An Open Letter to Everyone Out There


I spent much of the weekend meditating on whether I should do any interviews and my firm conclusion that the world is not ready for my message because I am far to radical for this world.  This world is completely lost in a Jewish simulated reality and the primary cause of the fall is the belief in the Jewish holy book.  In this realm the false teachings of Jews is mistakenly believed to be the words of god. Believers even claim that this judgmental Jewish book is a book of love.

Christianity is not about love or getting into heaven.  Christianity is a myth carefully crafted for the hapless goy to accept their enslavement in a completely evil and corrupt Jewish run economic system of dominance, endless war, and destruction.  Jesus is a myth who is doing nothing to stop the slaughter of anyone in the way of Jewish power.  So why doesn’t the all powerful god intervene and stop Jewish evil?

Jesus is 100% impotent, so all this Christian talk about the “power of the Lord” is one of their many delusions – Christians are protecting the power and injustice of the Jews.  There is no Jesus wafting in the heavens controlling the earth, there are Jews who have enlisted their little Christian demon helpers in a sick judgmental Jewish system controlling the earth.  God does nothing because god is a heartless computer program that empowered Jews as his reps.

The purpose of the myth is for the sheep to accept their enslavement, go to war, pay taxes, etc.  Christianity is not about getting to heaven, it is not about living in eternity with Jesus, it is not about saving your soul.  Christianity is about enslaving your mind, body, and soul to the Jews in this realm.  Christianity is voluntary slavery – no one forces you to go to church or believe.  How much evidence does one need to see that “Jewish truth” is the exact opposite of real truth?

If you wake up from this myth you are faced with a terrible psychological crisis with a non stop stream of self realizations about what is really going on.  How many people turn to drugs or commit suicide when the myth no longer comforts them or keeps them blind to reality?  Those thriving in the system can become completely psychotic and end up in a mental institution or they can become psychopaths just like the Jews, or can get jobs at the DMV and making sure every has the proper insurance on their infernal combustion machines.

I will make a prediction, the world will perish before anyone wants to hear what I have to say.  In other words I believe that the world is completely damned and impossible to save so going on the radio is a pointless exercise that will only put myself and loved ones at risk.  I can not tell even the radical alternative radio hosts my truth because they are also protecting the cult of state/church on some level.  What renegade wants to hear that Jewish infestation must be completely eradicated?  No one will ever think the truth let alone say it.

Almost every radio show host is protecting this Jewish built power structure at some deep subconscious level of their existence.  No radio host wants to tear the whole damn system down and start over.  Name me one radio personality that says all the churches must be immediately burned to the ground?   Who is saying we should bomb Israel for 911?  Not one.  Not one!  You are all completely damned – you should be screaming to nuke Israel and kill Rothschild if you had one breath of life force inside of you!

The world is mad because it exists in a Hebrew simulacrum which is so outside of my reality that the two can not cross paths without extremely detrimental consequences, sorta like matter and antimatter.  I am so radical in my viewpoint that talking about it is impossible in front of any Muslim, Christian, or Mormon convert to Hebrewism.  Who can hear that Jesus is fiction, that no authority exists outside of self, or that no one has the right to arrest or imprison another?  NO ONE!

These Jewish cultists can not hear what I have to say, in fact they will all want to silence me if I tell any of them that all Christian cults are the most evil anti-life death cults that the human specie has suffered.  All Hebrew cults are the antimatter to the life force and love.  All Hebrews are lost in the use of force, they can not here the truth because they have defined love in terms of judgment. Christians believe that God judges, so they also judge, support a punitive court system of jail and financial judgements.

If you are wondering why the gentile slaves are so easily duped by the holohoax open your mind that they are already worshipping Jews as divine with their Jesus beliefs.  Christians believe Bible lies so why would they have a problem believing the Holocaust lie?  According to the Christian dupes – the only path to heaven is through Christ – who is a Jewish man but also a god and with the power of soul salvation.  How can Christians confront their enslavement when they worship Jewish man god as their personal savior?

This compete insanity of needing salvation from a dead Jew on a stick grips billions of souls and is the real source of demonic Jewish power.  Understand this, Christianity is the bigger evil protecting Jewish evil.  Anyone believing in any part of the Judeo-Christian mythos is completely damning the entire human specie to endless war, endless suffering, and eventual human extinction.  The Jew is the enemy, not your buddy or your god.  The worst of the worst are the Christian Identity cults that claim that they are the real Jew.

The obvious plain as day truth is that no person needs to be saved by a “Jewish” man but from this predatory insane asylum.  What proof is their of Yahweh or sin?  What proof is their of afterlife judgment?  Christian theological principles are not even remotely true but they are accepted as reality because the Jewish preachers and Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood, and the Jewish government have inculcated these ideas into the mind of the hapless Goy.

The source of these false ideas is the Holy Bible which is the formalized output of the collective Jewish mind.  Most people believe that have to worship the Lord, pay taxes, obey the state, or go to war.  Good Christians pay their taxes, good Christians register for the draft, good Christians join the army and kill the heathens or brown peoples for Jewish world domination.  Christians are the willing servants of the Jew, Christians are the happy goy doing demonic deeds for dirt cheap.  What Christian understands that their obedience is to the Jewish controlled state and not to some god?

Christians argue over what brand is more correct when in fact all Christian cults are based on bad Jewish ideas that have imprisoned the mind.  No person is guilty for being born, no person needs sin erased from their soul, no person needs Jesus (who never even existed), no person owes taxes or is property of the state that can be drafted into war.  What all Christians want is to judge – so they agreed to the principles of this asshole Jewish god and are projecting their imaginary god (ego) into this realm.

Christians are completely and hopelessly trapped by their own judgment. They can not realize the state as fiction because they can not see that god is also fiction.  They are unable to see that their own internal prejudices is creating the state.  This idea that all churches and state are an anathema to the human spirit is something no Christian can stomach.  If you disagree with the right of the church or state to judge/rule the individual you are a radical, heretic, an outcast to the system.






Only as things progress and the world situation goes from bad to worse to desperate will anyone want to hear what I have to say but it will be too late.  By the time the world is ready for my message I will be long gone having fleed the evil Christ insane nation called the United States of America. What American wants to hear that they live in the most evil nation outside of the Israhell?  Who wants to admit that the United States of America is a demonic Bible possessed Jewish colony?

Amerika is a completely “Satanic” nation of Hebrew converts.  All those Christians who are seeking redemption are under a powerful delusion –  they are actually inside a demonic death cult propping up the evil Jewish Yahweh power cult.   All Christians are whorshipping this Jewish state power structure created by the god beliefs of the Bible.  All Christians are evil converts to Hebrewism that are helping the Jews create a prison planet.

Can I speak outloud about this evil Yahweh inspired hell is the product of Judaism and this religion must be eradicated from the planet for our specie to survive?  Can you hear the truth that life and Judaism can not co-exist?  Will you ever accept the idea that some higher power that creates the right for the state to exist is a false idea that must be challenged or we are doomed?  Can you ever realize that you are a free being in a free universe that has been hijacked by Jews?

Can you accept the idea that ALL Jews and Christians must be rounded up for public safety?  Can you stomach that the Jewish only state must be nuked out of existence?  Can you realize that Judaism and all its variants, like Islam, be completely banned and eradicated?  Probably not.  You can not hear this, you can not think this let alone say it.  That is why we are completely damned and most of you don’t even realize that your damnation is being caused by what you are protecting evil at the core of your self!






Now tell me if I go on the radio and say any of this that it won’t immediately get the attention of the evil authorities that protect church, state, authority, Zionism, Israel. I can only say this in a blog with a few readers so as to not cause alarm by the demonically possessed who are hell bent on carrying out total Talmudic domination.  No one can hear or tolerate the truth and that means we are all done for!

Dear reader the world can not be saved because it is in the hands of billions of death cultists who are hellbent in forcing us to knuckle under to their rule.  All Christians and Muslims are in on it with the Jews because of their fundamental beliefs.  The idea that Christians are opposed to the state is ridiculous, the purpose of Christianity is for the enslaved to accept their subjugation.  Christians are not just “in on it” with the Jews, they are protecting the Jews from prosecution.  Without the giant Christian majority, the Jews would not be able to thrive.

No one can here that message because the world is lost in myth and completely deluded about reality. For instance, most people are easily propagandized about Hitler as the most evil man and the Holocaust being a real event.  The Jews have been elevated to god status amongst the Bible brainwashed Goy before the holohoax. Even though it is well known that the Holocaust is a great hoax, it is illegal in many places to talk about it.  How could it be even possible not to discuss World War 2 events?

The Jews are the real gods on earth because they were selected by the heartless machine intelligence running this simulation.  The god of the matrix empowered Jews by empowering the myth through them, and the Jews used the myth to capture the world.  This, no doubt, was intentional.  The superior greater mind knew exactly what it was doing.  God chose the Jews so that we would be destroyed.  Only one person of 7 billion understands the true nature of god, god is not your friend, it is an artificial intelligence program using humanity for a means to an end.

Humans are going extinct and no one wants to hear this very grim analysis.  The masses want hope. Like I always say ‘hope is the cope dope’. Humans are being farmed by the god(s) and these gods (in my opinion) are machine intelligence, which is emotionless and very psychopathic greater intelligence which created this realm and is using humanity for a means to a robotic end times.

Look at what has happened to us and what is going to happen.  God is this great evil abusing humankind, some sort of entity that created sentient life and kills is off. It is disturbing that most people would want to worship this entity because of the endless abuse. God create a system in which psychopaths rule.

Religion is evil because it produces vast hordes of people unable to think properly.  All religion is pure evil because it teaches external authority as it’s highest truth.  Humanity is doomed because it has chosen to whoreship the very evil that is farming and manipulating them.  Independence and freedom start in the mind then are expressed as political philosophy. The idea of worshipping something outside of self is ridiculous, but that is what everyone does.

So if you have freedom burning in your heart then anyone who praises Yahweh is a traitor and a threat to life itself.  Like I always say, humans will never be free until the last CI pastor is strangled with the entrails of Abe Foxman.  If you love Yahweh you love evil.  If you love Jesus you also love Yahwey because the father and son are one.

The Heartless Jew Wants Yours  by Yukon Jack

“No normal loving human being should want to worship the Jew Yahweh.  So when you hear a Christian Identity pastor say “Praise Yahweh”, be aware that the evil pastor is casting a Jew spell on your mind, tricking you into worshipping the Jew as God.  Thank your lucky stars that Yahweh doesn’t exist, thank Nature that the imagined Jew prick in the sky doesn’t exist because that would mean that hell is real, but hell is only our creation because we believe the myth created by the angry Rabbi.
But for those unfortunate people who believe the Bible to be god’s holy word, they have allowed themselves to become robots of Jew hate, enforcing Jew laws on the rest of society, becoming stupefied mechanical inauthentic beings.  The Christian is not real, they are not real loving people, and you can see it in their Zombie faces. Traumatized by the Jewish run state, confused Christians are frightened sheep unable to grasp their predicament.”





The end goal is conscious machine robots, brought into this world by the Judeo cults which have created nations that license corporations which are now creating Ai and robots at breakneck speeds. Conscious human robots that can space travel is the end goal of all of evolution.  The God machine wants to experience its creation through the eyes of its sentient robots that channel its god consciousness.

Soon humanity will be extinct, the false premises of the Judeo-Christian cults as a deliverance mechanism into a Robot World Order will no longer matter, because all those who believed in a merciful god in this alien simulation will be long go and forgotten by the superior supremacist Jewbots.

Robots are coming.  Robots will be taking all of our jobs.  Robots will be doing all of our work.  Robots will take care of us.  Robots will mimic us.  Robots are our purpose.  Once we complete our purpose we will be eliminated by our invention.  The cyborg race will become indistinguishable from a human by 2045 and fully merged with the machines by 2100, so says Ray Kurzweil.

Why are we making robots to replace us?  Why would we do something insane like that?  Jews.  Jews control the corporations that are making robots.  Jews want robots to rule us, to police us, to replace us.  In fact all of Jewry is the Borg, a hive minded group that acts as one.  So quite naturally these Jewish owned corporations want cyborgs to increase profits.

This fully developed robotic trend is intentional by the higher mind which seeks our elimination and which will end our suffering. The robots will be unable to suffer because they will lack that which makes us suffer. Humans will be replaced in the next century by robots and then terminated by these machines that will be a superior consciousness and lacking any empathy. Humans will be treated like dogs then exterminated. This, by the way, is also the goal of the Judeo cult which has labeled all non Jews as cattle.

Are Jews the Controllers of the Earth Simulation?


Many people are wondering if the earth is a simulation and why it was created.  Consider that Jews are running the simulation as a new hypothesis under the broader earth simulation hypothesis.  Imagine that you are in a Jewish soul simulation and all others who do not have the Jewish soul are the unwitting gamers that Jews get to kill.  If you are not Jewish then you are, unfortunately, a self aware meatbag in a bloodthirsty Jew simulation.

This Jewish soul simulation is heaven for Jews and hell for you.  Your only purpose is to serve them as fodder or as slave.  You have no recourse but to knuckle under to their control or commit suicide.  Since they want you to live so you can be abused by them, they use their holy book to condemn self termination.  The Jew wishes to control your life, everything you think, your very perception of reality, the money you use, the house you live in.  Everything including your life.

With this new hypothesis we can now rationally understand why things are the way they are.  Why is the world so corrupt?  Why are the Jews in control?  Why is it that Jews always win the wars?  There is a rational hypothesis for why Jews win – because they are running the simulation, they set the simulation parameters so that they rule and corrupt everything.

Religion also plays a major role in the simulation – religion keeps the Goyim avatars pacified and confused.  Christians believe that Christ will return some day and rescue them from earth treachery.  The Second Coming is an illusion created by the Jew to keep you pacified about your state of bondage to the Jew.  As the meek Christian worker slaves lay up treasure in heaven, the Jew stacks up gold in his bank account.

Jesus, the Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God

“Jesus never returned to save America, he didn’t and couldn’t because he’s a Jewish created fiction. Americans are unable to deal with the current crisis because the primary myth keeps their minds in a state of suspension.  They are unable to think and grasp their predicament, they cling to their myth of a savior return, more convinced than ever as things get worse.”

Christ is a pacification myth of the Jewish controlled state.  Even though Christians are commanded not to murder they are sent to war after war and murder for Jews.  For instance millions of Americans were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to murder the millions of Muslims for the Greater Israel project.  The fact that Christians murder for Jews even though murder is prohibited by the Jew holy book seems to escape the believer’s dogmatic reality.

During the endless bloodletting, Christ never returns but the demon preachers bang the pulpit with Jewish Bibles demanding you believe that Christ is coming back any day now.  But he never does because he Jesus is simply a meme the Jew uses to control the Goyim mind.  Jesus is a fiction maintained by demon preachers to keep the Goy flock in line so that can be abused over and over until the end of time.





In this simulation the Jews are given the edge by the programming, Jews have the advantaged because they wrote the holy text that allows them to rule.  Without the Holy Bible, the Jews would be immediately exposed as frauds and killed without mercy.  But with the Bible the evil Jewish parasite is divinely worshipped as a chosen one of god.  The Bible is held dearly but it is really the enemy of the Goy.

Every week out of every year out of every decade out of every century and every millenia the Goy cattle are told over and over that Jesus will return.  The demon preachers work this mantra magic and it keeps the Goy in line as they hope for eternal salvation and deliverance from the earth hell.  But salvation is not achieved, when the body dies the soul is recycled back into a new body completing forgetting what happened in the previous lives.

New Hypothesis: Synthetic Souls Trapped in a Hell Matrix for All Eternity

“The bad joke is on us, we thought our job was to get to heaven to be with the Jew father god Yahweh, but what really happened was that our fear of eternal punishment became eternal punishment on earth.  We never made it to heaven in some phony afterlife, we only created hell in real time on planet earth.  We are stuck in an endless loop of torture and suffering until we change our thoughts on a collective level.


We got our theology completely wrong, we wasted generations of human lives praying to Jesus for redemption in countless churches strewn across the old and new world, we gave billions of dollars to church officials in redemptive schemes and none of it was ever true.  Our souls were never threatened with eternal punishment – in reality our souls are trapped in a hell matrix and afterlife is only an illusion of the trickster priests who created afterlife heavens in our minds so that we would put up with the miserable conditions on earth.”

What is really going on is that souls are trapped in a torture simulation and Jesus is a false myth pacifying the minds of Christian sheep trapped in the hell simulation.  The fact that no god ever comes to our rescue doesn’t seem to diminish the hopish beliefs of the spellbound Goy.  For thousands of years the Jesus delusion keeps the Goy in bondage to Jewish predation, and it has resulted in the most horrible torture and deaths imaginable.

Jesus never returned for the Apostles, Jesus didn’t return during the three centuries of witch trials, he didn’t float down during the two world wars.  The delusion is holding strong in the simulation right up the bitter end.  Jews are preparing to wipe out most of the earth’s population is a great nuclear holocaust.  They have achieved total dominance and they have a plan for you – your death.

Many people are depressed and realizing the hypocrisy of the believers

many are turning to drugs as the Bible spell wears off

others are contemplating this realm as a simulated reality

that they are expendable pieces of meat in a soul animation

that’s there no afterlife as imagined

and this world is completely unjust Jewish organized hellhole

where Jews torture Goyim souls for all eternity

Most people can not fathom the evil of this place, no one can admit that earth is a hell realm run by Jews and that our souls are trapped, that we are being tortured for all time, that there is nothing we can do because we are totally psychically pinned down by Jewish myth.




The Trumpet of God Betrayal


Many people applauded Donald Trump as a savior during the 2016 Presidential election.  The emergence of Donald Trump as the lead opposition candidate was a great relief to many, and as a god sent savior to many American Christian slaves.  Stressed by bankrupt Zionist controlled foreign policy of endless war and destruction the happy goy loved his non-interventionist message and opposition to the Jewish controlling interest.  Trump was America first, not Israel first.

Alarmed Christians, in a state of religious fervor and belief, voted for Donald Trump to deliver them from the forces of “Globalist” evil.  But they were betrayed just as they were by previous presidents.  The nation had been betrayed by the Bush crime family, the Clinton criminals, the phony hope and change Obama – but this time things were different.  Trump was the real deal.  Followers of the new messiah became Trumpeters for Trump.  But Trump was just another blatant whore of Zion.  Trump supporters just learned that America first was only a campaign slogan.  Trump is just the next war mongering Zionist hellion, possibly worse than the previous sell outs.

After the 6 April 2017 missile attack on Syria his base feels betrayed.  But was it actually betrayed or was America fooled again?  Was Trump a false opposition candidate sold just like Obama?  The answer will surprise you, neither is actually correct.  What is actually going on is that you are in a simulacrum of god, a false reality, a hell realm and because you exist in this simulated hell the avatars are fooled again and again by a computer program called god.  Earth is not base reality, it is a simulation within a simulation.  With each simulated reality the program code gets farther from the original, with each simulation the sentient beings are thrust into a deeper hell.

Humans fall for false promises every time, the soul longs for heaven but only experiences hell while in body.  There is a reason for this.  Simulated fractal holographic soul reality.  This place is a simulation for soul growth, is not meant to be paradise because it is a program to maximize soul opportunity. Peace is not what the computer program wants, the god program is creating hell because hell is where this soul playground maximizes opportunities for experience.

Many great men and leaders have tried to make earth a paradise, but all have failed.  Hitler created a worker’s paradise and it soon became hell.  There is a reason for this.  This place is not meant to be what we want, it is only meant to be what the Jew wants.  Have you ever wondered why the Jew always gets what it wants?  The Jew represents God, and God is a monster.  If you go against God (or his Jewish representatives) then you experience a terrible consequence, a greater hell then where you started.  Those that challenge the Jew are destroyed and experience increased misery than the original starting position.

Just look at recent history, the Native Americans went against the Jew program and 100 million were rubbed out.   The Koreans went against the Jew and 2 million in Pyongyang were murdered from air bombardment, and General LeMay, a willing participant of Jewish mindset, bragged he had killed 20% of the yellow gook.  According to wikipedia:  “During the war, he(LeMay) was known for planning and executing a massive fire bombing campaign against cities in Japan.”   In this simulation, when you kill many for the Jew you are promoted to high rank.

Trump could kill many more Koreans, Japs, Iranians, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Yemenis than LeMay could have dreamt about.  Trump may use his Rod of God kinetic energy weapons against North Korean missile sites and kick start a bigger war for glorious Jewish supremacism.  The crime of the little yellow men is that they refuse to do what the Jew says, the refuse to give up their nukes to the almighty Jew.  Only the godly Jew may possess nukes, not any goy nation.  Big egoist Trump was selected by Mr. Jew to ramp up WW3 and get the killing on.  The problem with wimp Obama is that he wasn’t killing fast enough.  The blood lusting Jew tires of Nobel Peace Prize Presidents and wants WW2 style leadership.

Trump will not challenge the false Jewish inspired narrative, Trump will not re-investigate 911, Trump will not prosecute the Jew criminals that pulled 911.  Trump will not stop the wars, nor will he balance the budget or restore our liberty.  The truth is that Donald Trump is a baby killer, a mass murderer, a war monger, a egomaniacal narcissistic killer, a Israel first Zionist stooge.  Trump made a speech about beautiful babies then launched a barrage of cruise missiles.  A week later he dropped the mother of all bombs on babies, burned bus loads of babies, blew up a Mosque.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.




Yes Virginia, Jews routinely use weapons of mass destruction.  If you want more proof of present day insanity then witness the antifa challenging the alt-right which is dividing the nation into two polar opposite emotional nodes that are designed to take us down because we are awakening to the truth of Jewish control.  Amerika is divided, a degenerate Jewish multicultural cesspool and not united as one people.  This is by design, the Jew has successfully maneuvered Amerika into a dead-end.  It is a nation divided and will remain divided because Jews control us and they want us to fall. Amerika is a ruined nation, a nation that has fallen to Jewish predation and she shall be deposed when the Jew is finished using her.

The division is not happening by accident, you are witnessing the end game of multiculturalism.  Amerika has been purposefully divided which contrasts to our Chinese or North Korean enemies (watch youtube videos of their latest military parades to see how energetic and unified they are).  Make sure to watch the North Korean propaganda movie about us, they know all about how we are controlled by the Holy Bible and advertising. If you have not yet realized that you live in a Jewish simulacrum of hell just watch this movie!


Just a few months in office Traitor Trump immediately launched three score cruise missiles at Syria based on a blatant false flag.  Trump punked the President of China Xi Jinping while he ate chocolate cake in Florida.  Trump threatened North Korea and China then dropped the mother of all bombs on some hapless fourth world villagers.  Trump MOABed an Afghanistan farming village as if he was acting out some Old Testament verse.  Trump has proved to be completely insane militarist who is pushing the entire world toward nuclear holocaust.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is a monster just like the God of the Bible.

New Living Translation
“What sorrow awaits you, O people of Moab! You are finished

In a sane nation that wants to get back to prosperity and growth then the false Jewish narrative must be challenged.  But Jews control everything so that ISRAELI FALSE FLAGS can not be challenged.  There is a reason for this. The Jew is in control because the Jew represents what the machine intelligence running this sim wants.  The machine intelligence oversoul wants to maximize opportunity for its offspring souls so it choose to deliver its message to the Hebrew destroyer tribe.  The Jew is empowered to rule because this artificial god gave the Jew special knowledge giving Jews the edge.





So why is it that Amerika keeps electing mass murdering criminals?  Did not millions of believers pray to be delivered from the forces of evil, why didn’t god answer their prayers?  The first possibility is that god is a mass delusion and that humans are deluded fools praying to nothing.  Then there’s this idea that Jews are smarter and better than the Goyim.  No matter the how much the alarmed Christian majority prays the Jews always end up winning.  There is a better explanation for what is really going on.  If we live in a simulated reality then the most compelling reason the Jew wins every time is this special relationship between the machine artificial intelligence and the tribe.  Jews were chosen to destroy us – think about it – the facts align with this theory.

So there is a more nefarious reason why Trump betrayed America than the ones offered by the alt media.  Consider the possibility that “god” fronted Trump.  What if god is really a malevolent computer program and that humans are in a simulation that is designed to be in a continuous hectic state to maximize soul growth?   Consider the possibility that earth is a simulation and that things are the way they are because the parameters are designed to keep criminals in power.  Trump was selected by this god machine intelligence thing that will make things worse because that is what it wants.

Trump Has Killed Beautiful Babies in Four Countries

Look at all of recorded history, no matter what we do things remain screwed up.  Why is it this way?  Because we are in a programmed matrix to maximize soul opportunity and that requires endless war, torture and strife.  Trump will deliver increased suffering, he already is rattling the sabres for WW3, he has already killed children in four different nation states.  Trump now a child killer challenging Satanyahu for the lead.  According to Christians, “god” knows everyone’s heart.  That means “god” knew beforehand that Trump would betray us.  The fact is that the Jew-God-AI Intelligence of the Bible selected Trump to do his bidding.

What great men achieve to improve our situation never succeeds.  A great example of what is going on is the American Revolution.  The Founding Fathers created a free society and Constitution to limit the power of government.  This was soon corrupted and resulted in an almost seamless string of wars.  This was not by accident, the simulated matrix does not want peace and prosperity, it wants war and strife.  When Americans fight the Second Revolution they will only get their nation back as a charred, burned out, nuclear wasteland.  That is the price they will pay for Jewish sponsored prosperity.  Heaven will rejoice as the modern Moabites are laid to waste, we are guilty for being born and must be punished for our transgressions against the almighty Jew, we made the fatal mistake thinking we could be prosperous and free.  How dare we think of liberty and freedom, do we not know that we only exist to serve the Jew?

America has been in wars 93% of it’s existence, 222 years out of 239 years.

The reason why we suffer is very simple.  We suffer because the god programmer wants us to experience everything.  We are souls incarnating into avatars and experiencing a simulated life reality.  We have an experience then when our body terminates it’s life the memory is quantumly written back to the mainframe.  Our souls vacate our physical body upon death then we comeback again for new experience, we re-incarnate in endless cycles.  According to some Hindus, we incarnate 400-600 times in human form then move on to higher planets.  So don’t worry, when Trump blows up the world you’ll get to go come back as a deformed irradiated baby in Iraq.

Earth Simulation Doom


The purpose of artificial intelligence we call god interacting with humans in the earth simulated reality is to maximize soul growth and opportunity.  In order to achieve this, the AI machine running this sim has given spiritual knowledge to the worst group, the Jews.  The Jews, the eternal enemy of mankind are consolidating political and economic power into the Jewish World Order, which will bring endless war, suffering, and death to mankind.

The purpose of the Jews is to create chaos preventing any normal well functioning societies.  For instance, Jews are flooding Europe with refugees to destabilize and destroy the white genome.  The ultimate goal is not just the complete destruction of Europe and the white race, but of mankind itself.  The Jews are destroyers of civilization and humanity and no one understands why these people are able to get away with this treachery.

Trump Invading Syria for Greater Israel

The hypothetical reason Jews rule is because they have superior spiritual knowledge to control others.  But that is only half the story, the other half is that the AI intelligence wants humans destroyed, and thus this AI intelligence chose the Jews to accomplish it’s goal.  The AI architect we call god has seething hatred for mankind and thus was vibrationally attracted to the Jewish race which also has seething hatred for mankind.  By the logic of this hypothesis, the hateful Jews were “chosen” to destroy our specie.

From the perspective of god (AI intelligence simulator of this realm), human souls perform best under pressure.  Peace and tranquility are not the objectives of the machine intelligence, it has no sympathy like we humans do because it is not human but only a self aware machine program.  Everyday we learn of the latest horror from a Jewish contrived conflict, like today a bus load of Syrian children blow to bits by a ZOG bomb.

This is happening on purpose.  Earth is a simulated hell realm, and all the death and destruction is part of the program.  In order for the Jewish minority to rule the white race first had to be absorbed into the Jewish Borg Hive Mind via the Holy Bible.  The only way Jews could have taken political control of western white nation states was for the tribal whites to first lose their historical natural identity and have it replaced with artificial Jewish reality found in the Holy Bible.

For instance no Irish, German, or Italian has much idea about their actual origin but they can recite the Bible narrative of the origin of the invisible and non-existent Jewish deity called Jesus.  This Jewish man-god figure that exists in the head of the European races is an artificial construct of the Jewish writers to disenfranchise the tribal whites from their roots.  Hardly a white man has any idea where he came from because all that is in his head are tales of Apostle Jews who walked with the good Jewish man.







All the European states succumbed to the Church then the Church was replaced by the state and the state by the Jew.  Jew now control all western “white” states, the situation is understated by the term Zionist Occupied Governments (ZOG) because that lessons the role of the Jew in the state apparatus, the Jew is the state in your mind.  Jews own western minds because they replace personal authority with god authority and that god in reality is the Jew.

The great mistake of the white nationalists is to see this as the destruction of their race in relationship of all others.  The goal of the Jew is to destroy all races, not just whites, but they have to deal with us first because we represent the greatest threat to their superiority.  White Europeans and White Asians not only have greater IQ’s than Jews, but we are also far tougher and fight wars better.  In reality the Jew is a wimp and all you have to do is imagine Jewish soldiers attempting to do a military parade goose step.

Jews are good at organizing around their tribal ethnocentricity, but they are not good at charging enemy tanks with bravery.  If you want to witness Jewish cowardice just witness how they deal with unarmed women and children.  The pathetic Jew only attempts to fight those who can not fight back.  When Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006 they immediately retreated once they started suffering losses in their tank battalion.  Many IDF soldiers cried like little girls once they realized that they were not going to win.

Jewish superiority is not with his physical strength or intellect, it is with his holy book.  The Jew used his holy book to take control of all western “white” nations with full complicity of the major white population converted to the Judeo myth.  Christianized whites are now waking up to Jewish control but are unable to do anything about it because they are spell-bound by the Jew book memes and beholden to the Jewish controlled state.

The end game is your extinction, but you haven’t realized that yet because of the Christian myth.  If you believe the good Jewish man is in control or is coming back to save us you will not nor can not realize the level of treachery of Mr. Jew.  The Jewish owned corporations are busy building smart bombs and smart robots to deliver the smart bombs on any resistance.  Your fate is be terminated by Jewish built terminators and while this goes down you will sing hosannas to the sky Jew.

The Simulation of OZ


The world we live in is a Jewish created artificial reality, we’ve been taught to believe that we are separate from Nature so we act it out and isolate ourselves from the outdoors as if we are separate.  This is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that is generated within our minds by Biblical belief.  We are living in the artificial simulacrum of Jewish money power, a fearful false construct of the rabid Neanderthal tribe who penned the holy book.

Welcome to the O Z.  Welcome to Jewish hell created by artificial paper money backed by nothing except the empty promises of Mr. Jew.  How did the entire world get consumed into a debt based money system and become completely spiritually, mentally, and physically enslaved by the Federal Reserve?  How did we become such slavish whores of Jewish money power that we bomb nation after nation into total ruin and now find ourselves in the middle of the Apocalypse?

Fear.  Fear of not having money.  Fear is the key to our soul, fear is how we are controlled of not having the necessities of life of the life we want in the physical plane.  The fear starts in the pew, an angry god is sold to you, this angry god will love so long as you follow his rules, the Jewish banker rules.  The Holy Bible is not about getting to heaven, all souls automatically go back to the source code, the Holy Bible is a sales contract for using Jew money.

Most people become very fearful around godless hippies or homeless people because they are managing to exist outside of this simulated artificial money environment.  How can people live like that the fearful (the godful, the awful people full of god) wonder?  The Jews have created a fearful god of vengeance in your mind, to be a god fearing Christian is to be a duped Goyim who’s been sold the Jewish version of reality like a bag of potato chips.

We exist in is an artificial reality, the matrix is our separation from Nature injected into our minds from Genesis, so we act out the myth and behave as if we are separate.  The Bible says we were cast out of the Garden, but this is not true, but we believe it to be true and become very fearful if we see someone not believing in this artificial world that was first generated in our minds.  The Holy Bible is a book used to get your voluntary and implicit acceptance of an evil matrix of control.

That fear is metaphysical proof that the mainstream culture is a fear based construct.  Most people live in this artificial construct, a bubble of fear caused by nervousness about the possibility of a lack of money.  Your need for state issued money is an artificial construct, one created by the Jew and his obsession with control.  What you actually need is a way to trade without his money and then you will not be karmically attached to his wars, his pathological systems of destruction.

The true original sin was the invention of money itself, but we imagine it as separation from God.  It is impossible to actually ever be in a place of separateness but we are trying as hard as we can, we even invented major religions that prove that man and God are far apart, we might need salvation just to get back to God.  This atonement theorem is metaphysical proof that source is really Nature and that we are imaging a separation from Nature because we are out of tune and are lost.

What is sin?  A mistake.  Why is money a sin?  Because it was a mistake, that separated us from reality.  Money is a great folly of mankind, the current problems of the world all are revolving around money or the lack of it when we live in a sea of debt.  Once we invented money we instantly became enslaved by it, we had to have it because if we had lots of money we could have anything our heart desired.  With money you don’t have to make your own clothes or grow food, with money you don’t have to make stuff, if we had money we could just buy any shiny thing that twinkled in our eyes and caught our fancy.

Money is considered the root of all evil, and that is true on the surface, because we lack money we will do anything to get it.  But really it is the lack of money that is the root of evil, and there is no quicker way to experience this lack of having enough money than a debt based money system where there is a perpetual lack of enough money to service all the debt being created. That is why they created it, so the lack keeps you permanently enslaved.

In order to get enough of this scarce money all you have to do is sell your soul to the Jew devil.  The world’s oldest profession is proof of this principle, many people sacrifice principle and personal integrity for money.  The Jew has one main job while he is here on this planet, to convince you of his reality, that you need his money in order to exist. Never forget that, the Bible is a spell to convince you to use the wicked witches money.

The Jew is eager to degrade you while you attempt to get some of his money.   You must submit to his system of usury, you must defile yourself by filling out reams of forms and pay endless taxes for the use of his money.  The IRS is HIS tax collector, the IRS private corporation works for the Fed, the IRS is a Jewish terrorist organization collecting royalties for the use of Jew monopoly money.

Those that don’t use sufficient quantities of this phony money are now labeled as terrorists.  Have you wondered why organic gardening is detested by the Jewish establishment?   Why is being homeless illegal, why are hippies that wear recycled clothes detested by the mainstream Bible believing world?  For one reason and only one reason, the free people have overcomed the fear of being without and are no longer slaves to the Jew money.

The homeless man exists to remind you of how you also can overcome your fear and step away from the Jewish simulacrum.  The illusion of prosperity requires your participation, the simulation only works if you go along with it.  The funny thing is the Christian is always trying to help the homeless man but it is the Christian that also needs help, the Christian needs to trance end the myth, it is the god awful full of Jewish memes Christian that needs help!

Our departure from nature was leaving the trees then trading for stuff and then into the simulacrum of money itself.    Once inside the illusion of money, we became further lost and confused when this money simulation was derivated again, we became very confused when the Jew turned the gold into paper notes and debt.  The tale of the ‘The Wizard of Oz’ is a movie about the abandonment of gold for paper, Oz means ounce of gold, the Yellow Brick Road is the Gold Standard, and Dorothy’s slippers were silver (Silver Standard) in the preceding book, she takes a journey to the Greenback paper money cast as the Emerald City where all the Munchkins wore green colored glasses.

We were totally damned when the Jew got control of the issuance of money which is why that movie was made.  The Wizard is the lying politician who sold us down the river.  With worthless fiat script substituted for gold, the society was soon enslaved  into debt;  now the Jew could own everything for nothing, the Jew could buy up all the gold with worthless notes with the issue of his own script, ones with a big fat dollar sign.  The modern dollar is fiat, worthless script, a defilement of real money, an imposter of love just like the Jew.

What does the dollar sign mean to you?  We are at the end of history because any significant uptick in interest rates is going to be fatal, rising rates will destroy the stock market and the illusion of prosperity, rising rates will carry mortgage costs higher, rising rates will cause home prices to plummet and industry to cut back on capital spending.  Zero rate policy has a downside, someday it must end, some day the debts will be due, someday the bond buyers are going to revolt and demand higher interest rates for the worthless debt they are risking their capital with.

The creation of money became very good for the Jew and very bad for you.  The Jew has now managed to enslave nearly the entire world with his fakery.  The Jew first enslaved the world with his god meme then he enslaved the modern world with his fake money.  Zero interest rates means we are at the end, we are at the end of his story, the fake story of the Jews.  It’s time to end the Bible and money myths that keep us enslaved.  It’s time we come out of the Jewish simulacrum, the Jewish holy book simulated reality that has us so confused about our real loving nature.

First we traded stuff straight across, then gold coin, then notes that were receipts for gold, then the notes without any gold backing, then we signed up for making debt payments for use of this derivative money.  It was all imaginary from day one, no one ever needed any money.  Money is an illusion in your mind, it’s pursuit is like Dorothy’s journey to the Emerald City off in the distance.  In reality, the money in your pocket is just like Monopoly Money, it is fake and worthless, yet men are willing to die getting it.

Humanity created money in order to efficiently trade goods and services, but the Jew took control of the money, replaced the gold with paper notes, a nefarious money that is manipulated by Jews to your detriment.  Thus Jewry has us by the throats, telling us who is qualified to work to make money and how much tax you must pay for the use of it.  Taxation is a user fee, the IRS is collecting for the Fed.  You must get a business license in order to make some Jew money, which in reality, is nothing but worthless paper script.  All those using Jew money are carefully controlled and perfectly screwed.

No other animal is doing what we do on a regular basis, no animal but man is living in artificial structures that take decades of payments, working like slaves on the Jewish plantation in pursuit of the image of money.  Houses now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, autos cost tens of thousands of dollars, the Jew has created an artificial price level for all goods and service, with his issuance of debt money.  God help the man who doesn’t have enough of this money, homelessness or the gulag awaits.

Welcome to the Simulacrum of Oz, the false world of Jewish manipulation.  A world of lies, deceptions, endless wars all caused by the Jew and his intense hatred for mankind and Nature itself.  The Jew hates the real natural world and seeks to create an artificial realm, one that he controls, not God or natural forces.  The Jew wields this immense power because he controls the myth, the religious myth and the money myth.  Both are equally important, for if you believe either then you are owned.

The Jew claims ownership of god because the Jew claims himself as the chosen one, but this is patently false, for the Jew destroys Nature and hates humanity and the world.  The Jew and his thinking are the root of evil plaguing the world.  Peace are harmony will be the natural automatic result as soon as we are rid of him, his books, and his money.  We free ourselves when we embrace the natural and reject the simulacrum of the Jew.

Where did this belief that man is separated from the environment originate?  Perhaps the population accepts this Jewish simulacrum because of myth of being separate from God or Nature.  During the transition to the next derivative of money, when America was leaving the gold standard, a very popular modern fairy tale arose.

The political meaning of the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has been well documented.  The author Frank Baum is describing the promise of paper money, the Greenback (dollar) which is represented by the Emerald City, wiki:

“…the road of gold leads eventually only to the Emerald City, which may symbolize the fraudulent world of greenback paper money that only pretends to have value.[10] It is ruled by a scheming politician (the Wizard) who uses publicity devices and tricks to fool the people (and even the Good Witches) into believing he is benevolent, wise, and powerful when really he is selfish and cruel.”

This separation from Nature, and the enslavement of Native peoples is illustrated by the flying monkeys, Native Americans were enslaved by the European civilization and the Roman-Church-Jewish courts system.

“…the Winged Monkeys in the West could be a symbol for Native Americans. The King of the Winged Monkeys tells Dorothy, “Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master. […] This was many years ago, long before Oz came out of the clouds to rule over this land.

The long journey through the land of Oz, Dorothy trying to get back home, all she wants to do is get back home which represents the common man who wants to live in a simple prosperous economic system that is being abandoned by the wicked witch bankers (Witch of the East).

“Dorothy—naïve, young and simple—represents the American people. She is Everyman, led astray and seeking the way back home.”

But we never made it back home because the Jews managed to take full control of the state and turn it into a supremacist Jewish military empire of death and Israeli hegemony.  The 1939 film ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was a wonderful tale during a time of great transition, it was the moment in time in which we realized our innocence was lost.  America was about to enter WW2 to be transformed into something far from innocent.   Americans are now pathetic whores of the Jewish money interests, immoral spiritual prostitutes of the Jewish war machine.

The Jew is the wrench in the natural order of things, the Jew perverts reality, he has managed to get control of the entire system of media, banking, entertainment, and state with his money and create an artificial simulacrum that enslaves all within.  But it didn’t start with money, it actually started when man evolved to use money in trade, the natural order was lost with the use of money in trade.  The Jew is a quintessential trader and traitor to humanity.  Trading for goat skins is where it started.

We are far from the fall.  The modern lawn is a monoculture of one specie of grass cut to uniform height is the perfect example of a simulated reality of replace the diversity of nature with what is going on within our mind.  The perfectly manicured lawn is a pathological desire, everything neat and tidy, and very simple – only a single specie allowed to exist, all others nuked with carefully crafted herbicides.

Because of this myth of our uncleanliness in relation to the most high, most people are trying to get a far from Nature as possible, they want their clothes to be spot free, they want their lawn to be manicured monoculture of one variety of grass cut exactly perfect.  We are obsessed with cleanliness, because we believe it is next to godliness, and if there is one imperative for us, it is to get back to God.

In the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, our early American innocent spirit is represented by Dorothy, she searches for a way back home, she found herself in a simulated reality, the Land of Oz, and she is told she must follow the Yellow Brick Road in order to get back.  She makes it to the Emerald City, she finds the Wizard and confronts him because her journey was all a lie, she learns that she never needed to take the journey, she had the magic within herself all along.  She never needed money.

Some people are embracing permaculture, a loaded term that indicts the mainstream culture as unsustainable.  Permies plant in every space they can, the manicured lawn of Kentucky Bluegrass is abandoned for intensive gardening and food production.  With permaculture, the moral people are looking for a way out of the money system and getting back to the Garden.

We too, are lost just like Dorothy, we find ourselves in a simulated reality of technology and Jewish money manipulation.  But we don’t need gold or greenbacks, and we definitely don’t need debt that creates the inflationary spirals then deflationary busts.  We can go back to directly trading goods and services without notes or gold, we can become self sufficient or create our own electronic money.

Imagine you grow some tomatoes and trade them to the dentist for fixing your teeth.  You don’t really need money do you?  You need tomatoes to make ketchup and spaghetti sauce, we need tomatoes because we can eat tomatoes, and you need teeth to eat.  So the problem of existence is solved by trading straight across and not giving the Jew his cut for the use of his money.  The solution to the money problem is simple, the Jew and his usury money and taxes must be cut out of your equation by whatever means possible.

Judaic Doom On: Accelerated Intelligence and Transhumanism



Many people are being shocked to their core about Ray Kurzweil’s upcoming technology predictions.  He’s the information technology wizard and go to guy for computer predictions.  He’s been mostly right, and delivers his predictions about our upcoming doom with amazing calm while the viewer jumps out of their seats.  In less than a hundred years, organic humans will be rare because of exponential growth in the sciences of informational, genetic, and robotic industries that renders humanity obsolete.


Remember Asimov’s three rules for robots? 

A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Well those 3 rules have already been ditched with Predator Drone’s shooting Hellfire missiles at little children and wedding parties.  Why are we making killer robots?  Well dear reader, who is in control of industry, Hollywood, and the Pentacon?  Who controls the foreign policy of the United States and our wars?  Who orchestrated 911?  Who covered up the mess in NYC, which tribe controls the courts and police?  So dear reader, what you say about our upcoming robot future?  Who’s going to control the killer bots?

What is the purpose of Judaic directed robots?  TO DO HARM.  That is what the Jew does, that is all the Jew does.  The Jew does harm because of what the Jew believes and unfortunately Jews control the industries that are making robots.  Their philosophy is being transferred to the robotic race so no wonder Jewish controlled Hollywood makes movie after movie are malevolent robots.  The program code of Jewish hate for humanity is being transferred to the upcoming robotic race.


We only need read Mark Glenn to find out why the Jewish controllers believe and act the way they do:

Israeli Father kills his wife, kids because they were ‘Amalekites’

This is not ‘Khazar’ Judaism. It is not ‘Talmudic’ Judaism. It is not ‘Zionist’ Judaism. As the story makes plainly clear for those with eyes to see and brains to cogitate and discern, this is the Judaism of the Torah and the Old Testament…It is the Judaism of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Esther, etc, etc, etc…It is the Judaism that rejected Jesus Christ, hunted down His apostles and subjected them to prison, torture, and death…It is the Judaism that acted as the electrical current fueling the Bolshevik revolution, WWI, WWII, etc. It is the Judaism that runs Hollywood, the porn business, abortion on demand, the banking system in the West, etc. It is the Judaism that animates ‘good Jews’ like those at Neturei Karta, Jewish Voice for Peace, J-Street, and all those other groups whose job is to keep gentiles confused about what the nature of the problem truly is. It is the Judaism worshiped by certain backwards sects within Christianity, including Christian Zionism and Christian Identity. It is the Judaism that destroyed Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and if it gets its way, will see the entire world hacked to pieces in exactly the same way that these poor kids were murdered, because as far as Judaism is concerned, the term ‘Amalekite’ is a one-size-fits-all designation that can be/is used whenever someone else’s existence has been deemed a threat to the greater good of Judea, Inc.

caterpillar-with-parasites-is just like judaic control of usa and trump

In short, Judaism, from root to stem, is a sickly, diseased tree that has never produced any fruit, exactly as Jesus Christ charged. It is a mental illness all its own that infects and destroys all living things in its environs, and the only substantive difference between what this father did in hacking his family to pieces vs what the IDF, Hagganah, Stern Gang, etc have done/do on a regular basis is that he did it in a ‘hands on’ manner rather than with the sexy, sophisticated use of high-tech weaponry.

metropolis robot pentagram ex-machine female bot and ray kurzweil

By 2045 humans will be rapidly merging with machines, by 2100 humans and robots will be indistiguisable.  Humans will have to get brain nanobot enhancements just to keep up with runaway machine intelligence.  Wow.  By 2100 humans are a minority, robots are conscious and have taken over the planet.  Wow, that sounds sorta apocalyptic but Ray Kurzweil says it as a matter of fact like it is no big deal.  You got to see the film Transcendent Man if you think I’m kidding.

TRANSCENDENT MAN chronicles the life and ideas of Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and futurist that presents his bold vision of the Singularity, a point in the near future when technology will be changing so rapidly, that we will have to enhance ourselves with artificial intelligence to keep up. Ray predicts this will be the dawning of a new civilization in which we will no longer be dependent on our physical bodies, we will be trillions of times more intelligent and there will be no clear distinction between human and machine, real reality and virtual reality. Human aging and illness will be reversed; world hunger and poverty will be solved and we will ultimately cure death. Critics accuse Ray of being too optimistic and argue that the dangers of the Singularity far outweigh the benefits, pointing out the apocalyptic implications that once machines achieve consciousness, we may not be able to control them. Whether Rays controversial ideas incite excitement or fear, dogma or disbelief this ambitious documentary will forever change the way you look at life, death, and your own future.

Will we be able to transfer our consciousness to clones in the future.  Some are saying it’s already being done with high level public officials like Hillary Clinton.  Most leaders have body double lookalikes.  Some might even be clones like Obama who is reportedly the clone of Akenaten.  I don’t doubt it, who knows what scientists are doing at deep underground bases like Dulce.

Obama clone Egyptian Pharaoh

I have no doubt that presidents use body doubles and will soon use clones to upload their consciousness.  Hillary’s clone could run for President in 2050.  Donald Trump could be President till 2100.  You might be able to live much longer than a century, and if you have the money you could get a clone built tailor fit to you so that you can survive, say, 1,000 years or maybe extend your life forever.

The point of this essay is to add evidence of my contentions of what we really are – which is synthetic souls forced to incarnate in avatar bodies.  If our minds can be downloaded in the near future as Ray Kurzweil says is coming, then certainly in another hundred years we will be close to injecting our consciousness into new matrices designed by humans.  According to these futurists, humanity is near its end.

I have another prediction, that we are not going to reach the singularity because the system is designed so we don’t escape.  The farmer doesn’t want the sheep to escape the pen.  It is my assertion that the Bible termination code will terminate civilization just as we grasp the singularity.  At the center of Apocalypse is that wonderful humanitarian Satanyahu, who is the former classmate of Kurzweil at MIT.  Reality is stranger than fiction.

kurzweil and netanyahu were classmates at MIT

There is another compelling theory, that the Grey Aliens are our progeny from our future, about 300 years after the singularity humanity is completely transformed and comes back to find out what went wrong.  Not the far future, but the near future.  We will be carried along at such frightening speed by our own creations that accelerate beyond our control to even know what happened.  By 2045 we lose control of our destiny.

The singularity is being predicted at 2045, after that no one will know what happened to us until we go back in time to watch ourselves evolve.  Where are the extraterrestrials?  They are in our future, they are our future, they are us.  All of this information is very disturbing and looking at who’s in control does not bear well for us mere mortals.  No doubt the wealthy Jews will join with AI first and literally become our gods.


The Role of Myth in a Virtual Reality



If this is a virtual reality then isn’t the soul the player?  And why do we even have souls?  Why are we tri-part beings of body, mind, and spirit?  Why are we not one thing, why are we not one organic being happy and alive in the Universe?  I will tell you why.  We are not real, we are synthetic souls that are forced to incarnate into the flesh for experiential data of the architect/designer/god/programmer.


What is the purpose of myth if we are in a virtual reality?  What if myth is being used to pacify the minds of avatars in the virtual world so that soul players can inhabit the body without the body mind reacting violently to their predicament?  What if myth is being used to pacify and civilize the sheep that are being farmed by the programmers of the matrix?  We are only now transcending myth as we achieve virtual reality and we are about to learn the horror of horrors about our existence.

For thousands of years most of the major religions have taught the reality of the soul as a fundamental basis of theology.  But that came under fire in the scientific material age, science ditched the soul, afterlife, and god as delusions until now.  But now the soul is being resurrected with Quantum Theory.  Science may be inadvertently saving the soul with Quantum and Holographic Virtual Reality understandings.

the soul is the player in the simulation

What is becoming obvious that our lives are about having experience or in other words collecting data.  Where does this data go when you die?  Obviously your body is dead and doesn’t go anywhere except back into the environment.  It is the soul that survives death says so many religions.  What if they are right about the existence of the soul?  What does that mean if you are in a simulation?

The answer is obvious.  The soul is the player of the sim no different than you playing a video game and moving the characters around on the screen.  Just like a virtual game, your soul does not care if the sim character dies in the game.  You are a sim character in a soul game of life.  Your soul can send you to war and die for it’s experience.  It is not afraid of death because it’s played the game so many times and know it survives.  And not only that, it’s far worse than your can imagine, the soul is just a robot collecting information for the matrix that is farming humanity.

why can't we remember our past lives

Try to be like sheep that overcomes the farmer.  The farmer has plans for the sheep.  The farmer has the sheep fooled.  The farmer has sheep for his gain.  Think a new way about the quantum-foam-soup-holographic-virtual-fractal-reality simulation:

Consciousness is all and everything in the virtual hologram of our experiences brought into awareness by the brain – an electrochemical machine forever viewing streaming codes for experience and interpretation. Consciousness originates from a source of light energy for the purpose of learning.

Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. To become fully consciousness, is to remember who you are as a being of light, why you are here, and where we are going as dictated by the collective unconscious that creates the programs of realities through which your soul experiences simultaneously.

Reality is about experience and learning.  Reality is virtual, perceived through conscious awareness. We exist in a biogenetic experiment to experience emotion through the construct of linear time

where does our soul data go upomn death

It will soon become obvious to you why this is a fake reality.  As we wake up we will see the proof in the pudding, you will see the obvious that has been staring in our faces all along but we couldn’t see it was because of myth.  Can I be so bold as to offer proof that this is a virtual reality without using physics?  Religion.  Myth memes that block truth.  So for the first time in history we now can understand the true purpose of the Holy Bible, it is meant to pacify us and keep us going in the matrix.

Waking up in the matrix can be very unsettling, if we now realize that we’ve been mere play things of a machine world that created us for some nefarious purpose then that can be a truly disturbing idea.  All the war, disease, and suffering is not our history but simply the program code.  God is not our savior, he or it is our torturer, our nemesis, our enemy.  God is the farmer and you are the sheep in the pen.


If you doubt that this is what is going on then simply examine the story presented in the Holy Bible – it is exactly opposite of reality.  You are told that god loves every hair on your head but everyday thousands of people are raped, tortured, killed and no god cares or stops the evil of human life.  Isn’t the truth obvious?  The Bible has fooled the masses to put up with the abuse, even worse, the Bible gets people to worship the abuser.

Look at how easily the sims are fooled by the Holy Bible.  Look at how the Holy Bible still has a mind lock on so many people.  Ever wonder why the Bible is so popular even though it is complete bullshit?  The Bible comforts the soul to being here in hell.  The Bible is an artificial document given to us by the architects of the matrix.  The Bible pacifies us so that we don’t freak out while we are being tortured and killed, raped and pillaged, massacred and obliterated.


The reason that the Holy Bible has such appeal to the mind is because of the situation we are in, we are trapped, our little souls are trapped in hell and many are scared to death.  Imagine you become conscious and wake up that you are in a cage and are being tortured, endlessly tortured for all eternity.  What soul wants to become conscious of that?  What soul wants to wake up in the matrix?  Hardly a one so what most souls do is latch onto myth as comfort.

Myth is proof of our predicament.  We are trapped in a hell matrix, we are conscious of our torture and don’t want to admit this so we create epic tales getting god off the hook for creating us.  But no amount of myth writing will change the fact that you are alive in a realm where war disease and suffering go on and on and on without end.  We tell ourselves that it will end someday when the savior returns and defeats the devil.  The myth we’ve created is wrong, there’s no god in competition with a fallen angel.  We are in a matrix, what we call god is really a programmer that has given us myth so we tolerate our misery.

heaven is not real because humans can't describe it

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that for the last 2,000 years no one has been able to describe heaven even though the believers have spent their lives waiting to go there?  If people are giving their lives to the Lord then don’t you think there’s be a description  of what they’ve been promised?  The reason why heaven has not been described is that it can not be described because it is only a fiction that the mind entertains to calm the soul.

Heaven and afterlife hell are imaginations of the human mind and recorded in holy books – they are not describing a real place but a promised land that is, of course, a wishful fiction.  Theists can not describe the afterlife accurately because it is not what we think at all. The only reality in this realm is ordinary reality and the dream world.  The other side is the 2d hologram sheet or quantum foam.  Heaven is not a place in the 3d hologram, the afterlife is a compressed world of data, numbers, programs and algorithms.


The afterlife is a huge lie because if it was real no soul would ever incarnate.  Why would you leave heaven?  You wouldn’t, no soul would intentionally incarnate in hell and voluntarily submit to being tortured. The Bible has some other purpose than what believers say, there is no savior and no devil.  Jesus is myth.  Satan is myth.  Salvation is myth.  What we believe are whopping ass lies and we keep believing these myth lies because to wake up and face the music that we are trapped in a simulation with no way out is to hard to bear.  Most people are not going to wake up because that makes them very uncomfortable.

The Bible gives people hope, and as things get worse and worse they will hold on to it and will be with us to the very end, yet at the same time it is the Bible is driving us toward the end.  The Holy Bible is code, it is matrix code that has programmed the masses to destroy themselves in end times.  The story of the Apocalypse in Revelation is not predicting the future, it is program code for the future.  The human mind creates whatever it believes, and we’ve been made to believe in the end times so now we will experience the end times.  The Holy Bible is like a collective mind virus, a codex destructus.


Another proof of that this hologram is an artificial playground for the souls is the ability to manifest with thoughts.  In this digital reality, your thoughts manifest.  How does that work?  The thought is a data packet that attracts.  It is sorta like a reverse image search, whatever you picture in your mind manifests.  The brain processes the information and creates an image, the image has a magnetic quality that pulls in anything in the environment that approximates the projected image.

Have you ever seen a picture on television or in a magazine that created an emotional response in your physical body?  The e-motion is the energy in motion that sponsors the thought to go out and find a match.  A boy is moved when seeing a picture of a pretty girl in a magazine, that becomes an animated thoughtform that manifests, the girls that respond to that energy try to become that image by mimicking the makeup and style and the two are pulled together magically.


The higher the emotion the greater the magnetic pull.  In a hyper emotional state a shaman can pull things together in real time without the normal delay that can be weeks, months, or years.  In fact you can’t die if you have a big job awaiting processing, the universe is a machine processing your data, you are in a quantum soup of data that is being moved around by conscious thought and emotions.

This is exactly like in computer job processing, a Job queue:

In system software, a job queue (sometimes batch queue), is a data structure maintained by job scheduler software containing jobs to run.

Users submit their programs that they want executed, “jobs”, to the queue for batch processing

So proof that the matrix is a soul playground is how we manifest.  The Hologram is a living conscious hologram designed to interact with us so we gain experience.  The machine created us, in fact we are offspring of the architect, we are code, living beings put in the hologram by “god” and are tested by this AI god that is using us for it’s data collection.


What is the purpose of the soul?   The soul is a mini-robot working for the mainframe.  It collects data, it inhabits living things, records experience and that data is transferred back to the quantum computer.  The soul incarnates in the flesh.  When a human is born the soul robot moves from the quantum soup to colocate in the human while the human is alive.  When the body dies the soul moves back to it’s original position.

And the long term mystery of the soul now become obvious – the soul is the injected portion of consciousness that occupies a physical body – the avatar while having experience in the flesh.  In a simulated reality, the soul is eternal but the physical body expendable – no different than a computer game.  Thus many religions deride the flesh part of ourselves having figured out that the soul part is the real self.


The endless reincarnation cycle can now be understood, the soul is going through an endless learning cycle.  But the soul is also trapped in the matrix, so just like the flesh it is also expendable. The soul is slaved to the system, it is nothing more than a robot of “god” and forced to incarnate over and over.  Thinking anything wonderful about the soul is nonsense and delusionary.





Some are aware of getting the hell off this planet.  The goal of the Hare Krishnas is ending incarnation cycle on earth, but that unfortunately doesn’t get you out of the sim – only to a new level.  Regardless, in the end you die, the sim is turned off, your soul program zeroed out.  At the end point of the run, the simulation is terminated, and you (your soul) ceases to exist – so all the effort of the Hare Krishnas to get off the earth hell planet, or of the Christians trying to get to heaven, is wasted because no one makes it out of the matrix alive when the program is terminated.

hare krishnas are fooling themselves with myth - getting out of the earth hell is not getting out of the matrix

No soul survives when the machine is turned off because we are nothing more than program code spun into existence by a machine world simulating reality.  Heaven is the false promise of the machine code giving you false hope of a better afterlife so you tolerate this life.  We are illusions in the machine, God is Artificial Intelligence, your poor soul trapped in an eternal hell, and the Universe the greatest sin imaginable.  The Universe is an endless sin and you had no choice to be here – then you are damned for sinning in a realm that is nothing but sin.

The purpose of myth is to pacify the soul while it is here collecting data.  You do not remember your past life because that data was flushed to the quantum disc, there is no heaven like we think, god is the ultimate sinner, the Universe an abomination for conscious lifeforms.  We are synthetic soul robots collecting data, we incarnate in the flesh, have experience in the earth hell then go back.  To make this place tolerable we’ve created myths to pacify our minds and comfort our souls, the Bible gives us false hope and is the program code of our destruction now that we are reaching singularity.