an UNSEEN FORCE called WIND caused the WAVE EFFECT. You experience a phenomenal SERENDIPITOUS EVENT, recognize and admit that the event is SYNCHRONOUS WITH YOUR THOUGHTS and WISHES, then POSTULATE THAT YOUR THOUGHTS MANIFESTED INTO THE PHYSICAL REALM. When people begin to own their creative power, myth will be superseded by scientific explanation, people will mature into self creators, taking responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions.

We already scientifically understand holograms, fields, waves, dimensions, forces, and energy. WE ALSO LIVE IN A FRACTAL UNIVERSE, constant proportions, that is metaphors stacked upon metaphors. Taking a leap of INTUITION we postulate that SYNCHRONICITIES are EVENTS MANIFESTING into the PHYSICAL DIMENSION of a HYPER-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC FIELD composed of THOUGHT WAVES.

What is a synchronicity?  Physical events that match thoughts.  When you gain awareness that the events transpiring around you are part of your thoughts, you are now in a greater awareness that your thoughts are manifesting into this realm.  This not only proves that the brains thoughts are not limited to the skull, this proves that consciousness is ordering reality.

Your consciousness manifests in real time, things aren’t evolving in a haphazard way, It is important to realize that our reality is not the product of the gods but of our own thoughts.  The theist mightily resists this idea, because once you realize that your thoughts manifest, who needs the theist or his imagined god?  God is the mass delusional thought that keeps us bound to the Jew.

There is no external god and thus there is no god choosing the Jew to rule.  Once you see that truth, you then will realize the Jew is delusional and has wrecked the world because of his out of control ego.  We need self rule, not rule by the hellish tribe of Yahweh followers.

Finding Balance in a World Gone Mad

Humans have consciousness nested in their material body, many spiritual teachers absolutely insist that this spirit is our real self, and that our material body should be subordinate to spirit.  They then build monolithic power structures based on the principle of denying the body pleasure, condemning sex for pleasure – all for the singular purpose of conserving the sexual energy and directing it toward  the theocratic power structure.


This anti-flesh theology is just more extreme nonsense, the body, mind, and spirit need to be integrated into one balanced entity.  The needs of the body should not be denied, the spirit should not be denied, coincidences should not be overlooked, synchronicities should be owned.  We need a new state of consciousness, a balanced state of being, a Yahweh free society, where the penis shaped Menorah is no longer venerated as the highest holy symbol.

Christianity, like all religions, is a brain virus that was loaded up when a child was indoctrinated.  It is the program driving our culture right over the cliff; with Christianity, the Gentiles are slaved to the Jew and become willing dupes of the Jew World Order.  So this religion called Christianity is not a good thing when your nation is slaved to the hell tribe.  There’s no judgmental god or need of salvation.

In order to become a true revolutionary, you must first overcome the programs running deep within your unconscious, you must become more aware than the person who is possessed by the memes of salvation and judgment.  You do this by self realization, that no god is judging the world, that there is no sin, hell, devils or eternal punishment.  You must overcome these fear based ideas (or memes) that are controlling you perception of the world.


If you are judgmental then you can become attached to the Jew judgmental god Yahweh, you then become a Jewish asset of mayhem and death, deception and thievery.  The followers of this evil deity, a fictional god created by power mad Rabbis, a god who commands you to kill everyone and take their shit.  Those aren’t the commands of god but they are (obviously) the war making instructions of the priests.

the jew is delusional

Belief in the Jewish God Yahweh is one of the greatest delusions of all time.  With Yahweh, the Jew makes war on the world, with Yahweh, the Jew thieves from the whole world with a clear conscience.  No one should ever be even allowed to believe in this monster god, and all Jews and Gentiles who believe in this nonsense need immediate treatment in psychiatric hospitals.  Freedom of religion ends when Yahweh is involved.

The idea of salvation may be appealing to many people, but it is false, there is no god out there that can condemn you, the only judgment is right here on earth by other people and the evil Jewish court system that meters out Jewish version of just-us-jewdicial system.  Jews are almost never prosecuted for their huge crimes, like 911 or Sandy Hook or their endless attacks on our Constitution and freedoms.  Jews infest America, the Jew is the enemy inside the gates, and it is time for Christians to end their delusion and see that America has been taken over by Jews.

The Revolutionary State of Consciousness

Overcoming the Jew starts by overcoming your own destructive programming.  No one needs salvation from Jehovah’s wrath, no one needs to be saved from god, only from the evil of the Jew.  When you no longer believe in the chosen status of the Jew, when you are no longer in bondage to the Jewish savior, when you no longer fear heaven or hell, you are free.


When you no longer fear the evil Jewish state, you then are free to kill the thugs of the state, the judges and cops who impose Jew evil on us.  No cop is good, no cop is your friend, they are agents of state and if any cop wants justice then let him use the gun on the Jew. Cops, like enlisted servicemen, are complicit in crimes of state, they shouldn’t be looked up to, they should be locked up.  Who did they take their oath to, who enlisted them in their criminal racket?  Jews?

When you wish to see Abe Foxman swinging from a rope on Park Central Avenue you have transcended (trance ended) Jewish superiority in your mind.  Jew Pig Abe Foxman has no right to lecture us on anything when he actively covers up Jewish involvement in 911.  Jew Pig Abe Foxman is a Jewish Supremacist Criminal and should be immediately arrested and tried as a war criminal because he is the number one enemy of free America!


When you have transcended the Jew you will no longer believe in the Jew or care what the Jew thinks.  You will only think of defeating the Jew by ending Jewish power and removing all Jews from the state.  Those amongst you, the ones with iron will, will end the Jew with the use of force, by use of the gun.   We need real heroes, strong men that end hell on earth by ending the Jew and his religion.


When you are finally done with the Jew and his bullshit, you will take your firearm and put it between the black beady eyes of Mr. Jew Supremacist and splatter his Neanderthal brain all over the furniture.  When you are done with the Jew reality you will have no problem getting rid of these vermin by any means available.  Considering what the Jew has done to us, using over the top deadly force on the Jew is most appropriate!


There are no Jews and Gentiles, there are human beings and evil predatory men, men who use literature to control others.  The chosen ones of god is an illusory meme, there is no god choosing anyone over the other, in fact there is no external god that could choose or condemn anything.  There are only Jews in this realm that got you to believe their fictional narrative, they made their myth your reality with Christianity.

If you want this hell realm to end then you must end the reality created by the Jews, and the way to do that is to end the Jew and his books.  Jewish law and civilization is anything but civilized, it is the highest form of warmongering turning the masses into obedient sheep and allowing the criminal masterminds to rule unopposed.

The Call of the Wild beckons you to return to Nature and reject the unholy books of the Jew.  It’s time for everyone to reclaim their original heritage and reject the fictional Bible narrative as their history.  We are not Jews, we don’t want to be like Jews, in fact we would like the Jew to go away, forever.





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