Trapped in the Hologram


As science closes in on the final understanding of this fractal holographic projection called the Universe, we can update our thinking of who we really are.  The Universe consists of space and matter, space is consciounsess, matter is form.  The two form a system, often violent, of consciousness expressing itself through matter.  Once we fully connect, we can then find the resolve to deal with the Jew and his evil separation from Nature.

holographic beingness

After two weeks of intensive study of The Power of Now and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle I’ve had some important advancements in my own thinking about the Universe, not only are we trapped in the projection, but so is consciousness.  God or consciousness is trapped in the hologram, god is like us, trapped, in fact god is us. We are the highest expression of an evolving Universe and all that there is, and we are forever trapped. This predicament might seem innocuous but is the source of all the violence on the physical plane, as the consciousness (god) defines itself matter is violently rearranged.

Maybe God is lost, just like one of us, trying to get home, just like the lyrics of that popular Joan Osborne song.  (Youtube:  “What if god was one of us”)

What if God was one of us
Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus
Trying to make his way home

These apologetic pop song lyrics of Christian believers might be spot on in a sense, maybe god is lost and trying to anchor itself through the experience of life.  How does the philosopher explain all the violence on the physical plane?  From T-Rex to Predator Jews, the earth has evolving lifeforms that are often very violent.   The lamenting of this song, “what if god was one of us” implies that god is not very powerful, lost like a down and out bum.  Most new age writers agree, we are the observer in the system, the previous notions of an external god(s) controlling our lives is discredited as archaic myth.

Your consciousness is trying to find home, and the path is within, according to the eastern mystics.  Tolle enlightens us that this path is found in meditation when your mind is shut down and you go to the space within all things.  The all pervading space of the Cosmos, which is the space between all atoms and particles, the space between all things, this space is one and the same with pure consciousness.  When the Universe was created, and everything expanded outward from a single point,  matter and consciousness were created at the same time, as one thing.  All things contain consciousness just like the Natives told us, you know, the ones your race killed off because they were ignorant savages and didn’t believe in Jesus.

You are the final product, the result of all evolution, you are the viewer in the creation of pure consciousness.  You are looking at yourself, that is, the real you is not your body but the awareness in the system.  The real “you” is not the history of your timeline that your mind is obsessed with, according to Eckhart Tolle, but the awareness of all things.  You are the god in the system, your real self is the entire Universe.  Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?  The best spiritual minds tell us that is the way it is, that is what Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Deepak Chopra and many others are telling us, we are the observer, we are the god, we are the self aware being in the Universe and the implications are profound.

You are the god in the Universe because you are the expression of consciousness that is evolving to a greater awareness.  There is no external god observer of this system, you are the observer, you are the viewer of creation, you are the god in the system because you are the self aware being looking outward back at itself.  Yet, you, along with everything else, is trapped in a hologram and thus you have to define who you really are.  As a result, consciousness is at war with itself, the real space wars are in your head.

Afterlife Hallucinations

According to Eckhart Tolle, our goal is to transcend suffering and anxiety by getting our minds out of the past and future and get into the ‘now’, tap the creative potential of the Universe.  Once in the now, we are freed from suffering and fear, and we eventually realize that ‘god’ is not what we were taught.  Once our ego has been transcended by our higher self, fear of death evaporates into a new understanding of love vibrations.

What is the one realization if we overcome the myths of heaven and hell?  The distraction of the false hope of salvation and eternal life. Our life is now.  If you are focused with what happens after death then you are not living in the present moment.  You are not in the presence of ‘god’ if you are hoping to die and find eternity.  You are eternity and you came here to experience life in the physical form, so quit worrying about the next life. You can’t die, there is no judging god, there is no afterlife heaven or hell.  What there is, is now.

What should a rational person conclude when they realize we are in a holographic projection?  That we, the conscious lifeforms are trapped in a holographic projection called the Universe, are expendable and don’t matter.  That may not sit well with you, but facts are facts and myth is myth.  Think about it, is the actor on the silver screen real?  When you cut the power to the movie projector does the actor have an afterlife?  I have a bit of grim laughter when I think how we are being used by the holoprojector machine.

Maybe some aspect of our consciousness survives, but for most of us, we live our lives and then die. When you are dead, you’re dead and wishful thinking that props up religious beliefs of afterlife doesn’t change reality.  Perhaps there is a heaven, but I doubt it, because I just happen to have a good understanding of the human ability to rationalize anything.

ego terminator

When we die, that’s it, we are dead and gone. Our ego is terminated, our body returns to dust.  If some aspect of our being survives death, like our individual consciousness, is open for debate.  Since Tolle tells us that our minds and ego are the same thing, then upon death your individual personality goes bye bye.  Unsettling to the ego minded human being.

Because most of us are in this ego consciousness, we fear death and we fear it so terribly that we will latch on to any belief system that saves our ego from total madness.  This is why religion is so damn popular.  Afterlife is a belief of those in ego consciousness, once you lose your self in an awakening experience, you transcend fear, resonate in a higher love state, and religious belief slips away as your being reintegrates within a greater conscious awareness.  That is the true salvation according to Tolle, salvation is the act of transcending the ego, the false consciousness.

I went through this tranceformation myself so I know its true.  It is traumatic when you finally face the dreadful realization that you don’t matter, that the ego you have identified with, the ‘I’  is nothing and that when its over you disappear.  Your personal transformation is the ending of the cultural traces of the mind.  Dishwalla’s hit song ‘Counting Blue Cars’ is a perfect match to one’s internal feelings when the ‘I’ is shattered during one’s awakening.


That’s what happened to me and it changes how you view everything, like my awareness of religious institutions. This clever “eternal life ruse” of priests is a way to get political power through external authority then build pyramids of power in this realm while the masses are focused on the next one.  If I was to make a bet, I bet they know that there is no afterlife and they are playing the masses for everything they are worth.  You betcha, and it is why those in the know, those illumined authorities are so damn cynical.

Most of us are not consciously aware of our enslavement, trapped forever on a screen called life, forever damned to live our endless lives of torture and suffering. We are born into slavery and believe in myths that keep us in the darkness about who we really are.  We live our lives, we die and return to nothingness, except the recording of our experience, that becomes the memory in the gram.  The hologram is a memorygram.

But now there is a mass awakening, we as a specie are having an awareness upgrade, we are gaining god consciousness when we accept the old-new idea that we are the awareness in the system.  It is consciousness experiencing itself, you can call it god or whatever, but in this experience those that are in the flesh are expendable as the conscious hologram gains experience about itself.  God is god damned for bringing us to life when you wake up in the holoverse.  When you finally wake up in the dream, you can foolishly fall in love with the consciousness of the projection or you can face the reality that you are trapped as an expendable lifeform.

It is high time we start worshipping our society and not some afterlife Jew god.  We should put our energy toward a system that benefits man, not the Capitalist Jew, not the Communist Jew.  In fact we need to rid the planet of the Jew, and if we did so the wrench thrown in the machinery of society would be gone and smooth sailing and fair skies would be ahead.  You can never have peace or stability so long as the Jew exists, so what we need to do, ASAP, is expunge the Jew from planet earth.

Space Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle made some good progress with his rehash of existing Buddhist and Christian thought, he integrated previous enlightenment ideas into a logical presentation for us to digest, he brings the idea that when matter was created, it expanded into space, or space was formed as matter flew apart forming the Universe.


This empty space, the vast empty space is consciousness itself, according to him.  That is a profound realization that he reiterates as if we have known it all along.  This is how he says it in The New Earth, page 132:

“When you look up at the clear sky at night, you may easily realize a

truth at once utterly simple and extraordinarily profound. What is that you

see? The moon, planets, starts, the luminous band of the Milky Way, perhaps

a comet or even the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy two million light years

away. Yes, but if you simplify even more, what do you see? Objects floating

in space. So what does the universe consist of? Objects and space.

If you don’t become speechless when looking out into space on a clear

night, you are not really looking, no aware of the totality of what is there.

You are probably only looking at at the objects and perhaps seeking to name

them. If you have ever experienced a sense of awe when looking into space,

perhaps even felt a deep reverence in the face of this incomprehensible

mystery, it means you must have relinquished for a moment your desire to

explain and label and have become aware not only of the objects in space but

of the infinite depth of space itself. You must have become still enough

inside to notice the vastness in which these countless worlds exist. The

feeling of awe is not derived from the fact that there are billions of worlds

out there, but the depth that contains them all.

You cannot see space, of course, nor can you hear, touch, taste, or

smell it, so how do you even know it exists? This logical sounding

question already contains a fundamental error. The essence of space is nothingness,

so it doesn’t “exist” in the normal sense of the word. Only things – forms –

exist. Even calling it space can be misleading because by naming it, you

make it into an object.

Let us put it like this: There is something within you that has an

affinity with space; that is why you can be aware of it. Aware of it? That’s

not totally true either because how can you be aware of space if there is

nothing there to be aware of?  The answer is both simple and profound. When you are aware of

space, you are not really aware of anything, except awareness itself – the

inner space of consciousness. Through you, the universe is becoming aware

of itself!

When the eye finds nothing to see, that nothingness

is perceived as space. When the ear finds nothing to hear, that nothingness

is perceived as stillness. When the senses, which are designed to perceive form, meet an

absence of form, the formless consciousness that lies behind perception and

makes all perception, all experience, possible, is not longer obscured by

form. When you contemplate the unfathomable depth of space or listen to

the silence in the early hours just before sunrise, something within you

resonates with it as if in recognition. You then sense the vast depth of space

as your own depth, and you know that precious stillness that has no form to

be more deeply who you are than any of the things that make up the content

o your life.”

What he is saying is that the real us is the space between form, consciousness itself and that space you see in the heavens is the real you.  Thus that space out there, the one you see in the night sky with all the stars is you in the sense your consciousness is part of it, and it is seeing itself through your eyes, via your brain which just so happens to be a neural fractal metaphor of the whole as shown in the graphical diagrams.

If god is the background consciousness then it to is trapped, when the explosion occurred and matter was formed, the space between is the consciousness also formed, and this Consciousness (C) is god and it communicates with itself as light (c) throughout the holobrain consisting of stars and galaxies.


Likewise consciousness expressing itself in forms such as us, uses electrical currents in our brain neural networks and this brain of ours is not only modeled after the bigger brain, it is in communication with the bigger network.  Think of it this way, your brain is a laptop connected by wifi to the mainframes.  What does this mean?  You have a universal mind, that your real potential is unlimited, that by changing how you think, putting your mind into the ‘now’, you can tap the Universe and become an extremely creative being.

Radicalism Is the Expression of this Universe

But there is a problem Houston.   The Universe of pure consciousness, a consciousness that pervades everything and empty space between, is trying to define itself.  It can go crazy just like a teenager high on crack.  In a very real sense the Universe can go batshit crazy during epic upheavals as wars on the psychic planes spill over into the physical plane.  All revolutions are about a change in consciousness and when the change comes a whole lot of people can die.

In every revolution, which is our (r) conscious evolution, the myths of the day are overturned and thus the universal thought field is cut from its previous moorings and is looking for concrete point of view to reattach itself.  During the revolution, during the disorder, the mass mind folds over into something new, a new expression, a new order.  During the time period of the American and French Revolutions, monarchies lost control and republics were set up.  A whole new way of governing was formed, a new order of the ages was established.

For right or wrong, the universal field of consciousness is evolving, it be like a drunk sailor in a new port of call.  When the old order is overturned, it can bounce off the walls like a laser beam shot in a hall of mirrors because it is trying to find itself.  Think of a child having a temper tantrum.  It can move toward the extreme point of view, and if we want to lead then we must offer an extreme point of view that because that guarantees the Universe will follow.  Those that blaze a new trail will prevail, revolutions are lead by the radicals, not the moderates.

During the upcoming revolution the Universe is perfectly willing to resort to extreme violence to find itself again.  Remember this, the meat bags are expendable, consciousness doesn’t mind in the least how many of us are killed.  The war is the spirit against the flesh, the spirit of the Universe is trying to triangulate another expression of itself, and if a billion humans die that is of no concern to ‘god’.  And human beings worship this spirit of god and they even call it holy.

We are part of this Universe, we are its greatest expression, the show is with us, so how do we proceed forward when our myths are being overturned during the present moment?  We must go within and be guided by our primal instincts.  Our feelings are more primal than thoughts, the big brain and mind are newer evolutionary developments, we should follow internal guidance over latching onto the latest ‘ism’.  We must end the Jewisms and establish a new order based on natural law, not Jew law.

Thus the way we should proceed is by primal instinct of what we feel to be natural and right, which is exactly the opposite of the Jew and his false religions like Christianity which feeds on ego.  The Christian belief in the afterlife is an egoic expression, a Christian believes that he is going to heaven while the other guy is going to hell.  Heaven and hell is pure ego lust.  A religion based on ego is doomed to extinction, thus I can clearly see that Christianity has reached its Apocalypse.

The Way to Go

Know this, if we all go to higher vibrations of non ego, Jewry would disappear, that would be good, without the Jew parasite we will be all into better things besides war, pornography, religion and consumerism.  Maybe we should help god of our greater consciousness and make it so.  My feelings say Christianity has to be destroyed along with Judaism, they are one in the same thing, the false projection of the Jewish ego onto the planet.  Our salvation is returning to the natural order by destroying the Jewish story book.

Maybe we should help the Universe into the next level by getting rid of Jewish supremacism and its big ego projection on this world, the so-called New World Order which I call the Jew World Odor.  This world stinks because the Jews run it and we all know the fish rots from the head first.  The guillotine is so appropriate during revolutions, which is ‘our evolution’, our advancement of consciousness, because in a revolution the old order of consciousness must be terminated.

What does your instinct tell you is right?  What feels right to you?  Being a slave or being free?  Paying taxes to the parasite class or keeping your wealth?  Having community spirit or being fragmented along racial differences?  What is the right way to proceed, which way should we go, the time is now.


As a free being in the Universe, or a free universal being, I object to having to get a permit to build a home.  Does a beaver need a permit to build a beaver house?  Does a plant need to apply for a rainwater license?  This Jewish system of control, where to exist you must get a permit from a Jew is the most evil thing the devious Jew has come up with because it is against life itself.  The only moral system is one that is of voluntary agreements, that is, the state of anarchy or no state.  Life exists outside of Jew law, life is that which is outside the Jew simulacrum.

Thus all Jews and Jew laws must be terminated along with their books and mindset, including the religion of ego, Christianity.  No person shall be allowed to demand a permit from another.  Permits are not just wrong, the are anti-Nature, the are anti-man, they are anti-life ; and I swear by all that there is I shall put an end to the Jew and his ways, I shall render this planet Jew free because that is what freedom consciousness demands.



3 thoughts on “Trapped in the Hologram

  1. jb1

    “You are the god in the Universe because you are the expression of consciousness that is evolving to a greater awareness. There is no external god observer of this system, you are the observer, you are the viewer of creation, you are the god in the system because you are the self aware being looking outward back at itself. ”

    yes agree and would like to question your “religion of ego, Christianity”

    Is Jesus really about the ego?
    Jesus stated the second greatest law of God is to love our neighbor and infact even our “enemy”..

    Conscious without love maybe just an empty shell and missing the point.

  2. Hi, i would like to know if i could mirror your work for my youtube channel in video format, i thought it would only be right to get your permission first, i’ll give you credit in every video and in the description box too, thank you for your time, and i look forward to your response.

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