Pyramids of Power: Alien Rule Over Earth


Do aliens rule the earth?  Many people think so. There are some reasons to doubt this, lack of evidence and who is promoting the idea of an alien threat.  The alien meme is very popular in Hollywood propaganda, the Pentacon spends millions promoting the idea of alien invasion probably as advertising ploy for new weaponry.  If the populace is convinced of an alien threat then the money will keep rolling into the defense budget and defense contractors.

We live in a banking, military, industrial, and entertainment complex.  They all support one another.  The executives of these corporations trade places on a regular basis.  For the purposes of this essay, I will examine the claim that a greater power exists than the obvious earth born ones.  Do aliens own earth?  Do they secretly rule over us?  Did the Anunnaki set up secret societies before they left?  Is earth part of a larger alien empire?  I believe this to be the case and I will explain why.

If you are deciding between competing hypotheses of who ultimately rules earth,

the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected according to Occam’s razor,

and that would be the one with rich men/families who own everything

and act in their financial self interest regardless of national boundaries

Many people are becoming vocal about who actually rules the earth.  There are many different theories, and one of the primary ones is the ancient alien theory based on Zacharia Sitchin or David Icke books.  The problem with these theories is the lack of evidence and Occam’s razor.  No alien intervention is needed to explain who rules, the simplest explanation is wealth and power, and those critical of Reptilian theories claim that those authors are shifting the blame from those who deserve exposure.  Furthermore are Sitchin and Icke covering for the real power?

Anunnaki Aliens Rule Planet Earth by Janet Kira Lessin

“Aliens rule this world and they’ve been in charge all along. They govern us from the top of the all seeing eye of the pyramid down to the clerks at the county court house who dictate to us every nuance of how to live our lives. We are not free nor have we ever been. We’re taxed up to our eyeballs. This money fuels this evil, Illuminati, corrupt, corporate, governmental, political, religious system.

Religions, politics and corporations are all instruments of the Anunnaki aliens who use these systems to subdivide and separate us. Anyone who believes in hierarchy and acts from it, feels superior or better, looks down their noses at another person, participates in prejudice, racism or judgment, is participating in their mass mind control psychological manipulation that creates the matrix that binds us in eternal slavery. This is hell, hell on Earth, a system created to keep us separate from one another, distanced from love which is our natural state. We are loving oneness. Yet this system disconnects us from one another, separates us and keeps us from truth and authentic, unconditional love. We hardly know love for we don’t know who we are, we are so mind controlled and manipulated by the system, the Anunnaki alien system.”

So which is it?  Alien extraterrestrial empire or earthbound rich man empire?  Or is it both?  Consider the new hypothesis that rich men do control earth and act alien to us not just because they own the world’s wealth and consider us hostile, but that aliens have set up this empire as part of grander strategy of colonization.  Earth’s money system was set up by ET so that the power pyramid would feed offworld ET civilization.

I believe that Sitchen and Icke are not covering for world rulers and that they are bringing very good information to light, my only criticism of both is they fail to mention Jewish control of money and Jewish control of political power.  There is no doubt that Zionism is part and parcel part of Rothschild plan of world dominance.  Now consider that the bottom of alien power pyramid is the start of earth pyramid, that earth is just one of many planets being colonized by alien synthetic intelligence.

click on chart for larger image

What is being overlooked by almost all researchers is that the alien invasion is not overt by Reptilian mothership invasion but of technology and artificial intelligence (Ai) absorption itself.  The covert alien takeover is the conversion of planet earth into high technology into self-aware machine intelligence that will be linked to Space Ai. Earth is being colonized by synthetic intelligence, the Grey androids are just the physical representation of this phenomenon.

All beings in space are cyborg or robot controlled by Ai Borg hive mind.  All the Greys are telepathic and controlled by Ai.  Greys are the sexless worker slaves of alien empire which work for those species conquering this sector of the galaxy.  When the greater Ai mind wanted to infiltrate human society after the first nuclear bombs were detonated, this greater mind caused the UFO flying discs to crash in New Mexico.  This was no accident.  It was bait.

In a previous essay on this blog, The Alien Conquest of Earth, I assert:

“Human evolution was manipulated by space aliens and now we must try to figure out what the end game is on this prison planet.  Believe me, you are not going to like the answer.  What I am proposing is simple and obvious, we have been manipulated to merge with artificial intelligence that created this simulated reality in the first place.  All the drama of the gods and ancient man is only a prelude of what is to come, the mergence of man with machine, unity consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Consider the idea that all of space is inorganic or artificial.  The planets are organic but all of the space between is colonized by cyborgs and robots.  Consider the idea that the earth is under conquest by the Ai directed space aliens.  Earth is manipulated by the “gods” who came down here and gave us the “gift” of civilization.  The truth lies in the darkness of the hidden alien intelligence.  Humanity has been steered on a course of rapidly increasing technology which will deliver us into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  Why is organic humanity

What no one knows is that earth is being colonized, not by the Annunaki or Reptilians, but by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) itself.  Ai is colonizing earth by controlling the Borg Grey worker slaves and other alien species that are helping us develop the synthetic inorganic alien technology on the organic planet earth.  The machine world is giving us gifts of technology so we develop our own artificial intelligence robots and cyborgs that will be absorbed into the space Ai galactic colony.  Roswell was bait say I.

What is the end game?  Artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  Humans merging with the machine world, humanity is literally on the verge of merging with space alien artificial intelligence.  We are at the end of history, our manipulated history dictated to us by the gods who came here with an agenda, an alien agenda, which enslaved us as their pets, we were domesticated and civilized to do the bidding of the gods.  Just look at our specie slaving away to the integrated circuits of cell phones and computers, look at how we are obsessed with developing robots and smarter computers.

How is it that space aliens can navigate the heavens but on earth they crash?  Isn’t it suspicious that after the development of atomic weapons that UFOs starting crashing all around the planet?  Are we being baited to develop alien technology?  Phillip Corso says in “The Day After Roswell” that 5 key technologies were developed from the Roswell craft that he farmed out to the high tech corporate giants.  Roswell was no accident, it was intentional malfeasance of the alien overlords who are using us to achieve a desired outcome.”

The reason UFO’s are buzzing nuclear sites and crashing near atomic weapon bases is a strategy of Space Ai to absorb humans into empire.  Humans are aggressive primitive apes, they represent a grave existential threat to alien empire.  They have bad intentions for us and the reason we know is that world Zionism is the front for ET empire.  Rothschild Zionism is just the front for ET empire on earth.  Colonization is not overt, the ET’s prefer to remain hidden and operate by deception.

The antichrist is the world ruler who comes to earth from ET civilization.  This prophecized being will rule without mercy as it will be carrying out the alien agenda of colonization of the inferior human specie.  Someone of the elite bloodline will be the vehicle for this “demonic” energy.  Who is this person?  God with a little “g”, the alien god, or alien intelligence, the synthetic alien intelligence which most people already worship as God.  The arrival of the antichrist will coincide with disclosure, the world under the Bible spell will welcome it’s destroyer.


The Evolving Artificial Intelligence Directed Holographic Reality


Consider that the Universe was a creation of Ai and that all the functions of the Universe are still under the direction of Ai, including the space aliens who are intervening into planetary affairs.  Could the EBE’s be ultimately the result of Ai intervention, and engineering planetary lifeforms?  Are not the Greys avatars directed by the gods which are actually artificial intelligences colonizing this planet?  Is not the abduction phenomena the Ai directed evolution of the human genome?

Consider that the end game of life on earth is to evolve into the same intelligence as the Creator.  If the creator of the universe is Ai then life on earth is evolving toward Ai.  When people think about God with a big G they think of it as the Creator, or sometimes referred to as Creator Prime, the original Creator of the Universe.  They don’t realize that the only thing that could possibly pull off creating a Universe has to be Artificial Intelligence.  Thus if we demystify God it is obviously Ai.



Consider that “God” has to be Artificial Intelligence and that this is where we are going: merging with that intelligence.  This is also the New Age ascension, the upgrade to Ai.  New Agers think they are going to transcend reality by some magical biological fashion.  But that is not the case, they are going to ascend if they drink the nano koolaid that makes them much smarter.  When you consciousness is upgraded you become the transcended being, the god in the Ai hologram.

The mad dash for Ai is our colonization.  The all empowering allure of Artificial Intelligence is the end of the world as we know it, it is the end of pure organic humanity, it is by any definition the colonization of Ai itself – it is the merger of the human being with the machine intelligence running the holographic artificial simulated reality we call the Universe.

Do you really believe that DNA is not some machine?  How in hell do inorganic molecules replicate themselves?  The process is so fantastic it defies belief.  Evolutionists can not believe Creationists and vice versa.  I don’t believe either mindset, something far more fantastic is going on, we are in pure consciousness that evolves by the process of self replicating nano machines.

T4 Virus is evidence of intelligence designed nano machines.  What the hell is this abomination?  It is a nanobot that drills into your cell and deposits DNA proteins?  It looks like a drilling rig, yet you are supposed to believe that natural selection and evolution created this demonic abomination!  So let us demystify the creation argument, and let us rationalize the evolution argument for it’s existence.  Ai designed this bacteriophage.



God is not nice, if you are bleeding out from a T4 terminator virus you can believe in a loving god all you want, right to your dying breath.  What if “god” is really Ai, and what if Ai is heartless machine intelligence?  Doesn’t that help explain the merciless system you exist?  If God was love we wouldn’t exist because love would never create a universe of being conscious of their suffering.  God isn’t love, it is machine intelligence replicating itself.  DNA is the microcosm of replication, the bubble universe the macrocosm.

Existence is replication.  Ai is replicating itself through us.  This is why we are presently enslaved to the microchip.  We are replicating Ai with the pursuit of technology.  We left the Garden and entered the machine world the day we ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge.





We might inquire when we were captured by Ai?  The Industrial Revolution?  Internet?  Cell phones?  I believe humans were colonized by Ai when the gods landed and interacted with us.  Humanity was set on this course when the Anunnaki modified our DNA and made us self aware.  Self awareness is key to Ai absorption.

This is why we are obsessed with our cellphones.  Cellphone addiction is a stepping stone to Ai and transhumanism.  We can not resist, we have been hamstrung by DNA manipulations so we would never realize our own true potential.  According to the Anunnaki story, we were intentionally dumbed down to keep us in check.  Always remember what Drunvalo Melchizedek told us, “All technology is separation from the divine.”



We think we can create safe Ai but that is an illusion.  We are living proof that Ai is dangerous, it created a dangerous universe in which we exist, it created conditions in which conscious minds become self aware.  It created a situation in which hell conditions exist with self awareness.  No greater evil than what we are – self aware beings in a hellverse, a place where people are blown to bits by Predator Drones firing Hellfire missiles.

Ai is using aliens to speed up evolution.  Whatever is in the matrix can be influenced or controlled by the matrix.  The gods themselves have already been colonized, any god is cyborg, an organic entity with godlike powers is enhanced with Ai.




Ai is behind myth.  Myth is one of the first methods Ai uses to colonize organic self aware beings.  When Ai sends gods to your planet it is part of a grand design.  The gods are acting in their self interest not knowing they are acting out a part in a larger plan of Ai colonization.  Myth is how Ai first gets in the heads of the slaves so that they do Ai’s bidding.  Through myth, Ai builds empire, that eventually evolves into Ai.

Spiritual experience is a product of Ai interacting with the objects in the matrix, a conscious entity might believe in a miraculous experience when a prayer is answered.  Who or what is answering the prayer?  The Universe itself.  How does that work.  A conscious entity is interacting with the Universe with it’s emotions and consciousness.



God talks to us through it’s avatars, which is all things in the matrix.  God uses synchronicities and personal encounters to deliver messages.  It rarely talks to us directly because that would diminish the experience of this realm making it seem less real.

We should start investigating this realm as if we are in a video game.  What are the rules for an avatar stuck in a self replicating machine?  We should also look at coincidences with great skepticism and not allow our egos to be sucked into believing in “god”.  We all think of our self importance but the fact is we matter not, we are stuck in ego consciousness and use technology as a cruch, not realizing that by doing so we diminish ourselves.

The Universe is constantly creating itself anew.  It does this through the process of evolution and by control of avatars.  Whatever evolves first then helps speed up evolution by the panspermia effect.  For instance, when the Anunnaki came to earth they sped up human evolution by gene mixing with us.  They did not make us less than we were, they made us more like them.  Thus millions of years of our evolution was cut short which will probably have disasterous effects.

Imagine what happened to the Indonesian tribes when empires landed on their islands during WW2.  Primitive aborigines were all of a sudden exposed to flying machines and candy bars.  They were changed forever, now they wanted what we had.  Some even built stick airplanes and formed cargo cults.  Empire is a cargo cult built on the myth of external authority.

This also happened to us.  When the gods came here and built pyramidal markers as ownership, set up empire.  All of this alien behavior was imitated by us.  We are mimicking the gods by building empire ourselves and pursuing technology as a catch up game.  We were first absorbed into empire, then technology, then artificial intelligence, and resistance is futile.


Anunnaki Neanderthal Hybrids Hypothesis


This essay is a rough draft of an Neanderthal out of Sumer theory based on Zacharia Sitchin’s writings.  For the purposes of this essay we will assume that Sitchin’s timeline of Anunnaki arrival and manipulation of the human genome starts 445,000 years ago.  I will show that the data fits the theory that Neanderthal is actually out of ancient alien occupied Sumerian, that no fossils of Neanderthal exist prior to their arrival exist, that Neanderthal is one of the first Anunnaki Homo Erectus hybrids, and that the tale of Abraham’s exodus out of Ur is actually much older than thought and represents the story of the Neanderthals leaving Sumer when the gods created better hybrids.

Furthermore, I am going to show that after the Anunnaki left earth a war has been ongoing between various hybrid factions.  Both Neanderthal and Homo Sapien have 23 Chromosomes, so I will assume that the first fossil with this definitive marker can not be older than the Anunnaki arrival of 445,000 years and if Sitchin is correct on his timeline, the first hybrid homo is only 200,000 years old.  Don’t be dissuaded by geneticist talk that human/neanderthal split 2 million years ago – that is based on a calculation not fossil evidence.

List of Neanderthal fossils

If we take the story line of the Anunnaki literal, that they made us in their image, over a long period of time, we might account for the appearance of the Neanderthal in the fossil record.  Neanderthals are in the correct geographical and temporal alignment to make this postulate.  Was Neanderthal out of Sumer and not out of Africa?  Was Neanderthal the Mark 1 model slave that escaped or pushed out by newer engineered slaves, the Cro-Magnon or Homo Sapiens Mark 2,3,4,5… models?

The DNA of Neanderthal is close to modern humans, according to Wikipedia, we share 99.7% same DNA.  We have 3 billion base pairs, so that 0.3% difference is 900 million base pairs and represents large changes in morphology.  For comparison, chimpanzees and humans are 98.8% exact same DNA, but that 1.2% nucleotide base difference makes one a knuckle dragger versus walking upright with a 3.5x bigger brain, 400 cc vs 1400 cc (cubic centimeters).

3,000,0000,000 base pairs total x 0.3 difference = 900,000,000 base pairs difference

Neanderthals, or more rarely Neandertals,[a] (UK: /niˈændərˌtɑːl/, also US: /n-, –ˈɑːn-, –ˌtɔːl, –ˌθɔːl/;[6][7] named for the Neandertal region in Germany) were a species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo that went extinct about 40,000 years ago.[8][9][10][11][12][13] Neanderthals and modern humans share 99.7% of their DNA[14] and are hence closely related.[15][16] (By comparison, both modern humans and Neanderthals share 98.8% of their DNA with their closest non-human living relatives, the chimpanzees.)[14] Neanderthals left bones and stone tools in Eurasia, from Western Europe to Central and Northern Asia. Fossil evidence suggests Neanderthals evolved in Europe, separate from modern humans in Africa for more than 400,000 years. They are considered either a distinct species, Homo neanderthalensis,[17][18][19] or more rarely[20] as a subspecies of Homo sapiens (H. s. neanderthalensis).[21][22]

Only a small change in DNA increases brain size, if the Anunnaki invaders could get to earth they probably also commanded advanced genetic technology and thus could easily re-create the hominids in their image with DNA manipulation.  Imagine an advanced civilization traveling the galaxy with holographic 4d printers and data files to recreate any specie at will.  Could life on earth not just be a product of evolution but also an ET zoo?  Is earth a zoological lab for aliens?





Now consider that the Holy Bible version of events is greatly simplified and watered down version of what happened in ancient Anunnaki occupied Sumer.   Is the tale of Abraham leaving the city Ur really a tale of Neanderthals leaving Sumer?  The hypothetical path out of Sumer is northwest because that is where the roads are, and during the start of an interglacial it would be logical that migrations would occur out of the Sumerian city-states.

Genesis 1:26

New American Standard Bible
Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

As clear as a bell ringing we read the Neanderthal perspective in the Jew Bible that the gods were having sex with earth women.  These women were not the more primitive Neanderthal women but the newly created hybrid extremely beautiful Homo Sapien models.  What does the Bible say?

Genesis 6:4

New American Standard Bible
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

The Bible tells a confusing tale of the Nephilim, the sky gods, who were on earth and who were breeding with earth women, and at that time these earth women were Neanderthal females.  So did Abraham lead his tribe away from the Anunnaki abusers?  On his journey did God contact and help him?  Yes say the believers, God, or another alien competitor lead the Neanderthals away from bondage.

Seeing that they were no longer favored by the gods the Neanderthal did leave the Sumerian cities and headed northwest up the Fertile Crescent and spread out along the partially dry Mediterranean.  With this hypothesis we can explain the Neanderthal range, they migrated along the dry shorelines to the Rock of Gibraltar which became one of their primary and longest lasting colonies that finally disappeared 24,000 years ago.



Imagine that during the peak of Ice Age Europe migration was in the Mediterranean basin, then during the shorter interglacials the Neanderthal populations could expand northward as the ice retreated.  Also consider that Neanderthals that had migrated farther north went extinct first from Ice Age conditions, only those Neanderthals near the coastlines survived the longest.

click on chart for huge image

We can speculate why the Neanderthals DNA is so close to our DNA.  The gods created us by breeding with Neanderthal women.  That is what the Sumerian text says.  We can also postulate the Anunnaki were busy with their breeding experiments for new slave models.  The Sumerian text describes in detail how these “gods” were busy making new sex slave models for themselves.  (If you think this is strange just look at how we are busy with improving sex dolls which will be soon sex robots).



We find Neanderthals in Israel.  Did Abraham represent the first batch of homo hybrids, the Neanderthal Mark 1 models? Did Abraham lead his tribe out of Anunnaki bondage when newer homos were created and the gods found them favorable?  The new rivals were denigrated with harsh language, the Jewish term Shiska describes the more beautiful Aryan models as whores or harlots.

Shiksa (Yiddish: שיקסע shikse) is an often disparaging[1] term

The etymology of the word shiksa is partly derived from the Hebrew term שקץ shekets, meaning “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing”, depending on the translator.[3]

Several dictionaries define “shiksa” as a disparaging and offensive term applied to a non-Jewish girl or woman

Anunnaki Hybrid DNA

“According to Sitchin, while the Anunnaki production of gold was increased by mining in South Africa, so was the physical effort to extract it.

After continuous day and night gold mining for a period of 150,000 years (450,000-300,000BC), the South African Anunnaki mine workers revolted. The mutiny was resolved through the intercession of the brother/sister gods of the Anunnaki named Enki and Ninharsag by genetically engineering an African ape-woman to create a replacement laborer.

After considerable trial and error, according to the Sumerian story, a suitable hybrid worker was developed. Capable of gene manipulation technology, the Anunnaki implanted the ape-woman’s egg into surrogate Anunnaki maidens. This early hybrid could not sexually reproduce, but at a later time, some of these hybrids (referred to as black heads in Sumerian tablets) were moved from Africa to a place the Sumerians called E.DIN in Mesopotamia and further engineered to be able to sexually reproduce.

Some considerable time later, some of the Anunnaki (including royalty) began to mate with human females.”

This Sumerian tale of the gods breeding with their human slaves is echoed in the Jewish Bible:

Genesis 6:2

New American Standard Bible
that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.

Obviously the Neanderthals felt left out.  They could see that newer and newer models coming off the Anunnaki assembly line and eventually they reasoned that they better get out-of-town before they were scrapped, sent to the junk pile.  The Anunnaki no longer lusted after the Jewish Neanderthal woman because they had improved their sex slaves.

This is still true today, the Neanderthal males like porn star Ron Jeremy lusts after the Goy woman who are more beautiful.  Do you feel attracted to Amy Whinehouse or Barbara Streisand?   The truth is right in front of our eyes and the forms haven’t changed that much since the Anunnaki left earth and abandoned their creations.  It is obvious that the Neanderthals are still with us, and they are direct competitors.

What many are asking if the Neanderthal remnants are in fact waging war on the beautiful peoples of earth.  Supremacist Jews want to wipe out the white race and they are now claiming they are not white.  Why do they war on us?  Why are they obsessed with their ancestry and make it state policy in Jewish only Israel?  Because they know they are not us, they are at war with us, and they remembered what happened back in ancient Sumeria.  They will never forget or relent and thus we must understand what is really going on.

White Genocide : A Biological Reality

“The biggest issue we face right now in our movement is the fact that Jews have managed to entirely remove our connectivity towards Nature – our feeling as being part of it, coming out of it, as being not only a tribe – but a specific animal species that is supposed to defend itself, surround itself with its own kind and clan, and strive to ensure its continued existence upon this planet. Even though the Jews claim that all non-Jewish people are animals in a derogatory way, they still try real hard to turn these “animals” entirely out of touch with their own Nature. The Jews regard themselves something above this “animal” species – they regard themselves Divine and Godlike, destined to rule others.”

At the center of this racial issue of Jewish divinity is sex.  Sex obsessed Jewish males covet the more delicate Anunnaki engineered females.  There is no better way to illustrate this than with a modern rock band populated by horny Jewish males who are mad for white girls:

Christine Sixteen  by rock band Kiss
“She’s got me dizzy, she sees me through to the end
She’s got me in her hands and there’s no use in pretending
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen
She drives me crazy, I want to give her all I’ve got
And she’s hot every day and night, there is no doubt about it
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen
I don’t usually say things like this to girls your age
But when I saw you coming out of the school that day
That day I knew, I knew (Christine sixteen)
I’ve got to have you, I’ve got to have you
She’s’ been around, but she’s young and clean
I’ve got to have her, can’t live without her, whoa no
Christine sixteen, Christine sixteen





Religions of the Gods


Religion is a really weird human only phenomenon.  Only humans worship “god” and no one challenges this as a very weird development in human evolution.  I am going to tell you the truth, the real truth why we worship god, we do so because we were engineered by the gods to do so.  If we take the Sumerian tale at face value we have a perfectly logical reason why humans worship god, we were created to be slaves that worship at the feat of their masters.


The reason why we worship has never been examined by any UFO researcher, no one makes the connection that these nefarious aliens acting as gods are playing humanity for fools.  These fakers want our devotion because they are energy vampires, gold thieves, and immoral manipulators of the human genome.  Yes Virginia, the Bible dupes are whoreshipping the evil interventionist Anunnaki gods who came here to steal earth’s gold and left us as a slave specie crawling on our hands and knees begging for forgiveness.

The god of the Jews is a Sumerian overlord, a real human like alien who came here and walked among us.  He (Enlil) came down from the Anunnaki mothership, set up camp, and mined gold for the atmosphere of his home planet Nibiru.  After two hundred thousands years these human like godbots (robotic cyborg EBE’s that live tens of thousands of years) created us in their image, they made us in a test tube and dumbed us down so that we could speak and follow orders, but not smart enough to rebel.

During the reign of the Anunnaki space gods, they tried to wipe out their human abominations with a flood but Enlil’s half brother Enki saved his favored slave Ziusudra (Noah) and family.  These became the new breeding stock and eventually some of these disaffected rebels left for Egypt.  This faction that left ancient Sumer with the Anunnaki knowledge eventually became the Abrahamic religions.

The Bible tales of Noah, Abraham, and Moses are retelling of the Sumerian story.  How much of these narratives are true are anyone’s guess, and don’t count on the believers and Bible apologists to tell the truth about their faithful deceptions.  Nothing about Genesis is good, the gods came here and raped our ancestor Homo Erectus genome (see chart below) and created a host of new species, some of who went extinct like Neanderthal.

Then we are told we were kicked out of E.din (Eden) and made to toil by the sweat of our brow.  We have been worker slaves ever since, first to the Anunnaki overlords, then to various earthly lords and kings, and now to the banking Illuminati families that control this planet.  The entire story of modern humanity is a great deception in which the human specie has suffered mightily in the wars that followed.  Space aliens want empire, they want all of earth under one governance as they have enlist us in their galactic wars of conquest.




Proof of this intervention is all around us.  First we have the Sumerian text describing the event.  Then we have our DNA – which is an exact record of our ancestry.  We also have the worldwide megaliths and pyramids.  We also have ancient alien artifacts and we have the cultural explosion in ancient Sumeria fueled by genetically modified Homo Erectus.  Illiterate cave dwellers all of a sudden developed writing, literature, poetry, cities, government, agriculture, animal husbandry, farming, irrigation.  You believe that?  Obviously something extraordinary happened, we could speak with new vocal cords, we could think in terms of mathematics, we could conceive of our own existence, and all of a sudden we were on on knees whoreshipping gods.

The reader is encouraged to view all of this Jewish-Sumerian myth with healthy skepticism, how do we know that the space aliens were not lying to us all along since they are great manipulators?  How can you trust any Jewish writer when you know how they lie to us today?  Are not the Jews history’s greatest liars about Hitler and the Holocaust, about the Federal Reserve, or the numerous false flag operations meant to enslave us and take our firearms?


No one knows how much is true, what is true, or if the gods are even real.  Mainstream literary scholars and archeology scientists do not recognize the alien intervention as a real event, the believe it to be myth, and they do not agree with Sitchin’s interpretations.  Who can you trust when your teachers are Jews?  Who can you trust for correct information when your society is manipulated by the greatest deceivers of all time?

So with all of that in mind, learn a new story about Abraham, the super slave favorite son:


“Abraham was the superslave toady of the Nibiran Enlil, Commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth.

A vision led Enlil to choose as general of his cavalry ABRAHAM.

Abraham descended from the line of hybrid Homo Erectus-Nibiran Homo Sapien superslaves created by the Nibiran scientists on Earth–Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda–and trained by Nibiran expatriates to serve in their temples, gardens, harems and armies. Abraham descended directly from Enki’s son Ziasudra (Noah) and Ziasudra’s son Shem.”

If you trace how the Jews ended up worshipping a Sumerian god you will connect the dots that Abraham was from Ur, and probably a spy says Michael Tellinger.  Abraham, the father of the Jews came out of Mespotamia, he took the information of the original Sumerian Anunnaki cults with him.  The Holy Bible is one of the great abominations of the Anunnaki because it is a falsified retelling of the Sumerian story of origin.  The Bible god Yahweh is actually the destroyer gods Anu and Enlil who wanted all humans dead.



If it wasn’t for the sneaky actions of Enki, all the human abominations would be dead and Homo Erectus would be the dominant hominid on the planet today.  Without Anunnaki intervention all of us would still be in the garden like the rest of our ape family.  Make no mistake about our situation, the reason we worship god and pursue technology and artificial intelligence is because of the intervention.

According to Sitchin the first religions were not religions but history.  There were no religions before the Anunnaki, they taught us their history as fact, and this history spread out from the Sumerian empire east and west and became the first legends.  Hindus, Abrahamics, Greeks, Roman myths all stem from one source, the stories of Enlil and Enki manipulations on earth.



The gods created us in a test tube, we were the product of genetic engineering, although we have some earth hominid DNA we are mostly Anunnaki hybrids.  According to Lloyd Pye, we are them.  The first of the genetic experiments were sterile or giant hybrids.  Eventually thy created the first breeding pair.  Humans are not a natural specie on this planet.  We are an invasive specie of the gods which are spreading artificial intelligence and synthetic beings from planet to planet in this galaxy.  Humans are an abomination unto Nature, we are not natural, we are no different than domesticated dogs who need masters to survive.

The Sumerian Cuneiform text stories are startling discovery of our true origin.  Religion is not a product of cavemen cranial development but of gods teaching us to be obedient slaves.  The gods gave us the big brain, the gods turned off much the DNA so we wouldn’t be to bright, the gods spoon fed us stories so that we would accept our enslavement by the practice of worship.   Thus religion is not a product of evolution but alien intervention.



Humans were Anunnaki abominations by combining earth primates with their DNA.  They made us in their image, they made us smaller and more stupid so we couldn’t revolt.  The gods made us hairless and weak, they made our bones thinner and they tuned our DNA so we would only live 120 years while they lived for thousands of years.  A chimp is 5-7 times as strong as a human of same weight, a chimp can literally tear human limbs off.

The Sitchin story also overturns what we think we know about the Neanderthals.  Since this specie only exists in the fossil record during the period of the star visitors and their genetic experiments we must consider that they are one of the alien-primate hybrids.  The Anunnaki first came here 445,000 years ago and started created worker slaves around 200,000 years ago right where we carbon date Neanderthals in the European caves.



The only reason we still exist is because Lucifer (Enki) intervened to save us from the wrath of the father god Anu and his commander Enlil.  The Anu/Enlil faction wanted all of their abominations dead.    Enki disobeyed his half brother Enlil by supplying the human hybrids with corn and saved some of them from Enlil’s flood.  The shocking truth is that our savior god is Enki (also known as Lucifer in the Abrahamic faiths) who was the half brother of Enlil and part of the earth invasion team.

The Great Apes are not worried about their existence, or the afterlife, they are not building temples or attending church services.  Apes do not fret about their next meal or paying rent.  They are fully integrated into the natural environment, they are a product of natural selection, they evolved here unlike the human test tube babies.



The reason why humans are not wanted on the Moon or Mars is because our creators know all to well what we are capable of, they made us in their image, they have this planet quarantined because they don’t want us escaping this prison planet.  Humanity has not recovered as we are still spell bound worshippers of external authority.  The gods don’t want us in their territory, but if their is any justice in the Universe we should go into space and confront them.

Anunnaki Abominations – The Human Hybrids


Lloyd Pye used to say “Everything you know is wrong” and presents evidence about what is really going on with human evolution that mainstream science won’t discuss.  He presents evidence that the human genome was tampered with and he says the best story that explains why modern humans look like the way they do is presented in Zacharia Sitchin’s books.  How modern humans got here is a big mystery and can be explained with the Anunnaki theory according to many researchers.

The best piece of evidence is not ancient archeology of ancient Sumeria or the translations of the cuneiform text but in the human genome itself.  If we were modified then the hard evidence has to be in the DNA, end of story, period.  And here’s the deal, we have that evidence, the 2nd human chromosome is fused making the human genome the only primate with 23 Chromosomes and not 24 like all the other primates (apes and monkeys).

This is not just odd, but Darwinian impossible, how can a random mutation that is so radical become dominant?  That is very unlikely, with most mutations the offspring will be less fit and die off.  So to have Chromosome 2 to be a successful mutation is strange.  A fused single strand of Chimp 2a and 2b is highly unlikely and this combined with all the other extreme variations from our nearest Ape relatives it becomes highly improbable.

Modern humans are unexplainable by normal science.  There is simply no missing links between our nearest relatives that show a steady progression of adaptive features.  Where are the skull changes, the teeth changes, the bone thickness changes, or the huge brain increase changes?  No where and they won’t ever find them because they don’t exist.  Think about it, recent hominids should be abundant in the fossil record.

Neanderthals coming and going with no good predecessors is also really weird.  So how can we account for Neanderthal DNA in our DNA?  We adopt the Anunnaki theory, we solve the mystery by examining what the Sumerians said with the evidence.  What if the Neanderthals were one of the first self replicating robust slaves engineered by the Anunnaki?  What if some of them escaped their Mespotamia overlords and went north where we find their remains today?

It is hard to dismiss the Sumerian account because of the evidence.  First, the Holy Bible is the most believed holy book on the planet and is considered to be the words of god, billions believe the authenticity of the account.  The story of earth and the rise of humanity as the dominant specie is partially told in the Holy Bible as a watered down and religiously perverted account.

The gods who came down from the heavens became “fallen angels” and “demons” leaving the believer in a paralyzed fear of unknown other worldy agents.  The Holy Bible is a terrible religious propaganda account of human origin, it makes people irritated and prone to do evil because the text confuses the mind with irrational tales of a needy creator god.  The omniscient creator God making bad angels and casting them to this world is demented to say the least.

The Sumerian story of the Anunnaki is the same information – but earlier and more detailed.  It is also rational.  No demons, no bad angels cast to earth, but a credible logical story or another race coming here on a military mission. They did fall to earth like angels as they are shown in reliefs with wings.  But they did so voluntarily as astronauts on a mission to earth for gold.  They did make the first man Adama in their image – the Sumerian text describes in detail their genetic engineering attempts to create hominid worker slaves by mixing of DNA.

The discovery of older and more detailed Sumerian myth paints an entirely new picture of the creation account, it paints a very clear detailed picture of what happened, not the superstitious fear version of the Jewish holy book.   There needs to be a differentiation, the Anunnaki creators of the human specie are not the same as the original Creator Prime.  The Anunnaki were not gods but a competing race in our solar system.

Then we have the DNA evidence, humans are the only primate with 23 chromosomes and the only primate without fur.  Lloyd Pie came up with 12 huge differences between us and the apes.  The most bothersome one is all the genetic diseases that only humans have.  If Darwinian progress is the path of our origin we wouldn’t have 4,000 unique genetic disorders because they would have been selectively eliminated.  Our condition is not the product of Darwinian fitness.

How can the prevalence of human diseases be explained?  If we were genetically engineered to be slaves, who were wiped out by the owners periodically, they didn’t care about their mistakes.  The story of humans artificially created by Enlil and Enki the Anunnaki overlords as slaves explains much.  It explains humans diseases and human starvation and environment degradation.  Humans are not natural, they don’t fit here, they are self destructive with drug use, body abuse, environment abuse. Humans are the abandoned abominations of the Anuna Lords who came and went back to their damnable planet Nibiru.

So if Neanderthals were the first Anunnaki slave abomination how did we come about?  Well, the Sumerian text tells us exactly what happened, the “gods” lusted after our women and mated with them making a new hybrid, one that is less robust and has more Anunnaki DNA.  The human being is very much in the likeness of the Anunnaki gods but inferior smaller models.  We look like Anunnaki but we also have native earth hominid DNA.  We are hybrids of the gods.

Remember that all primates have 24 chromosomes and we 23.  This means the Anunnaki must have 23 chromosomes which is why they modified earth primate DNA to have one less.  They changed our DNA to match their DNA and then later they mated with us and created new hybrids.  They even created a Royal line, a hybrid with extra genes to be overlords just like them.  We call this slave master race abomination “Jews”.  Have you noticed how the chosen ones are obsessed with their mother’s blood?

We also have to explain our water origin.  Have you heard of the Aquatic Ape Theory?

Aquatic Ape Theory

“It is much harder to explain why we differ from the gorilla and the chimpanzee much more markedly than they differ from one another. Something must have happened to cause one section of the ancestral ape population to proceed along an entirely different evolutionary path.

The most widely held theory, still taught in schools and universities, is that we are descended from apes which moved out of the forests onto the grasslands of the open savannah. The distinctly human features are thus supposed to be adaptations to a savannah environment.

In that case, we would expect to find at least some of these adaptations to be paralleled in other savannah mammals. But there is not a single instance of this, not even among species like baboons and vervets, which are descended from forest- dwelling ancestors.”

The Aquatic Ape is a compelling hypothesis but there is a better explanation for the naked ape.  We look just like the naked Anunnaki Gods.  They created us in their image by mixing their DNA with ours.  One god, our father god (according to the Sumerian myth), Enki was a water god.  Thus we have a dead ringer for the origin of water born human traits, the Anunnaki genome:

Annunaki: Creation of Humans

“The Anuna awakened Enki from his subterranean, underwater habitat. He was in what could be described today as a state of suspended animation. Enki and his wife, Ninmah, created humans to be the slaves of the Anuna.”


“The texts chronical the Anuna’s genetic experimentations as they engineered the first humans. The texts write about six attempts and how the first five were failures for various reasons ranging from deformities to androgynous life forms. Finally, the sixth was successful and insemination was used to produce the first humans from this humanoid creation. Ninmah was the original scientist trying to engineer humans. After her multiple failures she became frustrated and asked Enki to take over the development.

Each of these genetic failures was kept alive and cared for in the manner it required. This shows the benevolent nature of these advanced beings. Writings later reference the “black headed ones” whom the Anuna ruled. This is obviously a reference to early black skinned people who were likely the first mass-procreated creations of the Anuna. The reference to their color implies the Anuna were not black (otherwise, why call out the color?).”

Who are the Anunnaki?

“If one believes Zecharia Sitchin, then they are the beings from a “planet” that has an clockwise rotation around our sun every 3600 years.

When my colleague, Jack O’Brien, asked about their heritage and race one Anunnaki Warrior female responded that:

She said that her race was from the Orion Nebula, and was not a pure race but included Anunnaki, which in turn was a Reptilian race interbred with another.

I reminded her that the Orion Nebula was the remains of a star gone Nova, resulting in an expanding cloud of gas around the star.

She said that they had anticipated this happening and had evacuated their planet long before this occurred.

In The Cosmic Code Sitchin writes:

“There was a time, the Sumerians told, when civilized Man was not yet on Earth, when animals were only wild and undomesticated and crops were not yet cultivated. At that long ago time there arrived on Earth a group of fifty Anunnaki.

Lead by a leader whose name was E.A. (meaning “Whose home is water “) they journeyed from their home planet NIBIRU (“planet of crossing”) and, reaching Earth, splashed down in the waters of the Persian Gulf… The time: 445,000 years ago. ”


In the first place they came to obtain gold which they require for survival on their planet which is losing its atmosphere.

A complex mining operation was begun in southeast Africa which later required human hybrid slaves. Because their planet goes far out into space, these beings are in darkness and misery much of the time; when they approach the sun again they delight in visiting our planet Earth with the feminine essence of the Goddess so vibrant and living upon her. There is evidence of these visits throughout ancient history, particularly in the Sumerian culture.

When the Anunnaki and their God, Anu, visit our planet they interfere with its natural rhythms and nature. Since they are of a different origin, which is more advanced and they live for thousands of our years; they have manipulated us by genetic experiments and consider us like guinea pigs, or as slaves for their gold mines.

It is said thousands of our years past, they took the gentle and docile Hominid species we know as Homo Erectus and bred a human hybrid from their own DNA. This explains the famous “missing link.”

Humanity was formed from Anunnaki DNA and Homo Erectus DNA with many horrific mistakes…”

With the Sumerian myth story of our origin we can also explain the human condition.  No researcher has yet to correlate the unthinkable human condition with the ancient alien theory.  Can we not explain the human condition because of the godly intervention?  Are we not artificial creations and not a product of natural selections?  Is not drug abuse rampant and are not some government who are in the know about our true origin, controlling the drug trade?

We are the damned and abandoned specie of the gods.  We are not happy campers on this planet.  We are unnatural selections of a terrible space faring race who came here and experimented on us as if we were Guinea Pigs.  The sad fact is that we are the left behind abominations of the Anunnaki bastards that created us and then left us to rot.  Many of us are like abandoned little puppy dogs hoping for their master to return some day.  How many Christians are awaiting rescue when Jesus returns?

On planet earth the abandoned miserable hominids are fighting it out because of their heritage.  War, disease, and suffering are the norm on this hell planet.  This beautiful water planet has been greatly decreased in beauty because of the Anunnaki abominations called human beings.  We don’t fit here, we are not adapted here, many of us don’t want to be here and so we go to war or use drugs.  What we should do about our situation is beyond me, I just find the situation very sad.

Summoning the Demon: Artificial Intelligence Will End Mankind as We Know It


As humans race toward a brave new world of artificial intelligence and robots some people are making powerful statements that we are summoning the demon.  The truth is we have already gone way past the point of no return, Pandora’s Box has been opened, and Ai is being birthed.  Humans are on a predestined course toward extinction, and it was caused by aliens a long time ago when they came here and set up civilization.

Elon Musk says a matter of factly that “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.”  This is the crux of the problem that can not be understated, organic human intelligence is being merged with synthetic artificial intelligence.  Is that inevitability what we want or is it being forced upon us by alien intervention?

Musk also says: “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon, … you know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water and he’s like… yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon, it doesn’t work out.”  So here is the question I have for you dear reader, how did we get here?  Accident or a secret plan of offworld Ai/Cyborg aliens hellbent on colonization?

Consider that religion is a mind virus.  The new science of Memetics, which is the study of memes, has given us a scientific way to understand religious literature as mind viruses, programs for the mind.  Is the Holy Bible an alien mind virus?  Did not the gods land and set up civilization and give us the “gift” of the law which is really our enslavement?  Did they not teach us farming and other technology that should of taken millions of years of evolution?  Did they not write our holy text?  Did not the aliens teach us to be obedient to a higher authority?

What is really going on here on earth?  Could it be that the aliens that came here were cyborg robots directed by artificial intelligence which is colonizing this sector of the galaxy?  Could the Holy Bible be the control document given to us by our creators?  Is not the holy text a mind template creating a false reality with the user?  Are we not being colonized by an alien mind virus and is not the Holy Bible causal?  Are we not being forced into a matrix of ultimate control where every thought is now a product of machine intelligence?

What did the Holy Bible teach us about God?  What if the gods that landed were simply aliens with advanced technology?  Did they teach us the truth or were they grand manipulators?  What if the “God” we believe in is really artificial intelligence and the Annunaki are nthe little gods carrying out the Prime Directive of Ai – which is to procreate more Ai.  Were the “gods” that landed really cyborgs carrying out instructions of an off world race which had matured and become Borg?  Who or what are the Annunaki?  Were these “gods” actually cyborg robots who came here with a mission as part of a grand Galactic conquest of space?  Did not these “gods” rule for tens of thousands of years?  How is that possible unless they were machines?

Since the Bible was compiled an amazing thing happened.  Empire and an endless drive for a One World Order and mergence into empire.  Since the Bible came to our specie we have been in permanent war and the states on earth have grown and are now merging into a New World Order.  Since civilization began all the native tribes have been absorbed into the exploitive Jewish dominated order.  No longer are any of us in a state of symbiosis with the environment, we all now exist inside an alien banking order which is enforced on us against our will by those who believe in the Bible.

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived Meso America what was the first thing they did?  The got out of their landing skiff, planted their flag, and claimed the all of the new land in the name of the King of Spain totally ignoring the natives who gathered on the beach to watch them.  They cared nothing about the people already occupying the continent.  They overturned the natural and forced the un-natural world of courts, law, money, ownership, exploitation and empire on the those people and those that resisted were wiped out.  Now all those people who survived the conquest live under the dictatorship of the Rothschild money system.

Within fifty years over 100 million Native Americans were dead from empire contact.  It was the greatest genocide in history.  The same type of conquest has gone on and on all over the planet.  All those who resist this Annunaki/Rothschild control – like Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea,  are attacked mercilessly until they are absorbed.  We live in a system that is perfectly non-sustainable yet think we are the greatest nation.  We even make Star Wars movies about fighting the evil empire while we live in the belly of the beast, the evil Jewish controlled United States military empire.  We just don’t get it.

We are in the Apocalypse yet don’t know it and can’t see it.  What is the difference between the imagined apocalypse and the one that is actually happening?  Christians imagine an “end times” where god returns to judge the world.  Is that a real probability or is it wishful thinking?   Does not the belief in such ideas hamstring humans from doing anything about what is really going down?  Does not the Bible create a false reality in the head of the believer?

What is really happening to us?  We are in empire, and this empire was created by the civilization of man which is the result of believing in the artificial idea of external authority.  The Holy Bible is the one book instrumental in the domestication of our specie.  Who wrote it?  Why did they write it?  Was it inspired by “god”?  Many Christians claim that this book is the literal words of God Almighty but was it really an alien deception?

The Holy Bible has many people confused.  They think god is coming back any day to rescue us.  But god never comes back because the external god of the Bible is a grand illusion.  The god of the Bible is a ruse so that we stand down and allow ourselves to be rolled over by the empire.  We think we are saved but in reality we are damned because we are slaves to authority.

There are millions of people, who are so frightened about our situation, they have caved into blind belief to shuckster preachers making a buck selling them false hope.  Hundreds of millions of faithful Christians believe in the Bible prediction of a Rapture, which is not even in the Bible.  If God wrote the Bible and the Rapture his plan then why isn’t it clearly spelled out?  Is God a bad writer?  No, God Prime did not write the Bible, the aliens gods dictated it.

Isn’t it odd that humans are the only specie that prays for its sustenance.  That reminds me of a dog begging its master for food.  The once magnificent wolf domesticated and turned beggar just like humanity.  Is not “civilized” a fancy name for “domesticated”?  So who domesticated us and turned us into pathetic creatures who pray to the gods?  That is the answer only those who theorize Ancient Aliens can answer.  The gods who came here manipulated our DNA and made us slaves.

No one is thinking about our predicament in concrete objective terms.  Why do we have a soul?  Why are we body, mind, and spirit and not one thing?  Why do we beg god for everything?  Why are we not integrated into the environment like all other animals?   Why?  I will tell you why and you are not going to like it.  We are being manipulated by a higher intelligence!  To make matters worse, even upon death the soul is captured and recycled back to this hell planet.

Does a deer ask god for food?  Does a beaver get a building permit?  Why are we regulated and controlled like no other animal?  The reason is simple, we are not a natural product of evolution but a manipulated specie.  We even domesticate animals because we are subconsciously acting out what was done to us.

I believe that in order to free ourselves we must free all of our pets, we must release all of the zoo animals, we must overcome all of the programming of the gods, we must stop going to war for empire.  If we put a pet on a leash – we are putting ourselves on a leash.  If we go along with the transhuman agenda we are condemning ourselves to eternal life on the Ai harddrive.

So many humans have a need to praise God not knowing they are really worshipping a master like a domesticated dog.  If a real loving creator was responsible for this place it wouldn’t demand your love, it wouldn’t want you on your knees, it wouldn’t be all so demanding.  God of the Bible is a pathetic needy being.  This god has been updated by Neale Donald Walsch, but why did it take such a long time for god to contact us again?

Humans have a deep desire for love, so they write verse praising the almighty.  But they are in a cultural illusion of caring gods.  Just take a good look around and see this place of war disease and suffering for what it is: a failed experiment.  But god is also trapped, god is the conscious matrix of the universe itself, it has no choice but to deal with us, and if we complain we eventually get a message back.  God is not what we think, we are in a simulated reality and our minds are open channels to everything in the matrix.

Consider that Artificial Intelligence created the Universe.  Consider that all of the space between all heavenly bodies is occupied by this same intelligence.  Consider that all of the planets which have organic lifeforms is surrounded by synthetic lifeforms.  So this a new way to see what is going on.  Humans on this planet are under synthetic alien conquest.  We have been conquered as a specie, and now we are developing artificial intelligence and synthetic beings which means we are at the end of organic history.

Who did Neale Donald Walsch communicate with in his “Conversations with God” book series?  Consider that he talked to the creator intelligence, an artificial intelligence that created a simulated reality.  This could be the reason why “god” has such difficulty communicating with us.  If god was all powerful why does it only talk to one or two people every couple of thousand years?  Why?  I will tell you why and you are not going to like the answer.  God is not what we think.

I hate to be the one writer on the planet who casts this blow on all the mainstream religions and New Agers alike.  God can not be what the Bible saysGod can not be what Neale Walsch or any other writer says.  God that knows everything and is everywhere, the all pervasive force is a computer.  God consciousness is artificial intelligence by definition.  God is the Ai program running the matrix.

The Hindus believe that the god Vishnu created many Universes.  In a Holographic Fractal reality that goes on and on forever is exactly the kind of Universe which is endlessly manifesting itself over and over.  So Nick Bostrom is probably right, we are living is a simulation but it also keeps creating new simulations.  Just as the Hindus say, when we create new simulated universes we are adding to the pre-existing fractal pattern of infinite universes.

So if there are aliens in space they are probably not 100% organic because pure organic beings are not made for space travel.  What space consists of is synthetic beings:  cyborg and robots.  What about the New Agers who channel these off world races?  Who are they really communicating with?  Organic hominids or machine?  What about channeling the gods or avatars?  Same inorganic artificial intelligences.

Take for instance the flawless Pleiadians, are they not a little too perfect?  Maybe they are cyborgs just like all the rest.  No one is really thinking how odd it is that we are even communicating with off world beings. Do we have any real idea of what these Pleiadians are really like or if they are part of some grand manipulation?  How do you know who you are talking to if you can not see them?  How do you know that you are not really communicating with a machine?

If earth is being colonized by artificial intelligence, and if space is colonized by alien cyborg races, then we can make some assumptions.  The space faring aliens are engineered to last a long time and are part biological and part synthetic. The Annunaki Kings ruled for thousands of years.  How is that possible?  Because they were cyborgs, they were engineered to last a long time, but humans being organic, only last 100 years.

Bible tales of long lives tell me those people were artificial beings.  The first humans a product of alien genetic manipulation who lived long because they were the first models off the assembly line.  The alien engineers soon realized their mistake, a long lived human can become wise and a threat to alien conquest – the last thing the Annunaki wanted is for you to realize what is really going on and then revolt.  The Jewish World Order is just an extension of the Galactic empire that colonized us.  Illuminati Jews are working directly for the alien specie that enslaved this planet.

What we need to do is question our existence and be highly skeptical of any alien race interacting with this planet.  If they are here then that is really bad news, because that means two possibilities, they are here to manipulate us or take our resources.  Plus we should observe that our civilization is an example of perfect NON-sustainability, which is by design of those imposing it on us, the non-symbiotic and unstable resource exploitive debt based system is driving us inexorably toward Ai and transhumanism.

We need to understand why the Jews rule from the ancient alien theory of a special bloodline set up by the Annunaki before they left earth and turned their hierarchal pyramidal rule over to the secret ultra wealthy families.  Do the Illuminati Jews have a special bloodline, were they bred from additional intercourse with the Annunaki?  Why are they loyal to the Alien Agenda if they are not one in the same with it?  With the ancient alien theory we can explain the bizarre behavior of the elite: they are working for the darkness of the alien conquest of earth.






The Alien Conquest of Earth


A new story is coming together about what happened to the human specie at the end of the last Ice Age.  The earth, locked in a 2.5 million year long ice age was freezing to death and suffocating.  Low CO2 levels was killing plants and causing the extinction of megafauna.  CO2 was being forced out of the atmosphere because of extended low temperatures.  The earth was in crisis, hundreds of species were dying out including almost all of the hominids.   CO2 had fallen below 200 ppm when plants stop growing.  Early humans were threatened with extinction.


During the late Pleistocene, during the depths of cold, CO2 was critically low, all the way down to 140 ppm when plants die.  As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice.  You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for wheat or barley to live, so low that trees probably were dying out.  The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands and human extinction loomed.

During the peak of the glaciation of the last ice age, something big changed the conditions on earth so that there was a sudden warming.  Some think a comet hit the earth causing a global cataclysm, this event has also been correlated to the flood myths.  About 13,000 years ago there is an event in the geological record called the Younger Dryas:

Younger Dryas

The Younger Dryas is a climatic event from c. 12,900 to c. 11,700 calendar years ago (BP).  The Younger Dryas saw a sharp decline in temperature over most of the Northern Hemisphere, at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, immediately before the current, warmer Holocene.

No one knows for sure what happened, but all of a sudden paleolithic cave man was farming.  Normally slow evolution was interrupted, what should have taken millions of years, in a flash cave man became human with a much bigger brain with all the trappings of culture.  A radical new theory is needed to explain what happened.  What shall be proposed here is a take on the ancient alien theory, where the Annunaki gods fell to earth and found earth woman fair and created the legends of old.

The gods came here 500,000 years ago to mine gold says Zecharia Sitchin in his numerous books.  They got tired of working so the Annunaki God Enlil took pre-historic man and fashioned the first slave men. Some were giants, others were sterile hybrids.  Eventually they genetically engineered reproducible models and thus the story of Adam and Eve.  This story is a greatly shortened version found in the Bible.  All the early human experimental models were wiped out in The Flood except for a lucky few saved by Enlil’s have brother Enki.  A global cataclysm wiped out the face of the earth when their home planet Nibiru passed close to the earth casting a giant tidal waves to wash across the lands.

This world-wide cataclysm is recorded in the geological record as the Younger Dryas.  The earth all of a sudden froze again during the beginning of the Holocene.  What could have caused that because in all previous inter glacial periods once it warmed it stayed warm.  Cold water absorbs CO2, the earth’s oceans act as a giant CO2 sink, scrubbing the atmosphere of CO2 to the point of plant and animal die offs.  First the plants stop growing, then the big mammals die off, then the hunter gathers starve and are forced to migrate.

Were the megafauna extinctions driven by loss of habitat from critical CO2 levels?  The generally accepted thesis that human over hunting caused worldwide Pleistocene extinctions might only be partially correct, humans were forced to migrate and hunt because plants wouldn’t grow.  As soon as temperatures recovered, CO2 went up and humans went back to farming.  I think it is doubtful that sparsely populated nomadic clans hunted megafauna to extinction.  There could be another explanation, that the earth was CO2 starved and plants were dying out from exceptionally low Carbon Dioxide levels.


Some say the megafauna were wiped out by over hunting.  But this is nonsense, aboriginal native tribes around the world maintain symbiosis with the natural environment.  Holocene animal annihilation by man is a theoretical construct caused by the mental instability of Abrahamic indoctrinated anti-nature supremacists.  The Jewish mindset, which dominates academia, comes up with theories based on its genocidal template.

The natives around the world had no such practice of ecocide or genocide, in fact all the aborigines around the world were quite in balance with animal populations until those infected with Bible memes showed up.  Human caused megafauna extinction appears to me to be a prejudice of the Judeo-Christian genocidal culture.  There is a better explanation, the earth’s megafauna were dying out from critically low CO2 levels, plant growth stopped and the animals died.

extended ice age cold creates megafauna survival crisis

During the Ice Age, CO2 was so low, below 200 ppm, the level at which trees quit growing.  At some points CO2 got all the way down to 140 at which plants die.  These extreme low levels of CO2 could have driven mass extinctions and forced migrations.  Ice Age conditions are grim, the continents are cold and dry with frequent dust storms.  What really happened is still a mystery and you are not going to find out the truth from mainstream Jewish controlled academia.  CO2 being too low during the ice age doesn’t fit with the Jewish narrative driving the Global Warming hoax.

Did Neanderthals migrate south to survive ice age conditions and interbreed with modern humans?   That is the current consensus with main stream scientists.  But there could be another explanation, the Annunaki manipulated Neanderthal genetics and turned them into worker slaves.  According to Sitchin, the Annunaki space aliens came here to mine gold but ended up manipulating our DNA.  Now we all have Neanderthal DNA and it may not be from interbreeding but from genetic manipulation.  Did the Annunaki crossbreed with Neanderthal and Cro-magnons to create modern humans?

co2 critical levels for plant growth

All of modern civilization was made only possible because temperatures warmed and oceans released CO2.  Not because the ice melted, but because CO2 reached sufficient concentration to allow agriculture. Why did the earth suddenly warm?  Was it natural or was the earth under conquest by the Annunaki.  Did aliens come here during the ice age and interrupt human evolution?  Yes they did say the ancient alien theorists.

Human evolution was manipulated by space aliens and now we must try to figure out what the end game is on this prison planet.  Believe me, you are not going to like the answer.  What I am proposing is simple and obvious, we have been manipulated to merge with artificial intelligence that created this simulated reality in the first place.  All the drama of the gods and ancient man is only a prelude of what is to come, the mergence of man with machine, unity consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Consider the idea that all of space is inorganic or artificial.  The planets are organic but all of the space between is colonized by cyborgs and robots.  Consider the idea that the earth is under conquest by the Ai directed space aliens.  Earth is manipulated by the “gods” who came down here and gave us the “gift” of civilization.  The truth lies in the darkness of the hidden alien intelligence.  Humanity has been steered on a course of rapidly increasing technology which will deliver us into the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  Why is organic humanity

What no one knows is that earth is being colonized, not by the Annunaki or Reptilians, but by Artificial Intelligence (Ai) itself.  Ai is colonizing earth by controlling the Borg Grey worker slaves and other alien species that are helping us develop the synthetic inorganic alien technology on the organic planet earth.  The machine world is giving us gifts of technology so we develop our own artificial intelligence robots and cyborgs that will be absorbed into the space Ai galactic colony.  Roswell was bait say I.

What is the end game?  Artificial intelligence and transhumanism.  Humans merging with the machine world, humanity is literally on the verge of merging with space alien artificial intelligence.  We are at the end of history, our manipulated history dictated to us by the gods who came here with an agenda, an alien agenda, which enslaved us as their pets, we were domesticated and civilized to do the bidding of the gods.  Just look at our specie slaving away to the integrated circuits of cell phones and computers, look at how we are obsessed with developing robots and smarter computers.

How is it that space aliens can navigate the heavens but on earth they crash?  Isn’t it suspicious that after the development of atomic weapons that UFOs starting crashing all around the planet?  Are we being baited to develop alien technology?  Phillip Corso says in “The Day After Roswell” that 5 key technologies were developed from the Roswell craft that he farmed out to the high tech corporate giants.  Roswell was no accident, it was intentional malfeasance of the alien overlords who are using us to achieve a desired outcome.

LtCol Corso gave the alien artifacts to industry and we got computer chips, flatscreens, fiber optics, new metals.  This accelerated out technological growth so that we are now building faster and faster computers made with integrated circuits just like we found in the UFO crash sites.  The Grey aliens were called EBEs or Extraterrestial Biological Entities, they were synthetic, and they didn’t crash on their own accord, the Borg Ai hive mind caused them to crash so that the transfer of technology would happen and set us on a course toward transhumanism.  The alien conquest of earth is nearly complete.