Insanity Within the Conscious Living Hologram


Mind Stream

Scientists at Fermi Lab are currently working on testing the hypothesis that we live in a hologram.  Are we conscious living beings in the hologram of some insane hell?  Insanity amongst the sentient beings seems rampant, take a look at all the corruption, the lying, the endless parade of death and destruction.  Everyday another entire village leveled, hundreds beheaded, drones take out wedding parties, politicians committing open acts of treason, cops killing innocent civilians.


The earth is a literal hell like, why is this?  Sages tell us we are creating what we believe, what we experience is a a reflection of our thoughts.  Something is very wrong here, something is very wrong with planet earth and what is going on.  Endless wars, disease, and suffering: much of it caused by crazy religions and governments obsessed with control.

every single action of the jew god took place in palestine area circle

Many are asking if the earth is a prison planet, but is it a cosmic prison where bad souls are sent to work out their karma? Think about this for a moment, the major religions teach us that spirit incarnates into flesh.  Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and many others have a central teaching that we are spirit in flesh.  That is really weird, that is really phenomenal.  Spirit is using our bodies like avatars.

I doubt if any other planet is like ours, humans are damn destructive as if we are not natural here.  Why are we unnatural, why are the Jews in charge of this hell hole?  Is earth a galactic penal colony that is it quarantined from the rest of the galactic civilization and why the galactic aliens don’t make contact?

Maybe, but consider another more plausible idea, earth is hell because we believe in a book that creates hell, the Holy Bible.  Could it be that earth is hell because we are in hell consciousness?  Most ‘normal’ people are really crazy when you think about it, I mean why would anyone even believe the main thesis of Christianity, that some man died for your sins?  That is really weird, what sin, what hell, what afterlife punishment?  Show me some tangible proof that these concepts are real.

we experience our thoughts

Maybe the gods are bat shit crazy, how else can you explain the earth hell? Humans are most definitely flirting with insanity, Fukshima is proof, who would blow up four nuclear reactors as some act of payback?  Jews.  Why isn’t this being addressed properly, why doesn’t the world put down the mad dogs tearing up our world?

If there is a God, maybe God is crazy, if a deity created this place then it would be a reflection of that entity.  That would go along way in explaining why the creation is insane.  Is the universal consciousness continuum having a seizure, take a good look at earth history, how do explain the endless stream of revolutions, wars, and the carnage of tortured and dead humans?  How many people have died violent deaths in the Twentieth Century alone?

jewish controlled media claims hitler was insane but praises netanyahu

Take a look at Nature, it is harmonious and beautiful;  it is only man, that is the crazy specie here destroying everything.   Man is cruel and dysfunctional, man is like a plague on the planet surface.  What is making humanity insane?  Are we just a new self aware specie going through growing pains, who is rapidly evolving to higher consciousness?  The conscious beings are fighting wars for psychic dominance, why should they even do that?

If we are all part of God, in God’s mind so to speak, why would we be fighting over the memes?  Isn’t God sure about reality?  Apparently not, or maybe the god meme is wrong.  What if all of our pain is self caused because we keep changing our minds of who we are?  What if all the wars and revolutions, those wars in the physical plane are being caused because consciousness is at war with itself.  As humanity defines itself, those who hold on to old consciousness will find themselves at war with those expressing a new consciousness.

For example, murder is wrong unless you are murdering for the group as a soldier or as a cop.  The dominant group defines sanity, what is sane for one group is defined as insanity by another, indeed one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.  The group always says murder is wrong unless you are murdering for the group.


One big reason are the Jewish holy books, which paint this grim picture of an angry God out to get us, making covenants with his tribe, telling them to kill everything.  That contradicts the commandment not to kill, not to murder.  Is that sane?  I think not.  Jewish literature is really proof of Jewish insanity.

This concept of total war, killing every living thing, is unnatural.  Tribal peoples around the world practice did not practice total war, they have ritualistic coup, they took conquered tribes children and raised them.  They had a human side, but the Jews waged total war, as if they are not human.  Many people, including myself, do not believe Jews are human, but we don’t know exactly why.  Is it the memes or the genes or a combination of both?

How is it that the most evil group of people on the planet, the Jews, a tiny minority, rule over the rest of humanity with the rules in their demented books?  The question arises, why is this allowed, why do Jews have power when Judaism should be outlawed?  Because Jews dominate the collective consciousness.  If God is true then God must be insane because if the Jew is right and his god is real, and if they represent that God then God must be insane because clearly the Jew is insane.


There is a possible reason, that earth is a penal colony and the Jew the jailers.  Or maybe we are all inmates and the Jews are the prison rats that took over the hell colony.  If either is true then that is a terrible realization.  This is hell and the Jews are the pig demons acting as guard dogs.  The Jews are enslaving the entire planet with a book, a fictional book about their past, a book that makes the outrageous claim that God chose them.

Do you believe in the Jew?  Do you believe Yahweh or Jesus as real deities?  I don’t.  I know the Jew to be pathological liars.  So what can we do about the Jew problem?  We can start with ourselves.  We need to stop reading the Jew book and start defending ourselves from the Jew. So the first thing we can do is stop believing.  You don’t need to cut any Jew throats to stop believing in Jew bullshit theology.

We need full on rebellion from God.  The Jew is insane, his god is insane, those that follow Judaism are hell vipers and Christians are in on it, they are Judaized Gentiles, converts to Jewish thinking.  Not good.  Christians are Jews goddammit!  So the next thing we can do is convince our people to stop going along with Jew theology and come out of the Jew mindset.


The Jewish frame of reference is causing big problems.  What is the Jewish holy book doing to the collective mind?  Creating crazy, much of the crazy on planet earth is being caused by belief in the Holy Bible.  When Christians engage in insane behavior, like post 911 wars, they defend the holy book, they claim America’s downfall is that we have turned away from God and his commandments.

In fact the insanity has reached fever pitch, insane preachers like John Hagee claim that if America turns away from Israel then God will destroy America!  So what can we do about that fat bastard?   Someone needs to shut him the hell up permanently.  God is not going to destroy America but the Jew is planning on doing that and is doing that right now with 911 and the war of terror, Hagee is a damn traitor to America and the rest of humanity.

What America needs to do is defend itself from Israel and nuke Israel first.  That is obvious to any sane person.  But what is America doing?  Licking Israel’s ass! The American state is irrational and suicidal.

faith and insanity same thing

The Bible is a war making document, waging war for Yahweh, the all powerful war god.  Destroy the non-believers is all through the Old Testament text and in the New Testament if you don’t believe in the (fictional) Christ you are then going straight to hell.  This war doctrine is a dominating memeset of intolerance.  I don’t care what type of Christian you claim to be, but if you believe any part of the New Testament salvation doctrine, then you are patently insane.  No one needs to be saved.

Any objective observer, the insane belief system is creating the gullibility amongst the populace.  Jews dominate America because of widespread belief in the Holy Bible.  President GW Bush said for us to trust him about the evidence of Saddam’s WMD’s.  He’s got them, trust us, and the sheep who are taught to believe and trust authority did just that.  The Bible kills critical thinking and those getting elected use the gullibility of the sheep to their advantage.

Trusting criminals like George W. Bush or his father is insane.  But watch how easy the media will get the sheep to trust Jeb.  Obama is a criminal, we should trust Jeb.  The Jewish run media knows just how to work the very gullible mass mind indoctrinated in the Holy Bible.  The Bible produces gullible minds which are easily molded to whatever the agenda the elite have going.


Nature is doing just fine, all of Nature except man, only man is messing up here.  That poses the question why.  Why indeed?  I will tell you why, something is very unnatural about man on planet earth, like he doesn’t belong here.  Take a look around you, do you identify with your Christian neighbors, or the Jewish banker charging interest, or the lying politician on the Jewtube?

I don’t, I can’t stand people driving huge behemoth 4×4’s or going to big box stores, I feel alienated around most everyone who is in some  ego consciousness. I like to say that America is a bad place, where bad people, do bad things.  Don’t forget, America is a Christian nation.

america is a bad place where bad people do bad things and they all love the jew bible

America is like a movie about gangsters, everyone thinks and acts like a criminal on some level.  Maybe your neighbor isn’t holding up the convenient store, but maybe he is manipulating some derivative and ripping off the entire world.  His kid has a good chance to end up on drugs and might end up robbing  7-11s and knocking up the welfare sluts who are in ever greater supply.

I travel all over the world, I have traveled all over America and lived in numerous places.  I see the same evil everywhere, everyone is greedy, it is like everyone is on some kind of drug, everyone is up to something, got an angle, doing something shady, is planning to get rich quick doing something crooked, like selling the nation down the river for a quick buck.  Everyone in America acts like a Jew, everyone wants to be rich like the Jew and the have the Holy Bible to justify their actions.


America is a nation of crooks who congregated here from the old world because of the lure of getting rich quick.  Forget this idea that they came here escaping religious persecution, they came here for the opportunity to defraud and rip off the Native Americans.  Want proof?  They are still doing it, just take a look at the leaders of the patriot movement like Alex Jones and Gordon Duff, both imposters making a quick buck and selling you down the river.

Everyone came here to make money, they still come here to make money, the greediest of the Mexicans are pouring across the border to get in on the Gringo money machine.  They weren’t happy in Mehico, it was to boring they want some action up north in Amerika, where any criminal can make bank in the land of opportunity, anyone can engage in some sort of  criminal capitalist scheme of Jewlandia.  Mexican gangs are turning acres of National Forest into fields of marijuana.


In Amerika you are free to invent some scam and make trunk loads of money, then head for the border.  Federal oversight agencies don’t care what you do, they are busy snorting coke and watching porn while at work.  And it’s not just Mexicans coming here; Russians, Jews, and Israelis are coming here like a bag of cockroaches dumped on the hot pavement.  They are heading for America because that is where the money is.  There are 300,000 Israelis in California alone, many of them hiring Mexicans below minimum wage.

America is a like a big Australia, earth is like a colony of criminals, where some criminals send other criminals to the new land.  No wonder Aussies and Americans like each other and Israel so much.  Why look at what the Israelis are doing, they are getting away with murder, maybe we should try that!

Think about it, take a good look at your neighbors, how many of them are willing to lie as a crisis actor or take a job at DHS?  Nearly all of them, and they do it because the want the money, the power of bossing others around and don’t have a lick of integrity.

So take a good look at Amerika, this home of the greedy Jewish soul, the home of religious crazies, the military center of the Jewish money empire.  American workers proudly manufacturer drones that kill thousands of innocent people all around the world.  Wave the flag and collect a fattie paycheck, then go to church and be forgiven, that is the American way.

So what Christianity allows you to do is bad things because you get instant forgiveness with belief.  No matter what you do, no matter how bad you are, you get a free ticket to heaven with belief in Jesus.  Sounds like a Jew scam to me.


Is the earth a penal colony for souls?    This is an fascinating theory that could explain religion.  Take the Hare Krishna for instance, they are trying to get out of here in this life.  They believe that they can escape and get to a better planet by chanting a simple mantra billion trillion times.   Christians are trying to do the same thing, they are trying to get to heaven in the next life by believing in Jesus.  The theme is nearly the same, be good so you can get out, just like they tell you in a real prison.


Christians like to say you are being tested here.  Tested by what?  Why do the Krishna want to leave earth and end their incarnation cycles here?  Because earth is hell and the only point in life it find a way out.  Religion is powerful proof that earth is a penal colony for souls.

Something outside this realm is being imposed here.  Is the earth a galactic penal colony where souls are sent for reform?  An intriguing possibility, one that can be found in many places on the web.  One particular website The Ancestry of Man speculates that humanity was exiled to planet earth:

There is not a single human who is free of violent, lustful, vengeful, thieving and/or murderous thoughts. The horrors that humans experience on this planet are almost always caused by mankind. Humans lie, steal, cheat, rape, murder and pollute. When they can no longer exert more dominion over land and animal, they victimize their own kind. We are a horrible menace to ourselves, to all the creatures of this planet and to interstellar civilization.

The treacherous and murderous ways of human beings remain a very real threat to peace in the universe.

Earth was chosen to become a prison planet because of its remote location, and the ability to support hominid life forms. Each “race” of our ancestors were placed on different continents, selected for similarities to their former climatic environments.


There is even a worse possibility, that we the human being is being used as a vessel for off world souls.  Is most of humanity possessed by foreign souls? Maybe some people on the planet know the real story of our origin and are taking advantage of the situation.  Maybe those secret societies know that humans are possessed by off world souls and are getting new ones that makes them more ruthless and cunning.

This would explain the phenomenon of those in power obsessed with performing ritual, they are aware that humans are possessed by ‘souls’ and then do ritual to get new souls from the power world.  Occult ritual may be the trading of souls, from one sent here to be punished in the earth prison, to another soul of the controller.  Thus the ruling class has different souls than the masses.


What I find most interesting is that the Native Americans never had ritual to be born again.  But think the more plausible explanation that you are born ok the first time, that is if you are an unpolluted human being, you do not need to go through ritual death to reach enlightenment.  You are already there.

It is only those possessed by false holy literature,

that are trying to escape the imposed reality,

that have to go through a transitional state

to achieve enlightenment.

Instead of embracing the Native culture, the insane invading Europeans possessed by ideas like Manifest Destiny destroyed the natural peoples with prejudice.  Indians were denigrated as “god-less”, dirty, heathens, wild.  They were wild and free and those enslaved by Jewish law held them in contempt.  Natives were denigrated with Bible memes like pagan and heathen, then killed without conscience.  The Holy Bible in action.

In order for the Christian to achieve enlightenment they must go through a painful process of self realization until the spell is broken.  Once the spell of the Jew is broken, American landscape become alien architecture, normal everyday activities of the Jewish simulacrum become repulsive.  That is what happened to me, so I know first hand what is like to come out of the spell.


The spell is the residence of a foreign body suppressing your individual spirit.  What I am suggesting here is that the “I” is really the foreign soul imposed into your natural free human body.  Your body is being criminally used by a galactic council which decided to infect earth humanoids with bad souls.   We should have embraced the freedom of Native cultures, not warred against it.

You have been taught to identify with the foreign part of you, this is the central teaching of the Jewish holy books, you’ve been taught that the real part of you is the soul.  Heaven is not now, it is in the future.  Paradise is in the afterlife, it is not here, not now.  That is completely wrong, we are in life, and obviously life is paradise if we choose it right now.


But as previously stated, Jews have inverted reality with their teaching meant to enslave you, they have taught you a falsehood, they have enslaved your body with their book.  The Bible is making hell and promising paradise, later.  The Bible in action has confused the mass mind.

Are you catching my drift?  We can explain why the Jew rules and why the Jewish literature inverts all reality.  So you never catch on that the cosmic duality of body and soul is completely false.  There is no soul that is part of the natural you.  You are simply a free being living on free planet enslaved by aliens.  There is a lien on you body, it is your soul, it is your torturer, its physical counterpart is the Jew.


What if the reason Jews have power is because a galactic council put them in charge of us?  What if the primary control mechanism used to enslave us is the Bible?  What that would mean if we are to be free is that the book and the jailers must be expunged from planet earth.  The Bible is the problem, not the solution.


Many Americans and Europeans are in a state of rage, the result of being enslaved and not knowing why.  They are always in war, easily manipulated into wars against the enemies of the Jews.  At home the war against the Natives continues with the war against Marijuana.  Why?

What does the drug to for you?  It preempts the programming of the Bible.  Marijuana makes you feel good because the Bible programming made you feel bad.  Smoking marijuana is how the human returns back to the original state of bliss, the drug is an artificial way to return to the garden and paradise.


What is going on is that we are awakening in the Jew hell matrix.  We must end all denials and move our minds into the present moment.  Hitler becomes present because as we discover our predicament we discover his ideas and what he did to rectify the problem.  He moved his nation away from the Jew and the prosperity was phenomenal.

What are we going to do right now, not in the future but right now?  We have been dealt a hand, what can we do right now to secure freedom?

In order for we the people of the earth to be free the Jew and his books must be extinguished. 

Judaism must be outlawed, all Jewish books destroyed, all Jews rounded up and quarantined, made sterile or reformed so that in one generation Jews, Judaism is a bad memory of when earth was hell.

Americans literally live the Jew-hell-slave-legal system.  The Holy Bible makes the entire population insane.  Without the Holy Bible, would we be in any of these Israeli created wars?  We’ve all been programmed at a deep subconscious level to make war for the Jew.  The Jew and his books must be outlawed, that is for sure.  It is time to take on the Jew problem and make him no more.




2 thoughts on “Insanity Within the Conscious Living Hologram

  1. I wouldn’t say christianity or the bible is to blame its the jews and catholicism not all christians but most jesus always hated the false jews luther understood this.

  2. Peter Clark

    I sympathize in large part about what you are saying. Religion is nothing but a tool by which the powerful aim to manipulate the masses. You single out the Jews, but Christians, with their Crusades and Spanish Inquisitions and boy-molesting priests, is also very suspect. One might also believe the Mohammed was leading a rebellion against the corruption, but I can’t get behind the brutality and ‘convert or die’ mentality. Are I REALLY going to accept Mohammed as the Prophet and Allah as god, as some sort of belief system preferable to Christinity and Judaism? No thanks. Again, religions are for the controlling of the masses, and that includes Islam.

    The truth is one needs no religion to come to the conclusion that one ought to treat others with kindness, respect and consideration.

    I get what you are saying, about America’s lust for profit, willingness to screw anybody and everybody, and the ridiculous and astonishing notion that Jesus died for you sins so that you don’t have to feel guilty about having so thoroughly screwed, robbed, raped and murdered the Native Americans (and enslaved blacks also, any many other crimes). The country is horrendously unaware of it’s crimes against humanity. These people just refuse to face it.

    But I thinks it simplistic to blame all of this on Jews. The Romans were a horrendously brutal empire, and they weren’t Jewish. Alexander the “Great” was such a megalomaniac that he went conquering everywhere he could until (thanks to the gods (plural)) he was stopped.

    I think the culprit is ‘civilization’: this crazy and unnatural impulse to dominate nature and other people. The more primitive you go (ancient Celts, native Americans, north and south; aborigines in Australia), the pure you get. You find people content to live in harmony and nature, and not possessed by the insane urge to dominate either nature or other people.

    So, I think the problem IS similar to what you say: orchestrated religion calculated to control the masses, but it is more. I have no idea where the urge comes from to dominate nature and other people. That is why I have sympathy for the earth-as-penal-colony idea. It seems that some faction of the human race (usually the leaders) are criminally insane.

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