The Tenth Kingdom, the Dawn of Super Consciousness



Just before 9112001, NBC aired a TV miniseries of a magical new realm that replaces our current world.  In the opening scene a portal connects to the Trade Towers, and eerie prediction of what was about to happen, the tranceformation of the American society from one of liberty to government sponsored terror.  It portends that in the near future, the economy will collapse sending us back to more primitive times of medieval castles, peasants, royalty, and magic.


This movie could be as great as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but it needs to be remade more dramatically and less silly with less tropes.  The wolf could lose his tail, the spoiled prince cast more like a devious Prince Harry.  The movie does weave a new tale of previous popular myths, Snow White and Cinderella, the Tin Man, and so on.

We are being told by many spiritual teachers that our society is on the cusp of being reborn as humans awake in the dream and gain full consciousness.  Thus in this new consciousness, the now consciousness, everything will become magical as thoughts manifest directly.  This new realm was shown in the TV series The Tenth Kingdom.

Eckhart Tolle informs us that we are on the cusp of a great transformation, humanity has reached a crisis with egoic consciousness, that all the war, disease, and suffering is all caused by the human ego when we became thinking creatures.  Our minds our trapped in the past perceptions of wounds or worried about the future.  He says we must get into the Now and find our real selves by splitting our mind down the middle of not thinking about the past or future.


What this means from a societal viewpoint, that our entire culture is about to be transformed because it is built on ego.  When we transition, magic will unleashed because everyone will be able to manifest by drawing upon the unmanifest realm.  We are entering a new world of magic.

Economic Collapse

Tolle tells us that loss of possessions is an entry point, the bridge between form and formlessness, when we lose our ego.  As society finally peaks out from money debt and inevitable collapse occurs in real time, millions will be displaced and lose everything.  

Some lost all of their possessions, others their children or spouse, their social position, reputation, or physical abilities. In some cases, through disaster or war, they lost all of these simultaneously and found themselves with “nothing.” We may call this a limitsituation.

Whatever they had identified with, whatever gave them their sense of self, had been taken away.

Then suddenly and inexplicably, the anguish or intense fear they initially felt gave way to a scared sense of Presence, a deep peace and serenity and complete freedom from fear.

This is already happening and it will accelerate as the debt crisis reaches it’s inevitable conclusion, massive widespread default on bank debt.  Millions have already lost there homes, millions more are losing their cars and personal possessions, uprooted because of the evil banksters plan to enslave the planet with fiat money and bank credit.  World consciousness will be transformed during the crisis and the previous society built as a monument to ego will be swept away in the tides of history.

Tenth Kingdom Clue

Eckhart Tolle quotes the Gospel of Thomas “Split a piece of wood and God is there”, in the movie The Tenth Kingdom our heroes must guess the name of the axeman who splits the wood with the magic axe or the wolf (person with strong ego consciousness) loses his head.  His name is in his hat.  The hat is a metaphor for what we wear on our heads, our mind.

The Now is the split in the wood, the entry point back to manifest.  And what is behind the curtain, what is the Source of everything, what is the unmanifest?  Fractals.

Fractals and we know this because the woodsman’s name is Juliet, and Juliet is the name of a Mandelbrot fractal set.




As Above So Below

What this can be translated to in the modern scientific era, is that our discovery of fractals above in the manifested realm means there must be fractals below in the unmanifest, thus we can conclude that the holographic projector that is casting this realm into existence is a fractal generator.



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